Addenda to Hendershot Book

This is a consolidation of the Addenda published in Hendershot Researchers Newsletter from September 1989 through the year 2000.

Compiled and Edited by Evelyn S. Baer, September 2000

This Consolidated Addenda reflects corrections and additions to the 2nd edition (1988) of HENDERSHOT ANCESTORS by Wm. E. Hendershott (WEH).
The Consolidated Addenda includes research findings and family records, however the accuracy of secondary sources, ie. facts retold after the event - sometimes years - as opposed to primary facts which are recorded at the time of the event, needs to be weighed. Check the Clan Lineage Listing in Jan issues of HRN for addresses of submitters.

Entry patterns have varied somewhat over the years, but I have patterned this Addenda after the HENDERSHOT COMPUTER BOOK, with some consolidations to save space. The number at the beginning of each entry corresponds to the page number of the WEH book, “UNID” means unidentified. I have eliminated underlining, and placed every line to the left to improve copying on the scanner so this can be appended to the HENDERSHOT COMPUTER BOOK.

Note: The alpha-number following the father’s name/date is the Clan Group number, ie: (s/o John1764 - C3) The year of publication in the Newsletter (‘95/’96/etc) is noted at the upper right corner of each entry.
WEH PAGE / WHO & WHAT (an * before child’s name marks those lineages continued in WEH book)

INFO: Resident of Hackettstown, Warren, NJ (wf’s obit)
WIFE: CLARA M.--, bc1891 Allamuchy; she d Nov1977 (86-1977) at Newton; memb Tranquility Meth. Ch.
CHILDREN: 2 sons/2 daus given in obit:
-) Frederick J. of Holmes, PA; of Philadelphia in 1979
-) Elmer E. bc1917 (62>1979) of Allamuchy (his obit)
-) Louella MILLARD, of Allamuchy;
-) Ada WILSON, of Richmond, VA (deceased by Elmer’s death - not in his obit)
SOURCE: 2 obits: J.Cunningham 9/98

UNID: MR. HENDERSHOT bc 1890 (see Jacob1828 wf Emily) ‘99 INFO: Resided several years at Bernardsville, NJ per his wf’s obit WIFE: Mrs. RUTH E. HENDERSHOT bc1895 (77>1972), d Dec1972 at Morristown twp; res Bernards twp 60 yrs; b Orange; member Pillars of Fire Church, Zarephath CHILDREN: (per her obit): 2 sons, 4 daus:
-Warren of Bernards
-Arthur [bc1933>his obit 1981] Liberty Corners;
-Dorinda (Mrs. Charles HOCKENBURY), Basking Ridge;
-Alice (Mrs. Floyd REISTER), Mine Hall, PA;
-Marie (Mrs. Fred NEUMAN), N. Afton, NY;
-Janet (Mrs. Dennis TOWNSEND), Mendham.
SOURCE: 2 obits: Cunningham 9/98

UNID: MR. HENDERSHOT bc1900 ‘99 WIFE: GRACE S. HENDERSHOT (Mrs.) bc1901in Andersontown, d 1981 (80>1981) Hackettstown; FAM: survived by her sister Gladys Gillard, Union, NJ INFO: member - Trinity Methodist Church, Hackettstown SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

UNID: MR. HENDERSHOT bc1900 ‘97 WIFE: JESSIE M. HENDERSHOT (Mrs.) bc1901 (obit) INFO: former teacher at Poplar Bluff, MO; res of Gary/Portage area 60 yrs DIED: she s 18Jan1988 at Gary, Indiana; CHILDREN: 2 daus; 4 sons (obit) -) Norma WARDA of Schereville,
-) Mary Louise GUERNSEY of Portage
-) Vernon (wf Audrey) of Portage,
-) Paul (wf Mildred) of Chicago,
-) Ronald (wf Barbara) of Elmhurst, IL,
-) Dr. Daniel of Chicago
SOURCE: Gleanings: M.DeLeurere-obit Post-Tribune Gary, IN Jan1988

UNID: A.P. HENDERSHOT 1855 (male) ‘98 INFO: of Wood co, VA [?WV] SOURCE: IGI 1994 issue 19: AARON HENDERSHOT 1793 (s/o ?William 1765 - A3) ‘91/98 BORN: 1793 nr Potterstown, Rockaway Creek, Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon, NJ WIFE: MARGARET H. SCHAMP, d 22Apr1882 age 77y,10m in Bethlehem, Hunterdon co; d/o Henry Schamp & Rachel Biggs; 7 ch:
1) William b8Apr1826, d20June1897, resided Tewksbury twp at death [death cert, probate recs]
2) *Peter A. b6July1827; md Emeline PHILHOWER
3)ADD: Rachel b1830; md Joseph HENDERSHOT1830 [2WEH251], s/o John1800
4) Elizabeth b1833; md Joseph PAINTER
5) Caroline b1840
6) Fanny b1842; md Mr. CORZATT - to Bedminster
7) Ellen b1844
SOURCE: Index of Estates, Hunterdon co Surrogate office [802,485, V2, p173] re Wm b1826 Petition has this added notation: “sisters Fanny Corzatt & Elizabeth Painter and the representatives of two other sisters in the west and the representative of one brother” ; Wm’s death cert; Frank Hendershot-NJVR, Trenton; see also 2WEH 222,251; Rachel’s death cert gives her parents: “d/o Aaron & Margaret Schamp”.

19: AARON HENDERSHOT 1806 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘89:Jacob1817 BORN: bc1806 Morris co, NJ, fam to Hardwick & Frelinghuysen twps, Warren co. DIED: 24Feb1858 Frelinghuysen; INFO: “died seized” on land which came under a Partition petition made 12May1858 by Aaron’s brother Isaac S.1814. The court assigned Isaac Wildrick, Robert S. Ganeson, & Wm. S. Hoagland to divide the land into 9 equal parts for Aaron’s siblings [apparently those 9 of 14 living at the time-this order in document: John (1800- 1861/2), Joseph (1811), William (1801-1868), Jacob (1817), Martha (bc1830-1859) wf of Charles Swayze, James H. (1809-1889), George (1815-1868), Isaac S. (1814), & Charles (bc1824
WIFE: SARAH A. ?WILDRICK, widow by 1860
1) *John H. b1826; md Lydia
2)ADD: Caroline b1831 (19>1850)
3) Mary E. b1834; md Marshall BAYLEY
4) Elizabeth b1836 (14>1850)

SOURCE: Warren co Surrogate Crt recs: Partitions Bk1 p381-12May1858; Orphan’s Crt petition Bk5 p152- 25Apr1859; Addenda’89>Jacob1817; Hope Union Cem [ESB#171]

21: ABEL HENDERSHOT 1815 (s/o Isaac1788 - B3) 5/00 BORN 19Feb1815; may have died in MI [Sowinski info 6/95] INFO See WEH narrative; living ?1860 Seward twp, ?IN (census ref. undated) WIFE: (1) NANCY A. SMITH, md 4Dec1837 Belmont co, OH [Sowinski info]; 8 ch; (2) MARY--
1) *George W. b8Dec1838 OH; md Martha R. BOYD [see 2WEH131]
2) Isaac bc1840 (10-1850); (18-1860? IN)
3) Seth bc1841 (9-1850); (17-1860? IN)
4) Angeline bc1844 (6-1850 IN); (16-1860? IN)
5) Harriett bc1848 (2-1850 IN); (11-1860? IN)
6)ADD: John bc1852 (8-1860? Seward, ?IN)
7)ADD: Jasper bc1853 (7-1860? Seward, ?IN)
8)ADD: Francis bc1855 (5-1860? Seward, ?IN)
SOURCES: 1] Census: Seward twp, state & year not provided by Warsaw Public Lib., IN to B.Rudy [email 2/99] 2] “Pioneer Biography-The Hendershot Family of Belmont co, Ohio”, by Rick Sowinski, pub in Trail Blazer, Cumberland Trail Gen. Soc., Clairsville,OH, issued Mar/Apr1995. [ESB file #235]

24: ABRAHAM HENDERSHOT 1811 (s/o Daniel L.1790 -A2) ‘96/97 BORN: Cem stone says b22Nov1811, d 13Mar1883/?8 WIFE: “CHARLOTTE VAN SLYKE b 7Oct1822, d 26Jan1906” [WEH: VanSICKLE]; 8 ch:
1) Melissa b1839; md Oscar McKay (28Oct1838-9Mar1882)
2) *William
3) Pauline D.

4) Catharine Elsie b Ancaster, Wentworth co [d/o “Abraham & Charlotte”]; md 25July1870 at her father’s home in Ancaster Twp to Joseph PERCIVAL
5) *Shade
6) Isaiah
7) Guilford
8) Abraham - prob same as on cem stone: “Their son, A. E. Bristol, 15May1860-9Mar1882”; and on reverse of stone it says “3 infants of A. & C. Hendershot”, plus the family of Oscar & Melissa McKay
SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Jerseyville Cem, Ancaster, Ont

25: ABRAHAM B. HENDERSHOT 1843 (s/o Jacob1816 - C3) ‘97 WIFE: MARY LeCLAIR, b 22Jan1843 Greene co, PA SOURCE: J.Marriott email

UNID: ABRAM HENDERSHOT bc 1880 ‘98 INFO: Resided tri-state area PA-NY-NJ; WIFE: UNKN 8 sons,1 girl; some now lvg in Hawley, PA -son Melvin (Sr) b1911 md Jean JOCHEN; 3 sons:
--1 Melvin Jr.
--2 Donald N. b19July1942; d1995 Canesteo, NY; md Sandra ECKERT; no ch
--3 Kirk md Lisa THIELGES; son Jacob; since divorced
SOURCE: Corres C.Quanz: Jean Hendershot, 8 Jackson St, Canesteo, NY 14823

UNID: ADELBERT HENDERSHOT 1890 (s/o John W.* UNIDENT.) ‘98 BORN: 30 June1890 Tumwater, Thurston, WA PARENTS: John Warren HENDERSHOT & Barbara Ann WYNN NOTE: Except for the location, this might be *John Warren1863 [2WEH239] who is listed with a 2nd wife, Mrs. Mary E. APGAR md1899, and 2 children b1892 and 1894 SOURCE: ESB: IGI 1994 edition; see 2WEH239

29: ALBERT E. HENDERSHOTT 1876 (s/o Charles1847 - C1) ‘93 WIFE: PRISCILLA KELLER, b6May1876 MI, d/o Christian & Barbara (Scheifley) Keller
1) Charles b1903
SOURCE: B.Rudy: Wenger Genealogy, by Samuel Wenger

ALFORD FRANCIS WORTHY WILLARD HENDERSHOT 1880 (see family Edward 1865>Francis1835) ‘92 BORN: 30Apr1880; md Mary Etta DILLINGHAM, 4 ch

31: ALFRED J. HENDERSHOTT 1822 (s/o Jacob1792 - C1) ‘93 WIFE: (1) SARAH S.--, b 18June1825, d 3Mar1855 age29y8m15d; 2 ch WIFE: (2) ELINOR FRANCES GROESBECK
1) ADD: Sarah b1847, d2Oct1853 age 6 yrs
2) Dwight b1849, d18Sep1851 age 1y3m13d
3) Rosella b1859
SOURCE: Corres. Garth Johnson; Frank Hendershot: Forest Lawn Cem in Dnville, Steuben, NY

31: ALFRED HENDERSHOT 1851 (s/o Jacob1807 - C3) ‘98 WIFE: CATHERINE ANN SCHRIEVER CHILDREN: 3 additional children & and some dates
1) *Raymond L. bOct1877; md Susan SMITH
2) Mary P. bSep1879
3) Elmer Cornelius b14Sep1880/1 Buck Valley, Fulton, PA

4)ADD: Henry Franklin b20Oct1883 Buck Valley; dy
5) Theodore b19Jan1885 Buck Valley
6)ADD: Clara A. b19Jan1885 Buck Valley; dy
7) Jackson bDec1886 Buck Valley
8)ADD: Charles C. b1Apr1889 Buck Valley; dy
9) Lillie O. bMar1895
10) Estelle Goldie b17Mar1898 Buck Valley
SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition: 3 additional children & and some dates

34: ALONZO B. HENDERSHOTT 1857 (s/o William1813 - C3) ‘91 WIFE: LAURA M. LITSEY md 20June1880 at Exline, Appanoose, IA CHILDREN: born in Appanoose co.
1) Celia Ann b 29Apr1881
2) male child b 2Aug1882
3) Mary Jane b 18Nov1883
4) William Madison b 20Jan1886; md Mary--
5) female child b 25Dec1888
6) Lillie May b 4May1890
7) Myrtle Grace b 12Jan1896
SOURCE: Kay Druin: Exline Cem recs “Alonzo 1857-1933, Laura May 1861-1946”; Appanoose Co marr recs. bk 7:p404; 2WEH355

34: ALONZO HENDERSHOT 1859 (s/o Samuel 1832 - A ?) ‘95 MARR: MARY MINNIE PELKY; div 1913; 2 ch SOURCE: B.Rudy corres: Bad Axe Court House, MI div recs

35: AMBROSE M. HENDERSHOTT 1839 (s/o William1813 - B2) ‘91 WIFE: (1) SARAH E.--, 1 ch: 1) John Austen bOct1860, d18Dec1860, age 3mos, Stillwater,Sussex, NJ WIFE: (2) MARY F. WARNER, md 1Nov1865; 8 ch. SOURCE: GMNJ 66:2,p58

35: AMOS HENDERSHOT 1846 (s/o Casper1828 - C3) ‘89 WIFE: NANCY ELIZABETH WOODS, md 18Oct1866 Monroe co. OH SOURCE: Monroe co, OH recs

36: AMOS HENDERSHOT 1861 (s/o Michael1823 - B3) ‘99 BORN: 15June1861Washington Twp, Belmont, OH; bur: Hermosa Cem, Colton, CA WIFE: TACY AGENS GRAHAM Ch#3) Vernon Koner 1888; his wf obit (undated): Roxy B. ANDERSON (80-19??); d Rialto, CA; she native KS; res Colton 10yrs; CA 42yrs.; her survivors: husb Vernon of Colton; bro Ray Anderson SOURCE: Obit-J.Cunningham 9/98

38: ANDREW J. HENDERSHOT 1868 (s/o Isaac1831 - B5) Jan 01 BORN: Sep1868 Tuscarawas co, OH; died in coal mining accident WIFE: MARGARET A. JOHNSON, bDec1879 OH; md 1894; d/Nathan Johnson
1) Ethel P. bJan1895 (15>1910)
2) George bDec1896 (3>1900)
3) Anna or Oma M. bApr1899 (1>1900)
4)ADD: Ernest Richard b19 Oct1901; md Julia Ann KLICKER/CLICKETT, res Centerwille, Crawford, PA; 6 ch
5) Melvin
6) Gladys M. [Melvin, Gladys, Evelyn >living with a Johnson family 1910 census]
7) Evelyn
SOURCE: R.Muth fam info

38: ANON T. HENDERSHOTT 1797 (s/o Jacob1763 - C1 ‘95 BORN: 14Aug1797 NJ; moved to Derry Twp, Old Northumberland, PA -From his obituary printed 31May1883 in Livingstone Republican, Geneseo, NY: “In Groveland on Thurs. May 24, Anon T. Hendershott who was among the first to settle in that town; died in his 86th year of paralysis. He was b the 14th Aug 1797 in New Jersey, moving thence with his father’s family to PA. From PA they went to NJ and thence to Toronto, Canada (1810). In 1812, his father moved to Avon [NY] and occupied a farm in the lower spring where the Knickerbacher Hotel is now situated. There he lived five years after which time he moved to Groveland. At the age of 21, he went to PA to learn the trade of wagon-making and there married Catherine DILDINE. In 1824, he with his wife, returned to Groveland, bought the farm and built the house where he died, having lived there all that time. Seven children were born: William of CA, James who is dead, John of Springwater, Harmon in Groveland, Wells a lawyer dwelling in Kansas, Mrs. [Catherine Samantha b1833] FETZER of Rochester, and Mrs. [Martha Jane b1839] Frank GROVES of Springwater. The funeral was last Saturday at Groveland.” -From her obituary 27June1889: WIFE: “Mrs. [CATHERINE DILDINE] Anon T. Hendershott, died at Rochester 27 June1889. She was formerly of Groveland and buried at Glenwood Cemetery.” (Note: Catherine Dildine is d/o Harmon DILDINE and wf Catherine HENDERSHOT who was d/o Michael1745- C3 found 2WEH271; some variations from 2WEH38) SOURCE: Eloise Lennox corres: Obits - NY Hist Soc, Geneseo.

39: ANSLEY JOHN HENDERSHOT 1862 (s/o Samuel1832 - A2) ‘99 BORN: Jan1862 London, Middlesex, Ont; d 1Sep1914, Bad Axe, Huron, MI WIFE: ELIZABETH SNODDEN, b at Georgina Twp, Ont.; d 1946; d/KJames Snodden & Harriet Martin
1) Orlando b28Apr1891 Siegel Twp, MI; d 31May1958,Verona, MI; (1) NELLIE--; (2) HESTER COBB (death cert)
2) Earl bApr1891, d 9Aug1908 bur Verona
3) *Ralph d 28July1979 FL
4) *James Ford b13Oct1898, d 5Oct1975 bur FL; md (1) Rosalia M. BOLL; (2) Alice CARPENTER [ADD IN FAM: 2WEH206, see this Addenda: James1898]
5) *Raymond C. b12Nov1902, d 8Sep1975, bur Dallas, TX; md (1) Ella--; resided Hudson NY, Dallas 30 yrs
SOURCE: B.Rudy: fam recs, tombstones, death certs, marr certs, city directory, obit, military rec.

UNID: ARTHUR R. HENDERSHOT bc1933 ‘99 BORN: (48-1981) bc1933, of Mountainville, NJ; d 12Jan1981 INFO: Lifelong res of Bernards Twp; carpenter; served Army in Korean War. Member St.Jas. Ch., Bernards. WIFE: JANE-- Survived by: wf JANE--; & son Arthur R. Jr. & dau Margaret, both at home; also by his mother: Mrs. Ruth E. Hendershot [see her obit info under Mr. Hendershot bc1890 in this addenda] SOURCE: 2 obits: Cunningham 9/98

UNID: B.F. HENDERSHOT 1857 ‘98 INFO: of Wood co, VA [poss. WV] SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition 42: BALTZER/BALSER bc1805 (s/o Jacob1775/1783 - C3) ‘90,96 INFO: [His parents: Jacob H./Mary Louise STEVENS of PA are often confused by some with Jacob1783/Mary LEWIS of NJ] WIFE: Sarah DIVELBISS, d/o George & Mary (COOK) Divelbiss; 8 ch:
1)ADD: Mary Ann, bc1828; md abt1849 William SMITH; in 1850 cen: this couple in home of Baltzer, both age 22; in1860 cen: both Mary Ann & Wm may have died, since in home of Baltzer are 2 Smith ch: Silas Smith age 10, Sarah Smith age 7; they are listed as grandchildren in Baltzer’s will. Sarah Smith later md Job H. MANN
2) Elizabeth bc1831, md Mr. SMITH
3) Sarah bc1833, md 31Dec1854 Harris RICHARDSON nr Warfordsburg; 10 ch
4) *William bc1836, md Sarah Elizabeth DILLON/EN
5) Lydia bc1838 (12-1850) died
6) *John Dumplin, b1843 (18-1860) md Elizabeth RICHARDS, b27Feb1843; he d 31Mar1922; she d 15May1922 [see his entry 2WEH232]
7) Delilah, b31Aug1846; md George HILES; she d 4Mar1874
8) Belinda, b9Mar1848 (16-1860); md John H. MANN; she is listed in father’s will as Malinda, but “Belinda” is on 3 censuses - probably error of crt recorder of will
SOURCES: 1] J.M.Fisher:Research-Remsburg Farm Cem; 2] will of Baltzer prbtd 17Jan1862; 3] orphan crt dkt; obits; 4] all censuses reviewed; 5] History of Huntington Mifflin, Juniata, Perry cos. 45: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HENDERSHOT 1880 (s/o Daniel1853 - B3) ‘99 WIFE: (1) THEO LINNICH (WEH); IGI has wf: THEO ADELL DIMICH; (2) IDA-- Ch #1) Beulah Faye SOURCE: IGI 1994 issue

47: BURTON HUGHES HENDERSHOT 1882 (s/o Louis/[Lewis] 1846 - B2) ‘91 INFO: Remove “lived at Fairfield..Fayette co IA”. Correction: Lived entire life Ottumwa, IA where a druggist. WIFE: HELEN McELDERRY
1) *Lewis R. b28Sep1909; md (1) Helen L. KIRKHARD (2) Leonore JONCAS (not Joneas)
2) Burton H. b18Apr1916; md (1) Delores--, (2) Norma-- (remove spouse Dorothy McGuire)
3)ADD: Dorothy b28Aug1917; md Philip McGuire
SOURCE: Corres: R.Hendershott fam records
48: CARL LOUIS HENDERSHOTT 1864 (s/o David1833 - A7) ‘97 BORN: 4 or 29Apr1864 Hornellsville, NY; 1900 cen at Benton co, MN; [2WEH48] CORRECTION: did not d1918; died 20Aug1935, age 71 at Bismarck, Burleigh, ND; bur St.Mary Cem. WIFE: MARY J. RAW, b1Dec1872 LaMoore, WI; d 24feb1952
1) Herbert G. b 24Sep1897, d 1982; md Ida SKOGLUND (1900-1991)
2) Wendell Joseph b 27May1900, d1983; md Phoebe GAGNER (1907-1983); 5 ch: --Wendell, Betty, Patricia, Esther, Carl Joseph
3)ADD IN: Harlow Thomas b6DEc1906; md 1947 Florence M. Jones, dMar1993; 5 ch
SOURCES: Corres: C.Quanz: Hist. of Hornell Hendershots by Kevin Hendershott

51: CASPER HUNSCHUT/HENDERSHOT 1699 (s/o Michael1674 -immigrant) Jan01 BORN: 1699 [3 Nov is unproved, location also unkn], Rhineland-pfalz, Germany WIFE: ?CHRISTINA SHIPMAN bc1700, d/Herman SCHUPPMAN of Germany; was prob the Christina mentioned as a witness at a baptism Aug1717> “Hunschutt & Christina”, which has led to speculation they were married, but especially since her sister Catherina Shipman Ruloffsen was the third witness. CHILDREN: Only Peter is known son; the other sons are deduced by age and locality expecially since the children of brothers Michael1712 and John1720 are known and documented in probate records; daughters probably fill some of the gaps but are unknown. CHILDREN: Casper is the father of the A Clan:
1) Peter Clan A1 b1733; md (1) Priscilla PHILLIPS, ?(2) Anna MOELICH; Loyalist, family to Canada
2) Christopher (if)A2 bc1734; md (1) Margrith--; (2) Christina--; insolvent debtor; family to Canada
3) Baltes (if) A3 bc1735; md Elizabeth--
4) Jeremiah (if) A4 bc1738; md unkn; lived Morris co, NJ
5) Isaac (if)A5 bc1740; md unkn; poss a Loyalist
6) Jacob (if) A6 bc1742; md unkn; no record of Jacob after 1763
7) Michael (if) A9 bc1745; md Naomi--; to Old Northumberland co, PA by 1773; fam massacred 1778 by Indians, twin daus Mary & Naomi survived; Michael is Clan A9 >he was found after the others were numbered
8) Casper (if)A7 bc1749; md ?Margaret DRAKE
9) Abraham (if)A8 bc21Oct1754; md Mary--
SOURCE:1710-1713 Hunter Subsistence Lists[ESB#225-6]; Jones: Palatine Families in NYC[#158]; Bapts: Luth. Church NY/NJ 1722-1760 & Albany Protocol [ESB#36,94]; Chambers:EARLY GERMANS IN NJ, p401,635[#65]; Snells: Hist. Hunterdon/ Somerset cos, p715 [#164]; Hist Zion Luth Church N.Germantown/Oldwick [#66]; Hunterdon co wills-Jacob Shipman; Tewksbury Rateables [#70]; Rev War Censuses:1778-80 [#90,131,130]

51: CASPER HENDERSHOT bc1749 (s/o ?Casper1699 - A7) Jan 01 BORN: bc1749 Hunterdon co, NJ; INFO: Casper, like his brothers Christopher, Jeremiah & Abraham, stayed in the Tewksbury-GermanValley- Schooley’s Mtn area. Most likely he is the Casper on Tewksbury rateables 1779-80 and in Rev War 1778-80 Somerset co. WIFE: MARGARET DRAKE bc1758 of Schooley’s Mtn, Morris co, d/Charles Drake who died 1791 Roxbury twp. Morris co and left an extensive probate record, including his dau “Margaret, wf of Casper Hendershot”; a dispute over the estate continued in Morris co Orphan’s crt proceedings to July1807 in which “Casper Hendershot & Margaret..(formerly Drake)” appeared. [WEH has Margaret Drake as 1st wife of Casper1754 who is established in Sussex co records, “possibly divorced” by 1788 when he moved his family (& wf Charity Dilts) to Kentucky by 1791. Obviously this is not the same Casper md to Margaret Drake.] CHILDREN: these are proposed by WEH but require proving:
1) Jacob (if) bc1769 NJ; md Rebecca--
2) Isaac (if) bc1774 NJ; md Sarah--
3)??Peter (if) b27Jan1775 NJ; md 9Feb1797 Mary Ann SOUTH in Newton, Sussex, NJ; WEH proposes Peter as s/Casper1754 who moved his family to KY by 1788 when Peter was 13. Would Peter have returned to NJ to marry and settle? Needs more research.
SOURCE: PIONEER FAMS OF NO.WESTERN NJ [ESB#155]; Census 1800-1830; Probates of Morris co- C.Drake [#Al19]; Hunterdon co rateables 1779-80 [#70]; Rev War payment slips> “Gaspar Hendershut: paymt dated 29Feb1780 for $200.00 Continental with interest to commence 20Feb1780” & also says “interest to 1Jan1787” by Sidney Berry, Qrtrmaster Somerset co; Abraham Hendershut rec’d similar pymt from S.Berry [#53,90-(LDS#569,690;573,061)].

52: CASPER HENDERSHOT bc1754 (s/o Michael1734 - B2) ‘94 BORN: bc1754 Stillwater twp, Sussex, NJ; INFO: Member of Stillwater Reformed Church 1773. WEH correction: Casper did not teach school, rather his son Isaac1792 was 1st teacher at Piqua; also the Hendershott home across from the present Forest Hills Cem was a “yelph” or wigwam when the road was surveyed 1809. WIFE: CHARITY ANN DILTS, b15Dec1756; d/John Wm. Dilts; 7 ch Ch#2) ??Peter (if) b27Jan1775, who md 1797 Newton to MaryAnn SOUTH: poss s/Casper1749 as Peter md & raised family in Sussex co, NJ not going 1788 (tho age 13) with Casper & Charity to KY. SOURCE: L.Giesen/Zimmerman research

55: ADD IN: CHALMERS BERTRAM HENDERSHOT 1879 (s/o Western1852 - C3) ‘93 BORN: 30Apr1879 Monroe co, OH, d 6Mar1960 OH WIFE: EDNA MAY GATTEN b2Mar1893 Echo, Belmont, OH; d 24Jan1966; md 22Mar1913 Belmont co.; d/Francis Marion Gatten & Penina Lial Davis
1) Edna Mabel b21Mar1914, d 5Aug1991
2) Olive May b3Sep1915, md 1940 Clarence DIXON
3) Leona May b12Nov1918, md Harold ADMIRE
4) Dorothy E. b10Jan1921, md 1956 David Lee KOONCE
5) Mary E. b21June1923, md 1958 James Lloyd BASS
6) Charles C. b19Mar1926, md 1947 Inez WILLISON
7) John F. b21May1929, d 19June1936
SOURCE: R.Sowinsky: fam recs of Kay Bass Sowinsky

56: CHARLES A. HENDERSHOTT 1812 (s/o David11780-A7) ‘99 BORN: 28Aug1812, in Stony Creek, Dist. of London, Ontario; INFO: At age 2, moved with parents to Hornellsville,Steuben, NY. At age 19 he entered a blacksmith shop, apprenticed 3 years. They resided Hornellsville 12 yr; then moved to Temperanceville, Upper Canada (Ont) in 1848, returning to Hornellsville in 1850 until 1856 when he migrated to Carimona, Fillmore, MN where he d 25July1897, age 84y10m27d. A granddau’s obit [Ursula d/o David1780] says father’s parents [Charles & Caroline] migrated first to Bismarck, ND then to Racine, MN WIFE: Caroline ROBINSON/ROBISON md on 3Mar1836 in Hornellsville, Steuben, NY; Caroline b16Apr1814 in Fort Deposit, Delaware co, NY; she d 8Aug1900.
1) *David Christopher b3Jan1837 Hornellsville md Orpha Jane DWIGHT [see fam 2WEH90]
2) ADD: Lavinda b 20Oct1839, d 27Apr1841
3) ADD: James b 15Oct1840, d 29Apr1841

4) Caroline b 20Apr1842; md 1862 Martin PALMER >3 ch: Hattie, Emma, Charles PALMER
5) Sarah Amelia b 20Apr1844; md1862 John CLYDE >5 ch: Grace, Maude, Emma, John, Louise CLYDE
6) Maria b 29July1847; md George HENDERSON; >3 ch: Addie, Cora, Stella HENDERSON
7) Cynthia b 20Nov1849; md 1867 Allan WINDSOR; >2 ch: Hattie, d inf; Jessie md Ernest CAMBERN who both d Apr1918
8) Margaret Ophelia b 1Dec1850 Hornellsville; md 26Sep1868 Forestville, MN to Fernando Coello WOOD, b28Sep1843 Navarena, Onondago, NY, s/o Nelson & Maria (SHARP) WOOD; : 8 ch
9) Mary Rosetta b 17Apr1854 Hornellsville, never md but had son: Frank LeGrand Hendershott [see fam 2WEH120 & Addenda‘99: David1810, Chas1812] was b30Sep1878 Spring Valley, MN; md 1900 Minnie Estelle KING (1877-1957), a cousin; 4 ch.
10) *(Dens)/Deus S. b 4Mar1857 Bismarck, ND; school teacher; bur Spring Valley Cem, md 15Nov1879 Sarah PLONTY in Spring Valley; 3 ch: [see 2WEH96]
-1 Charles b1879, md Edith LEUTKE, >dau -Venita b 1905, md John HALPIN
-2 Will Osmer b 27Dec1890 Spring Valley, md 23Mar1914 Deith LE RETTE Minneapolis; no ch
-3 Nell b22Feb189?, md 1) Clayton WEBB, 2) Earl TARTE, no ch
11) Grace b 3Oct1860, d 11Mar1873
12) Charles b 3Jan1863, never md
SOURCES: B.Rudy gleanings: obit of Ursula, dau of ch#1; marrs Steuben co NY newsp.; fam. genealogy of ?? at Spring Valley, MN library, which says David1810 [2WEH88] is a bro of Charles1812 , s/o David1780 [2WEH85]; fam data-Steve Reinhart

58: CHARLES HENDERSHOTT 1847 (s/o Caleb1806 - C1) ‘96 WIFE ALMEDA J.-- CHILDREN: 1) Oral W. b1874 (35>1910) 2) *Albert E. b1876, md Priscilla KELLER, b 6May1876, she d/o Christian KELLER & Barbara SCHEIFLEY SOURCE: Corr B.Rudy: Wenger Gen., by W.S.Wenger, p570; 2WEH24 59: CHARLES E. HENDERSHOT 1852/3 (s/o William1813 - C3) ‘91 BORN: July1852/3 Centerville, Applanoose, IA; d 1927, bur Exline Cem stone: “1852-1927” WIFE: JULIA ANNA MITCHELL, bJune1855 IN; cem stone: “1858-1928”
1) William H. bSep1890
2) Madolin b4Apr1884 IA “ch of Charles Hendershot & J.Ann Mitchell”
SOURCE: Kay Druin research: birth cert, 1900 census, Exline Cem recs

60: CHARLES HENDERSHOT 1861 (s/o Isaac1814 - ?A4) ‘96 BORN: May1861 Catawissa, Columbia, PA WIFE: ELIZABETH SARAh SHUMAN, b 28Feb1864, d 27Jan1902, bur Union Cem, Catawissa, Columbia co 1) Eva
2) Myron
3) Homer F. b Nov1897, md 23Sep1922 at Bloomsburg, Columbia co to Lulu Elizabeth YEAGER, age 19, d/o Joseph & Gertrude (HOFFMAN) YEAGER; Homer a store manager
SOURCE: Corres/gleanings Nancy Febish: PA marr & death recs Columbia co

61: CHARLES H. HENDERSHOT 1867 (s/o Erastus1832 - C2) ‘96 WIFE: “HATTIE”/HARRIETT G. SHOEMAKER 11May1893 at Orangeville, Columbia, PA; he age 25, she 19. SOURCE: Corres/gleanings Nancy Febish: PA marr recs-license #2142 64: CHARLES A. HENDERSHOT 1879 (s/o Wm. 1855 - B2) ‘99 INFO: His mother Mrs. Anna Mae Hendershot, New Brunswick, NJ; died May1979 (obit) WIFE: ANNIE M. SNOOK CHILDREN:
1) *John S. b1902 of Dunelin/Dunellen;
2) Marion b1903; md TAYLOR, Dover, 1973
3) Charles b1904 Gladstone; (obit); (69-1973); d 24Oct1973 d at Bernardsville res 40 yrs, prev Peapack He md Melvina BEAN [obit says BEAN] (68-1978) bc1910 Chester; her mother Mrs. Bertha Beam [obit says BEAM], Long Valley, NJ; 4 sons & 6 daus of Charles & Melvina:
-Harold, Mt.Olive twp/Budd Lake;
-Elmer, Whippany;
-Vincent, Washington, NJ;
-Kenneth, Bernardsville;
-Berdina (Mrs. Stephen) UJOBAGY;
-Elaine Marie Hendershot, at home
-Lorraine Hendershot, at home;
-Delores NEWMAN, Raymond, NH;
-Priscilla O’NEILL, Nechanic;
-Wanda ACKEY, Bernardsville
4) Raymond b1906
5) Walter M. (obit); bc1907 at Peapack, d 2Sep1987 Roxbury Twp.; res Pine Brook 38 yrs; 18 yrs at Kenvil in Roxbury Twp.; 3 ch given: -son Walter, Brooklyn, NY; -daus “Marion Johnson; Louise & Nettie Groff, all of Flemington
6) Roy (obit); bc1909; d23Apr1982 of Parsippany; bur: Somerset Hills Cem, Basking Ridge; wf ANNA ROLPH; -sons: Jack of PA; Donald of Stanhope; Richard of Morristown; Herbert of Hackettstown; Raymond & Joseph of both of Parsippany -daus: Dorothy (Mrs. Lewis) EDWARDS of Kenvil, NJ; Jean (Mrs Richard) SNYDER of Hopatcong;
7) Elizabeth bc1910; md Mr.YARLAND (1982 obit)/YORLANO (1987 obit) of Chester or Mr. ORLANDO (1973 obit) of Peapack 1982 (different in 3 obits)
8) Helen Julia bc1912; md HOLLINGSWORTH, res of Bremerton WA state 1982
9) ADD: James bc 1914 of Middlesex 1982
10) Margaret bc 1916
11) Harmon bc 1918 of Kendall, NJ, 1982
12) ADD: Sabria bc 1920; md Mr. HILL of Mendham 1982
13) ADD: Betty bc 1922; md Mr. Sayre/Soyer of Plainfiled 1982
14) Daisey B. bc 1924
15) Evelyn G. bc1926; md Mr. Buda/BUDAI, of Piscataway 1982
SOURCE: Obits of sons Charles, Walter, Roy, & mother > Cunningham 9/98

UNID: CHARLES HENDERSHOT bc1880 ‘94 WIFE: WILHELMINA FITCH SON: C. Howard “Lightning” bc1918 at Hope, Warren NJ; d 8Jan1994, age 76 at home in Blairstown, NJ MARR: July1946 to Rose M. Sirianni and had ch: -) H. Leon of Delaware -) John A. of Wind Gap, PA -) Ralph E. of Hackettstown, NJ -) Mary A. Simonson of Blairstown -) Wilhelmina E. Winters of Columbia NJ -) Rhoda M. Ferriday of Orlando, FL -) Linda M. Langdon of Long Pond, PA SOURCE: NJ Herald: obit 10Jan1994 of C.Howard

67: ADD IN: CHARLES 1904 (s/o Charles1879 - B2) ‘99 See wf & 10 children > listing and info under father’s addenda’99

68: ADD IN: CHARLES HENDERSHOT bc1910 (s/John1870 - A4) ‘99 BORN: (78-1988) bc1910 b Hainesburg, Warren, NJ; INFO: lived Hackettstown most of life; d 3July1988 Andover Twp WIFE: MARTHA-- -son: Charles Jr., Milford, PA; -daus: Ellen BAILEY,Johnsonburg; Mary Louise JONES, Blairstown; Roberta STRUBLE, Hackettstown sisters: Blanche VANAUKEN, Alexandria, VA; Adelaide STEVENS, Easton, & bro: Wm 1906 (see this Addenda) SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98; see William1906 this Addenda

70: CHAUNCEY D. HENDERSHOT 1813 (s/o David1774 - C3) ‘97 BORN: 17Nov1813 Euclid, OH WIFE: DEBORAH HYLEMAN (perWEH) or ALLISON (perC.Martin), “ALLISON” ?poss a middle name Ch#4) *Oscar T. b 2Feb1844/5 Barnesville, OH; bur Mt.Calvary Cem. Columbus, OH; md MARY ANN ECKLES/ECCLES (1858-1938) SOURCE: Corr: C.Martin family recs; see this Addenda p304 UNID: CHRISTIAN J. HENDERSHOT b1858 Jan01 BORN: 29June1858 Hazelton Twp, Luzerne, PA; a carpenter WIFE: ANNIE MICHAEL, b30Nov1872 of Hazelton when md 5May1894 NOTE: Christian J. gave consent for Dora Hendershot b17Sep1889 Hazelton, to marry 30Apr1910 to John A. DERR (b18Apr1889), Lic.#55196 SOURCE: Blair Hendershot: PA Marrs Luzerne co Crt House, Lic.#153843

73: CHRISTOPHER HENDERSHOT 1734 (s/o ?Casper1699 - A2) HRN:May97 BORN: bc1734 (75>1809;78>1812) nr Potterstown, Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon, NJ; d 17Apr1812 Peel co, Ont. INFO: named in seveal different documents in Hunterdon and Morris cos. from 1766 through 1803; declared an insolvent debtors 1796 and jailed for a 10 months and surrendered all his property except that “needed of my wife and children”; removed to Ontario, Canada 1804-5 where his son John declared in a petition 1809 that Christopher was the father of 23 children, 17 of whom had come to Canada with him. WIVES: (1) MARGRITH--, died abt 1775; 4+ ch; (2) CHRISTINA--, died same year as husband; 11+ ch Ch#13)ADD: Joseph b1802 Warren co, NJ; md Martha Ann CULVER; 6 ch [see Addenda:Joseph1802] SOURCE: Lebanon Ref. Church bapts; Zion Evan. Luth. Church N.Germantown/Oldwick; Hunterdon Crt recs (LDS#34417;807,716); Hunterdon co rateables 1779 (#865,475); Morris co rateables 1783-1792; petitions in Ontario, Canada 1806, 1809.

73: CHRISTOPHER HENDERSHOT 1804/1808 (s/o John1788 - A2) ‘95/97 BORN: 1804/1808; d 18Sep1857, bur Gardeners Cem, Mosa Twp, Kent, Ont.; INFO: to PA & became a hotel proprietor at Cashmere, where d 1857 WIFE: ELIZABETH GIBBS, md 8Mar1824 (wits: Horace Hendershott, Christopher Long); d/o John GIBB/S; she age 80-1904, as widow moved to Wallaceburg 1) Mary Ann b1843 md Samuel BURR 2) Hannah b1845 3)ADD: Ruth bc1846 deceased by 1904 4 *John b6Mar1846; md 1867 Ellen SHAW; he d 23Feb1904 5 Jane bc1849 dec. by 1904 6)ADD: James b1853, md abt 1878 Rachel WOODROW of Tupperville, Kent; 6 ch [see fam this addenda] 7) Christopher b1856; (replaces “Oscar?”); d unmd 24Dec1925 Redfield, SD (obit) 8) Joseph bc1861; deceased by 1904 9) Henry bc1864; deceased by 1904 SOURCE: Corr: B.Rudy & research letter 7/97;Addenda‘95 (HRN:V7,#3); Chatham,Kent, Ont Commem. Biog. Rec. p468; Wallaceburg obits; cem recs-Riverview Cem, Wallaceburg, Kent, Ont.; obits>father-1937, mother- 1955

UNID: CHRIS HENDERSHOT bc1850 ‘97 BORN: b abt 1850 Chatham, Ont. per obit which also says came directly to Redfield, Spink, SD 16Apr1886; DIED: d 24Dec1925 Redfield; survivors: sister Mrs. H. Atwell; nieces Mrs. Jennie Pearson, Mrs. Elizabeth Swift; nephews J. Hendershot, J.E. Atwell SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: obit Redfield, Spink, SD

75: Clarence LESLIE HENDERSHOT 1886 (s/o Chauncey1858 - B5) ‘89 MARR: 3 times only, not md to Emma Sibel Ch#4) Carl F. md 16Sep1937 Mildred White #5) Alma md Mr. Lanard SOURCE: Kintner corres >newspaper: Towanda PA Daily Review - 50th Anni. Carl & Mildred

UNID: CLYDE HENDERSHOT bc1896 ‘98 INFO: of Oklahoma SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

UNID: CLYDE HENDERSHOTT bc1910? ‘96 WIFE: BERTHA MAE ANDERSON; they resided Boone co, Iowa 1934, later Ogden, IA CHILDREN: -Francis b13Oct1934, d2Oct1993; md Barbara SHEPPARD of Greeley, CO -Caroline md Mr. GLEIM of Ogden, IA -Betty md Mr. WATSON of Boone, IA -Evelyn md Mr. PRICE“ -Claryce md Mr. TILLEY“ -Lois md Mr. CARPENTER of Kingman, AZ -Merrill of Ogden, IA SOURCE: Corres C.Schwayder: Colorado obit

UNID: D. LORENZO HENDERSHOT bc1834 Jan 01 BORN: abt 1834; d 23Aug1897, age 63y6m INFO: resided Malahide, Elgin, Ont.; miller WIFE: NANCY ANN MANN, md 29Apr1855 both of Malahide; she bc9Ape1821; d 6Dec1886, age 65y2m27d SOURCE: B.Rudy: Orwell Cem, Yarmouth Twp

83: DANIEL J. HENDERSHOT 1854 (s/o Daniel - UNIDENT.) ‘99 INFO: Death cert gives father as “Daniel born IN”. If accurate, still can’t make any connection. WIFE: FANNIE E. (?BENNETT) SOURCE: Corres C.Schwayder: Colorado obit; B.Rudy: death cert Indiana

83: ADD IN: DANIEL SAMPSON HENDERSHOT 1875 (s/o Edward1865 - C3) ‘92 BORN: 7Feb1875, d 19June1946; WIFE: Mary Clystah McFARLAND, 5 ch: 1) Novella Hazel b20Aug1906 at Lauderdale co, TX 2) Claude Allen Sampson b30May1909 Arnett, OK; d1965 3) Cordia Agnes b27Mar1911 nr Enid, OK; d 1984 4) Verdi Ila Mae b25Mar1913 nr Enid 5) Paul Timothy b30June1916 Malvern, ARK SOURCE: Dorothy Walter: fam records >see Addenda: Edward1865>Francis1835

85: DAVID HENDERSHOTT bc1774-1780 (s/o Jacob1760 - A7) Jan 01 BORN: 1774-1780 Greenwood twp, Old Northumberland, PA; minimally 26 in 1800=1774 INFO: WEH>PA to NY after 1810, not found 1820, but is in Hornellsville by1825; possibly in Ont in that interim WIFE: SARAH--, md 1798 CENSUSES: 1800 at Mahonig, Northumberland co; 1810 Greenwood, Northumberland co CHILDREN: from clues in 2 censuses above & other research 1) male bc1799/1800 (0-9yr in 1800; 10-15yr in 1810) 2) female bc1802 (0-9yr=1810) 3) male bc1805 (0-9yr=1810) 4) male[?Samuel] bc1807/8 (0-9yr=1810) [2WEH323> moved to Hornellsville abt 1830]; he actually was there in 1824-5 as he states in the 1855 NY census that he was born in PA but had lived here [Hornells] 31 years. 5) *Andrew bApr1809 PA (0-9yr=1810) [2WEH36] 6) *David b20July1810 PA [2WEH88]; see Addenda99 7) Charles b28Aug1812 Ont [2WEH56-Addenda99]; see Addenda99 8) Hiram (if) b1815 Ont [2WEH157] currently “poss s/o Isaac1774”, but doubtful as Isaac was not in Hornells and perhaps never went to Ont; see Addenda95 NOTE: Remove child: “*Wm (if) b1827” who is the son of Samuel1807/8; correct his entry 2WEH357 SOURCE: censuses; Hornellsville records; researchers: C.Quanz, B.Rudy; Addenda5/00>replace with 9/00 edition

88: DAVID HENDERSHOT 1810 (s/o David1780 - A7) ‘98,99 BORN: 20July1810 Danville, Columbia, PA WIFE: RACHEL WILLIMER, b 9Jan1813 CHILDREN: 1) Elsa see WEH 2) Jane b 7Feb1837 md Mr. MEEKS; they had dau Lois MEEKS, b1855 who md Jan1877 Osmer L. KING; [Addenda’99] they had a dau Minnie Estelle KING who md her cousin Frank LeGrand HENDERSHOTT, s/o Mary Rosetta HENDERSHOTT (unmd) d/o Charles1812 (A7) [see 2WEH56; Addenda’99] 3) John 4) Margaret 5) Samuel d 1924, unmd. 6) Daniel never md; Civil War vet 7) Ann 8) Mary md Jim CAMBERN SOURCE: B/Rudy: gleanings-fam genealogy from Spring Valley, MN (library?). This source says David1810 is a brother of Charles1812 [2WEH56], who is listed by WEH as prob son of Daniel1790. I note that both David and Charles had a desc. who md a man named CAMBERN, which is a support for a close relationship; 2WEH56; fam research-Steve Reinhart

89: DAVID M. HENDERSHOT 1826 (s/o ?John1800 - A8) 5/00 BORN 1826 Spring Twp, Centre, PA; laborer at Spring Twp MIL Served Civil War, Pvt, Co A, 45th PA Inf.; killed in war DIED 31July1863 Mildred, MS; bur Vicksburg, MS.; wf Mary Jane applied for widow’s pension WIFE: MARY JANE WILSON, b1828 Centre Co, PA CHILDREN: see WEH listing SOURCES: 1] 1850,1860,1880 censuses 2] Military Rec. 3] Cleveland Hendershot Gene. 4] Commemorative Biographical Ency. of Juniata Valley: Comprising Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry cos, PA; pub 1897, p149: Wilson Family Centre co, PA

90: DAVID H. HENDERSHOTT 1833 (s/o Samuel1808 - ?A7) ‘97 BORN: 4Apr1833 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY; d 30Jan1911; WIFE: ALICE FAUVER (Fauber, Falver) CHILDREN: 1) Minnie b 1860 2) *Carl Louis b 4or29Apr1864 Hornellsville, NY; 1900 cen Benton co, MN; [2WEH48]; md Mary J. RAW; 3ch 3) Nettie B. b 1867, d 15Dec1934; md Ezra LAWRENCE 4) Maria M. b 24Nov1868; md 24Nov1886 George LEWIS SOURCE: Corres C.Quanz: Hist. of Hornell Hendershots by Kevin Hendershott, 410 Buck Av #D, Vacaville, CA 95688; also B.Rudy research

90: DAVID B. HENDERSHOT (1836) (s/o Daniel L.1790 - A2) ‘97 BORN: 1Nov1827 date from census 1901[age 73-1901] WIFE: ALICE J. McDONALD age 19 (bc1850); md 7Apr1869, she b Townsend; d/o Geo. & Sarah McDonald of Windham; David’s age given as 32 (bc1836/7), b Southwold, res of Windham; s/o Daniel & Lainey; David may have deducted 5 yrs from his age at marriage to appear younger or the following census may be off, but WEH has him 30 yrs her senior, which is an error. Probably the same family in Norfolk co, Ont 1871 census: David (farmer) age 37 (bc1834) born Ont. Alice J. (wife) age 21 (bc1850) Jane (dau) age 1 (bc1870) DIED: 12Feb1911; wf Alice McDONALD b 1June1848 (52>1901) CHILDREN: 1) (Alice) Jane bc 1870 2) Elgie b 7Aug1874, d1975; md Ida May JOHNSON (1874-1939) 3) Erie/Eva b 13July1876/7, d1952 4) *Melvin Roy b 11Feb1878; md Lena --; gone by 1901 5) Annie (WEH) bc 1880; gone by 1901 6) *Frederick R. b 4June1882 7) Sarah Viola bc 1884 8) Margaret Burel b 24May1887, d 22Nov1905, bur Norwich Village Cem. 9) Earnest b 25Mar1890 SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy:1901 cen-Charlottesville, Norfolk, Ont; Addenda ‘96 (HRN:V8,#3); Norfolk co, Ontario marr recs; 1871 cen

90: DAVID CHRISTOPHER HENDERSHOTT 1837 (s/o Charles1812 - A2) ‘96 BORN: 3Jan1837 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY INFO: Ursula’s obit says David’s parents [Charles & Caroline] migrated to Bismarck, ND then to Racine, MN WIFE: ORPHA JANE DWIGHT; wid 1910 cen Spr.Valley; #3 Ursula’s CHILDREN: 1) Dwight never md [2WEH100 show him with wf & ch = remove] 2) *Charles md Pearl 3) Ursula/Urna b 16June1871, d 18Sep1897 of typhoid; bur Spring Valley Cem, teacher (obit) 4) James Marshall b8Mar1873, md Anna Abagail MIDDLETON, >2 ch:1-Robert James b1907; 2-Orpha b1910 5) Nina md 1) Mr. DODD 2) Mr. HOYE 6) David md 1) Genevieve KINGSLEY [div]; 2) Mrs. HORSEMAN 7) Caroline bFeb1882 (19-1900) 8) ADD: Hattie A. b5June1887; d27June1889 9) ADD: Tommy bc? SOURCE: B.Rudy gleanings: obit of #3 Ursula [she was greatly mourned by friends, family, students]; marrs Steuben co NY newpaper; fam. genealogy of ?? entered at Spring Valley, MN library; fam data-Steve Reinhart

91: ADD IN: DAVID W. HENDERSHOT 1840 (s/o Philip1818 - B2) ‘91 WIFE: MALINDA WILSON b21Sep1836; md 25Dec1864 at Bride’s mother’s home near Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH DIED: he d age 30 18Sep1870 Wilmington; she d 18May188-. Children unkn. SOURCE: Corres D.Hack - Wilmington Cem recs; see Addenda’91 under Philip1818

91: DAVID A. HENDERSHOT 1842 (s/o David A.1805 - A1) 5/00 BORN: 1842 Pelham, Welland co, Ont; BUR: Hillside Cem: (gravestone says: 1844-1927) WF 1: LAVINA J. THOMAS (1841-1898 on back of gravestone) WF 2: JENNIE GUEST (1859-1906 on back of gravestone) WF 3: SUSIE A. HERBERT (1883-1928 on front of stone with David) SOURCE: Hillside Cem. stone: David A. & 3 wives, Fonthill, Ont. 91: DAVID WM. HENDERSHOT 1849 (s/o Morris1818 - A2) ‘97 BORN: 1849 Southwold Twp, Elgin co, Ont WIFE: SARAH HOUSE 1) William Henry b 28Nov1870, d 14Dec1894, bur Fingal (murdered in conspiracy) 2) Phillip bc1874 SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: gleanings Norfolk recs, see Addenda ‘96 (HRN: V8,#3)

92: DAVID HENDERSHOT 1857 (s/o David1826 - ?A8) ‘95 BORN: June1857 Spring Twp, Centre, PA; d 1911 WIFE: ANNIE MARY AUSTIN on 1878; b11Dec1860 Hecla Furnace, Mingoville; d/o Benjamin & Jane AUSTIN; she d 18Feb1937 at home Roopsburg, Benner Twp, bur Union Cem, Bellefonte, PA 1) James Wesley of Bellefonte 1937 2) Robert A. b June1884 Spring Twp, md Hattie T. PARDOE; of State College (2WEH314); 7 ch: (see fam) 3) Elsie Mary of Roopsburg 1937 4) Frederick b 20Aug1891 Spring Twp, md; d Apr1937, bur Union Cem 5) David McClure of Wingate 1937 6) William H. of Bellafonte 1937 SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: obits from Bellefonte PA Democrat, Watchman & Centre Democrat

97: DEWITT CLINTON 1875 (s/o Henry1842 - B3) ‘98 BORN: Sep1875 at Washington, Belmont, OH; to ARK then OK WIFE: (1) 28Aug1895 Maud E. CARPENTER, died 1896, d/o Mr. Carpenter & Nancy J. LINGSTON 1) Oscar Jackson b 23June1896 ARK, d1964; after his mother died 1896, he was raised by his maternal grandmother Nancy J. Lingston Carpenter; she md (2) abt 1895 to Oscar’s paternal grandfather Henry Clay HENDERSHOT, b1842-1899 [2WEH152]. Nancy md (3) 1902 Y.J. GUTHERY and Oscar used the name Jack GUTHERY when an adult. Oscar/Jack md 12Sep1915 to Frances SANDERS, d/o John & Sarah (HOLLOWAY) SANDERS; 5 ch WIFE: (2) OLLIE L. THOMPSON, b1891 OK; 6 ch: 2) Ruth M. bc1906 (4>1910); not in family 1920 census 3) James P. bc1907 OK (2>1910); not in family 1920 census 4) Ruby bc1911 OK (9>1920) 5) Dee (son) bc1914 OK (6>1920) 6) Cleo (son) bc1916 OK (4>1920) 7) Rethael (dau) bc1919 OK (7mos>1920) SOURCE: Research: Dillard Guthery, see his book: HENDERSHOT & GUTHERY ANCESTORS, 1997; marr certs, censuses; [see also p152]

97: DONALD S. HENDERSHOT 1797 (s/o Christopher1734 - A2) ‘93 BORN: 1797 Morris co, NJ, fam to Wentworth co, Ont; carpenter WIFE: MARY ELLEN BASTIDO/A 1) *Joseph (if) b1817 md Anne GILBERT 2) *Morris b1818 md Amy/Emma-- [2WEH277] 3) *Plummer (if) b1825 md Eliza Jane-- 4) Maria (if) b1830 md Abraham NELLIS 5) Mary b1833 md Samuel HENDERSHOT1832, s/o Joseph1802 6) Jane (if) b1835 7) Chrsitina b1837 md 9Feb1855 Peter HOUSE, wits:Morris Hendershott, Philip House, both of Southwold 8) Donald b1843 9) Thomas b1845 SOURCE: B.Rudy: gleanings Elgin co marr register; death cert of Mary says “d/Donald & Ellen” UNID: DONALD W. bc1902 ‘99 BORN: (78>1980) b in Montrose, PA; INFO: res Randolph, NJ 5 yrs from Green Village where lived most of life; DIED: 10Oct1980 Dover, NJ (obit) FAM: son Donald W. Jr., Morris Plains; his sister: Mrs. Christine WESTERVELT, Ft. Lauderdale, FL WIFE: (1st?) MILDRED M. EGBERT (Mrs. Donald Sr.) bc 1907 (obit); d22Jan1974 (6>-1974) Morristown; obit- survived by: Donald Sr; son Donald Jr.; res Harding Twp all life; memb Green Village United Meth. Church WIFE: (?2) ELSIE--; SOURCE: 2 Obits: J.Cunningham 9/98

100: DWIGHT L. HENDERHSOT 1874 (s/o William1848 - C3) ‘97 BORN: gravestone says 1874-1955 WIFE: MINNIE L. QUIGGLE, gravestone says 1877-1961 SOURCE: Gleanings A.Schaumann: Chardon cem, Chardon, Geauga, OH UNID: EARL HENDERSHOTT bc 1900 ‘96 WIFE: MINNIE--; parent of: -) Jack W. HENDERSHOTT b1933; d 1Jan1983 Niagara Falls, NY; bur Farnham Cem, Arkell, Ont; md Shirley HINDS of Guelph, Ont (obit) -) Audrey WEIR of Binbrook, Ont; -) Morris of Hamilton, Ont; -) Mary SHAW, widow of Lorne SHAW, died 7June1984 (her obit) SOURCE: Corres A.Sealey: 2 obits Ont, Canada

UNID: EARL HENDERSHOT bc1905 ‘96 WIFE: MARION ELIZABETH LYUMBURNER b1909; who d 10Feb1987; bur Greenwood Cem, Burlington, Ont. SOURCE: A.Sealey: obit from newspapers

101: ADD IN: EBENEZER HENDERSHOT 1840 (s/o Joseph1802 - A2) ‘95,5/00 BORN: 2Mar1840 Norfolk co, Ont; [death cert gives parent’s names] NOTE: WEH listed him as son of Samuel1808 [see: p101-remove Ebenezer]; INFO: resided at Honey Creek Twp, Delaware, IA 1880>[death cert]; a carpenter, living 1900 Spokane, WA; DIED: 17Oct1917 at The Dalles, Wasco co, OR WIFE: ISABELL H. MUNGER md 5Jan1874 at Elkader,IA, d/o Jairus & Cordelia (ARMSTRONG) MUNGER; Isabell b1854, d 1910, bur East Side Cem, Elkader, IA; 6 ch: 1) Lotta b 21Nov1874 MN md George W. TROUPE 2) Eudora b 14May1876 IA md A.L.McGINNIS 3) Lucy b 30Dec1877 IA md 1) Henry WILKINS, d16June1904; 2) Mr. WHITE 4) Sherman b 27Dec1880 IA md 18Dec1901Anna L.KELSEY, Lamont, IA; d 27Nov1933, bur StrawbryPt Cem 5) Eliza b 28Dec1882 IA d 16Feb1883, 6 wks 6) Harland b 8Feb1886 IA SOURCE: B.Rudy: VR; Norlfolk co Surrog.Crt: Successors Duty Act; see 1993 Addenda; Ebenezer’s death cert; 1880,1900 censuses; East Side Marr Rec/Cem., Elkader, IA

101: EDGAR DUSTIN HENDERSHOT 1871 (s/o Peter1831 - A2) ‘96 BORN: 21Dec1871 Ancaster, Wentworth co, Ont WIFE: ANNA AMELIA DUNSMOOR 1) William Edgar 2) James Leslie b19Dec1897; md Selena Eliz. HAYWARD; he d 8Apr1984 (obit), bur Hamilton City Cem, Ont; -dau: Gloria md Mr. ELLIS 3) Emily Jane 4) Grace Amelia 5) Lillian Agnes b13Dec1904; md Mr. NEWMAN 6) Gladys Maud b16May1909; md Mr. LEGGAT SOURCE: A.Sealey: obit from newspapers

103: EDWARD PERRY HENDERSHOT 1865 (s/o Francis1835 - C3) ‘92 BORN: 8Oct1865, d 16Dec1939 Rush Springs, Grady, OK; WIFE: MARY MARTHA TAYLOR b16Dec1867, she d 18Nov1950 Rush Springs; 8 ch 1)ADD: Edgar Hammond b9Oct1887, d age 15 in TN 2) Grover Hartford b9Oct1889, d 11Oct1946; md 28Nov1912 Clara Ida Ethel MARRS; 11 ch: -1 Virgil Everett b3Dec1913 -2 Oscar Leo b14May1915 -3 Woodrow Mitchell b5Mar1917 -4 Reba Jane b12Mar1919, d196_ -5 Juanita b27June1922 -6 Cleda May b15May1924 -7 Delbert Yule b17June1926 -8 Freda Ethel b20July1929, md Mr. LAMBERT -9 Mary Ruth b15Nov1932 -10 Margaret Rachel b “ (twins) -11 Dot b/d ? (at birth) 3) Minerva Alice b22Jan1892, d age 9 in TN 4) Daisy Ethel b2Oct1894, d 3Mar1947 Ellis co, OK; md 11Feb1915 Edward Walters MOORE, 11ch, 7 known: -1 Chester Allen b17Apr1923, d19Apr1954 -2 Cecil Leonard b3June1924 -3 Lowell Troy b19Dec1926 -4 Gladys Joyce b2Nov1930 -5 ? -6 ADD: Rose b14Oct1904 Pottawatomie co, OK; d same day -7 Elmer Leroy b14Apr1907, d 30Nov1980 Dale, OK; md Goldie Mae PRICE; 4 ch: --Don Harold b15Mar1930 --Edward Davis b6Feb1936 --Margaret Louise b3Mar1939 --Dorothy Dean b14Oct1946 -8 ADD: Mary Florence b7Nov1911 Ellis co, OK; md 6Sep1930 Ray Arve MARKHAM; 5 ch -9,10,11 ? 5) *Hiram Hammond b2Sep1867, d 29Dec1962; md 21Dec1888 Alva Lenora WEST at Collin co, TX; 8 ch: -1 Clarance b13Mar1891, d24Nov1892 -2 Grace b11Mar1893, d 16Jan1971 -3 Albert Turner b17May1896, d 9Sep1961 -4 George Dewey b8Nov1899, d 8Jan1951 -5 ADD: Garland b11Sep1901, d 18Dec1904 -6 Alton B. b13Dec1905 OK, d 6June1980 -7 Edward Emerson b17Feb1907, d1947 -8 Herbert Hurd b17Mar1910 Midland co, TX 6) Mary Matilda Caroline b25Mar1870, d1896 7) ADD: Albert Chanicey b7Feb1875, d 19June1946 8) Daniel Sampson b7Feb1875, d 19June1946; md Mary Clystah McFARLAND, 5 ch: -1 Novella Hazel b20Aug1906 at Lauderdale co, TX -2 Claude Allan Sampson b30May1909 Arnett, OK, d 28Apr1965 -3 Cordia Agnes b27Mar1911 nr Enid, OK, d 1984 -4 Verdi Ila Mae b25Mar1913 nr Enid -5 Paul Timothy b30June1916 Malvern, ARK 9) Eliza Cordelia b15Dec1877, d 1905; md Ezekial Stanton HINTON in Tell City, IN; 2 ch 10) Alford Francis Worthy Willard b30Apr1880, d12July1944; md Mary Etta DILLINGHAM, Lauderdale co,TN, 4ch -1 Myrtle b25Dec1900 TN, d 26Dec1961 -2 Wm Henry Thomas b6Nov1902 TN, d 7July1966 -3 Oliver David b16Sep1909 TN -4 Alford Ford b22July1918 Rayville, Richland, LA 11)ADD:Aradien Artilla b29Mar1883, d 13Oct1970; md (1)?,2ch; (2) Joseph HOSLER Jr. md 15Jan1907 Tell City IN, 5 ch 12)ADD: Lydia Jane b10Mar1886, d 29Dec1952; md 14Nov1906 John Benjamin HEMPHILL, Tell City; 6 ch: -#6 John Lawson HEMPHILL b22Mar1910 >father of Dorothy Hemphill WALTER 13)ADD: Sarah Alice b29July1889, d 1Mar1967; md 6Aug1907 George William HEMPHILL, Tell City; 6 ch: -#2 Tillie Marie HEMPHILL b6July1910 >mother of Dorothy Hemphill WALTER SOURCE: Corres: Dorothy Hemphill Walter >fam recs

105: ADD IN: ELBERT F. HENDERSHOTT 1874 (s/o JohnPat.1837 - C2) ‘91 WIFE: PHOEBEE SHROCK 1) son - name & birth date unkn 2) Lizam d Mr. TILBERG; res Detroit, MI 3) Guy R. b30Aug1906 Cambrige, Lenawee, MI 4) Myrtle md Mr. TOMKINS: res Hillsdale, MI 5) Sylvia md Mr. PARKHURST: res Manitou Beach, MI >dau: Donna Parkhurst Walker SOURCE: Corres: Marguerita Aedo >fam recs

UNID: ELEANOR ADELYN HENDERSHOT 1866 ‘98 BORN: 6June1866 Marietta Twp, Washington, OH SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

105: ELIAS HENDERSHOT 1845 (s/oJoseph1811 - A4) ‘89 CEM: Elias: “1847-1926”; Louisa: “1850-1939” WIFE: LOUISA LITCHARD 1) Jennie b1870 2)ADD: William A. b28July1872, d 2Sep1872 3) Harry C. bAug1874 4) *Franklin P. b20Oct1875 md Nettie Smith 5) Murray C. bSep1884, d1916 (cem) SOURCE: M.Sliker corres: Cem stones at White Hall, Montour co, PA

UNID: ELIZABETH HENDERSHOT bc1844 ‘98 INFO: of Graysville, Greene co, PA SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

UNID: ELLEN HENDERSHOT bc1842 (d/o John D. - UNIDENT.) ‘98 BORN: bc1842 of Broadtop, Bedford, PA PARENTS: John D. Hendershot & Elizabeth DECKER SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

UNID: ELLEN HENDERSHOT bc1854 ‘98 MARR: 8Nov1879 Jacob BONESTEAT, 30; both of Canada SOURCE: B.Rudy: Early Marrs 1877-1880 in Buffalo, Erie, NY, p172

107: ELLSWORTH W. HENDERSHOT 1873 (s/o Denton1847 - C3) ‘91 BORN: 12May1873 Warfordsburg, Fulton, PA WIFE: CORA CATHERINE HUGHES 1) Edith Mae b11Dec1899; d 20Aug1900 2) Ethel b20Dec1900; d 18June1933; md John P. CRIDER 3) James b6July1903; d 2Mar1954 4) *George b17Sep1904, d 8Aug1861 5) *Noah b5Sep1906; d 1July1963; md Evelyn Virginia KIRK 6) Virgil b20Dec1907; d 8Sep1964; md Madeline L. BARNHART 7) Olive b10June1910; d 1Nov19886; md Wm. Donald KIRK 8) Kenneth b5June1914; d 5Apr1984; md Stella V. BARNHART SOURCE: Corres Noah Linn Hendershot , son of #5 Noah UNID: ELMER E. HENDERSHOT bc1917 ‘99 BORN: (62>1979) bc1917 (obit) DIED: 4 Dec1979 Hackettstown, lifelong res here FAM: brother: Fred of Philadelphia; sister: Louella MILLARD resident here; MOTHER: Mrs. CLARA M. HENDERSHOT bc1886 (obit); she d Nov1977 (86>1977) Newton; b Allamuchy; INFO: she a member of Tranquility Meth. Church; she had 2 sons & 2 daus: -Frederick J., Holmes, PA; -Elmer E., Allamuch; -Louella MILLARD, Allamuchy; -Ada WILSON, Richmond, VA SOURCE: 2 obits: J.Cunningham 9/98

108: ELWOOD CLAY HENDERSHOT 1883 (s/o William1854 - C3) ‘98 BORN: 13Oct1883 Buck Valley, Fulton, PA WIFE: RACHEL REGINA FISCHER CHILDREN: 1) *Clarence bc1908 2) *Clyde bc1910 3) Bruce bc1913 4)ADD: Leo G. b1916 [?13Jan], d1929 [cem rec] 5)ADD: Neil Alden b1919, d1920 [cem rec; IGI:Alden Neil] 6)ADD: Clyle Reid b30Apr1922 [IGI] 7)ADD: Gerald L. b1931 [?13Jan], d1931[cem rec] SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition; Meth. Cem Buck Valley, PA

109: ERASTUS HENDERSHOT 1832 (s/o John1802 - C2) ‘89 BORN: 16July1832 Jerseytown, Columbia, PA; d 7Apr1900 Florence, Lenawee, MI WIFE: MARY M. WELLIVER md4July1858 1) *Gersham b13Dec1856; d 1927; md Elsie J. SHOEMAKER 2) Sarah Cordelia b10Jan1861; d 24Oct1862 3) *William b17Apr1863; d 31July1934; md Elanora SHOEMAKER 4) Emma Jane b5May1866; d 1953; md Townsend SHOEMAKER 5) *Charles Henry b8Oct1867; d 19Apr1934; md Harriet SHOEMAKER 6) *John Clyde b3Feb1879; d 15July1895; md Clara EYRE 7) Ada Lavina b12Sep1872; md Roland EYRE 8) Catherine Ann b28July1874; d 1939; md James REICHARD SOURCE: Corres Jack Mertz: fam recs

113: FARMER MONOAH HENDERSHOTT 1840 (s/o Jonathan1810 - B2) ‘98 BORN: 21May1840 of Galena, IL; d 16Apr1892 in Jennings, Oklahoma NOTE: WEH says Farmer changed his name from Francis; he is confused with his brother Francis1836. The 1850 census for Jonathan1810 and wife Clarissa shows: Francis 14 (b1836), Catherine 12 (b1838), Minerva 10 (b1840), and Caroline 8 (b1842) - no Farmer or Bascom. However, the following history* by descendants of Farmer M. Hendershott states Farmer born 1840 as having brothers Francis (b Aug1836) and Bascom [WEH: bc1834], both of whom “came with him and his wife to Missouri about 1870”. It maybe that Farmer and Bascom were adopted; altho Bascom, if he was oldest, could have been missing during the 1850 census because he was a hired hand elsewhere. Another point to ponder is that Clarissa, their mother, was born 1819 and would have been only 15 in 1834 when Bascom is listed as perhaps born. The 1860 census for Jonathan’s family has not been found and would certainly help to clarify this puzzler. The following excerpt from the history is included to help descendants of Farmer trace their lineage: “Farmer and wife came from Galena, IL to Mo about 1840 with 2 brothers, Francis B./R. & Bascom and other members of the family; Francis B./R. b 20Aug1836, d 29Nov1894, bur Mound Cem. no.east of Filley, MO. Bascom was a minister, bur. Mound Cem. They bought farm land $1.00/acre north east of Filley consisting of a 1/2 section or 320 acres and built log houses on 3 parts of it.” WIFE: MARY JANE ROBINSON [note WEH has MORGAN], b 1Feb1843 in St.John, New Brunswick, Can; the history says “[she] was adopted and brought to this country; she has often said to me [that] her grt grandmother was an Indian woman, who always wore a blanket. [Grandson] Harry Gras made investigation in St. John where she was born, as she told Aunt Kitty that was her birthplace. The family moved to IL and there she met and married Farmer Monoah Hendershott, and they came here and established their homes.” Mary Jane married (2) Mr. Baker and died 27Jan1920 in home of daughter Caroline McWilliams; bur Mound Cem. CHILDREN: 1) Sidney B. b1864 IL (16>1880) to Savage, Montana; unmd 2) Jonathon T. b1May1865 IL; d1938 Willow Creek, Mont., bur Greenwood Cem; md Mary SALLEE; resided in Montana and they had “8 ch: Perry, Maude, Pearl, Jim, Mark, Mack, one infant dau decsd”, & Theodore Roosevelt b 15May1902, d 26Jan1987, md Elizabeth STUPP 3) Charles b1868 IL (12>1880); d in youth, bur Ballet, OK; single 4) Catherine b12 Feb 1869 nr Nevada, MO (11>1880); d 6 Sep 1949, Smith Center, Kansas; md 10Mar1896 Fredrich Chislum GRAS (b13Aug1869 IL, d 9Jul1948); 2 ch: -Harry b8Mar1897, md, 2 sons; -Clara b1899, md, 2 ch. 5) Caroline b1871 MO (9>1880) res. Filley; md 27July1890 Ernest E. McWILLIAMS; she bur Mound Cem; Caroline had 8 ch: Bessie Mae, Clara Ethel, Edwin Elmore, John Vernon, Mary Oma, Donald Raymond, & inf dau. 6) David b1Feb1873 MO (6>1880); res Ivy & Filley, md 2Oct1892 Ida Elmine EAVES (1873-1927); he d 15July1945 bur Mound Cem; 11 ch: Ethel md CURTMILL, res Independence, MO; Mary and Carl of Kansas City, MO; & “8 [others] dec’d, all bur Mound Cem”. 7) Francis Marion b3 Mar1875 (4>1880), b in El Dorado Springs, MO; d 28Feb1950 Spokane, bur Greenwood Cem, Spokane. Francis md 16Jan1908 Margaretta Greenway MONTGOMERY, b 22Jul1888 Cedar co, MO; 8 ch: 8) Mary Juanita “Nettie” b 2Mar1877 MO (2>1880); d 13Oct1960, bur Hallet, OK; md 8Nov1892 in Chandler, OK George D. ALEXANDER (1875-1970); 6 ch: “all deceased and bur nr Hallett, except: -Maude Pearl, b 12Dec1895, -Marvin Carl Morris, b 30Aug1911” 9) Clara bc 1881 MO, res Filley; bur Mound Cem; md John D. McCOY; 1 ch: Clara, deceased SOURCE: Corr:B.Rudy 8/98; “Missouri Became a State the Year 1808: Hist. of Hendershott Families” compiled by Julia Edna Hendershott Crawley, prepared by JoAnn Crawley Benson & Janice Crawley, June 1978; found in the Geneal. Rm, Huron Pub. Lib, MI; sev. handwritten pgs; see also [2WEH247].

116: FRANCIS MARION HENDERSHOT 1835 (s/o Jonathon1797 - C3) ‘92 BORN: 7Aug1835 Elizabeth, JoDavies co, IL; d 20Sep1895 Perry co, IN WIFE: (1) CATHERINE TAYLOR b11July1836; 3 ch: 1) Margaret E. b5Mar1858, d 12Mar1934 2) *George W. b5Mar1860, d 17Mar1945 3) Stillwell T. b16Mar1862 WIFE: (2) MARY ELIZA McGINNIS b1Jan1847 Perry co, d/Apells McGinnis & Alvida Markham; d 8Sep1920 Paxton, Ford, IL, bur with husb at Lilly Dale Cem, Perry co, IN; md 20Nov1864 in Perry co, IN; 10 ch: 4) *Edward Perry b8Oct1865, d 16Dec1939 Rush Springs, Grady, OK; md Mary Martha TAYLOR b16Dec1867, she d 18Nov1950 Rush Springs; 8 ch 5) *Hiram Hammond bSep1867 IN; md Alva-- 6) Mary Matilda Caroline b25Mar1870 IN (10>1880); d 1895 7)ADD: Albert Chanicey b18May1873; d 6Mar1874 8) *Daniel Sampson bFeb1875 IN; d 19June1946; md Mary Clystah McFARLAND; 5ch 9) Elizabeth Cordelia b15Dec1877 IN (2>1880); d 1905; md Ezekiel Stanton HINTON in Tell City, IN; 2 ch 10) Alford Francis Worthy Willard b30Apr1880 IN (2mos>1880); d 12July1944; md Mary Etta DILLINGHAM; 4ch -1) Myrtle b25Dec1900 TN; d 1961 -2) Wm Henry Thomas b2Nov1902 TN, d1966 -3) Oliver David b16Sep1909 Lauderdale co, TN -4) Alford Ford b22July1918 Rayville, Richland, LA 11)ADD: Aradien Artillia b29Mar1883; d1970; md (1) --; 2 ch; (2) 15Jan1907 Jos. HOSLER; 5 ch 12)ADD: Liddia Jane b10Mar1886; d1952; md 14Nov1906 John Benjamin HEMPHILL at Tell City; 6 ch -ch#2) John Lawson HEMPHILL b22Mar1910 >father of Dorothy Hemphill WALTER 13)ADD: Sara Alice b29July1889; d1967; md 6Aug1907 Geo. Wm. HEMPHILL, Tell City; 6 ch -ch#2) Tillie Marie HEMPHILL b6July1910 >mother of Dorothy Hemphill WALTER SOURCE: Dorothy Hemphill Walter family records

117: FRANK HENDERSHOT 1855 (s/o ?Samuel 1832 - A2) ‘95:Samuel 1832 BORN: Sep1855 Ont or MI WIFE: Elizabeth 1) John E. bJan1884 Ont 2) Ivan M. b 5Feb1885 Ont, Can; d 3Mar1971, Chesterfield twp, MI, bur at Forest Lawn Cem, Detroit (obit); md Theresa CRUDDER , d Aug1966 3) Eve M. bSep1888 4) Lovern “Vern S.” b Sep1890; d abt 9June1977, Mt. Clemens, MI, bur Ressurection Cem, Clinton Twp, MI md Ann MILLER June1916, MI; 2 ch [Detroit News:Ann’s retirement 11/1955] 5) Edna SOURCE: B.Rudy:Ann Miller Hendershot’s retirement info; Ivan’s obit Macomb Daily News

117: FRANK HENDERSHOTT 1857 (s/o Hiram1815 - A7) Jan01 BORN: 1857 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY “may have died early”, which is prob correct WIFE: prob died unmd; REMOVE Susan Canfield and 2 children; she is listed in Stephen Genealogy, p185 as md to (Chester) Chauncey Marion Hendershott1851, s/o William1826>s/o Samuel1808. SOURCE: B.Rudy>Stephens Genealogy, p185, pub 1909 by Frank Allaben Genealogical Co. NYC; C.Quanz research

119: ADD IN: FRANCIS MARION HENDERSHOTT 1875 (s/o Farmer1840 - B2) ‘98 BORN: 3 Mar 1875 (4-1880), b in El Dorado Springs, MO; to Spokane, WA; INFO: served in Phillippine Insurrection 3 yrs 1904-7; reenlisted and went to Alaska from July1907-Aug1908; DIED: d 28Feb1950 Spokane, bur Greenwood Cem, Spokane. WIFE: 16Jan1908 MARGARETTA GREENWAY MONTGOMERY, b 22Jul1888 Cedar co, MO; d/o John MONTGOMERY & Mary HARTLEY; she d 9Apr1924 Jordan, Mont; 8 ch: 1) Doris Marie b3Dec1908 2) Lillis b 1Feb1911, d 21Apr1957 WA; md Geo. HOFFMAN 3) Lillian b 1Feb1911, md Herman WAHL 4) Calvin Monoah b20 Jan1914; md Evelyn SCHLAPNOR; d 24Nov1947, VA Hosp WA 5) Alma b 27Feb1916; md Urban JAMES; 3 ch 6) Julia Edna b 17 July1918; md Joe CRAWLEY, to Bozman, Mont. 7) Jean b 17July1920; md Irl SIEVERT, to Bozman 8) Reba b 19Sep1922; md Nel TOOHEY, to Ogden, UT SOURCE: Hist: “Missouri Became a State the Year 1808: History of Hendershott Families” compiled by Julia E. Hendershott Crawley, prep by JoAnn Crawley Benson & Janice Crawley, June1978; Addenda’98: Farmer1840

120: FRANKLIN HENDERSHOT 1876 (s/o David1842 - A4) ‘96 BORN: Aug1876 Frelinghuysen Twp, Warren, NJ WIFE: ELLEN WELLS; they resided Bolivar, MO 1909 CHILDREN: 1) Imogene b26Sep1906 md 1935 Clifford MILLER; she d13Sep1995 2) Elmo C. b17Feb1909 md 5Apr1937 Allean RIVAS; 3 ch; he d12June1994 3) Dolly md Mr. ARMES 4) Irene md Mr. HOBBS 5) Clarence deceased prior to Elmo SOURCE: Corres C.Schwayder: obits of ch #1 & 2

125: FULLER R. HENDERSHOT 1852 (s/o Samuel1816 - B1 Jan01 BORN: Sep1852 Plymouth, Luzerne, PA; d 1922 WIFE: ANNA--, bJan1860 PA 1) Pearl bJuly1883 (26>1910) 2) *Charles bJune1886; md Margaret-- 3) John bDec1888 (21>1910) 4)ADD: Mary M. b13Mar1890 at Avoca, PA; md 1909/10 “by consent of Katie A. Hendershot” to Roy RICHARDSON b21Nov1888 SOURCE: Blair H.: PA Marrs Luzerne co Crt House, Lic. #55483

127: GEORGE W. HENDERSHOT 1789 (s/o John1764 - C3) ‘99 WIFE: ELIZABETH [prob. JOHNSON] DAU: Sarah Ann Hendershot b25June1827; d 21July1896, Gibson co, IN; md 1848 William B. JOHNSON, s/o Isaac JOHNSON, who gave written permission 5July1848 for William, age 20 to “intermarry with his 1st cousin, Sarah Ann HENDERSHOT, age 18”. 2 ch: -Lucetta JOHNSON, b1849 OH; -James F. JOHNSON, b9Mar1857 OH SOURCE: Research in process: contact Jim Johnson <>

128: GEORGE HENDERSHOT 1815 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘89 WIFE: (1) ANN BELL, bc1820; md 19Feb1842 Knowlton, Warren, NJ by Levi H. Hazen, Min; 4 ch WIFE: (2) REBECCA (HUNT) WHITE, bMay1825; md 28Sep1852; 5 ch SOURCE: Warren co marrs 1824-1878

129: GEORGE WASHINGTON HENDERSHOT 1822 (s/o George1789 - C3) ‘91 WIFE: (1) MARY ANN SLOAN, b22June1828; d 21Dec1848; bur Christy Cem, Monroe co; 2 ch WIFE: (2) BELINDA NALLY, bc1828 OH; d/L. Nalley; d 23Apr1898 age 72y3m; 5 ch SOURCE: Corres: J.Schafer: Christy Cem, Monroe co, OH

129: GEORGE C. HENDERSHOT 1826 (s/o Peter1791 - A3) ‘89 BORN: 1826 Lebanon twp, Hunterdon, NJ; d 26Apr1892 Cokesbury Presby. Cem. WIFE: MARY--, bMay1828 NJ 1) Aaron bJune1851 “nr Coaksbury” 2) Martha A. bNov1852 “nr Coksbury” 3) Hannah M. b14Aug1855; d 29Apr1898, bur Cokesbury Presby. Cem 4) Cornelia E. b13Sep1858, d 28Oct1921; had 2 ch bur Cokesbury Presby. Cem: -Lizzie d 12Oct1888, 11 mos -Sadie C. d 9Sep1892, 7 mos 5) Peter b4Dec1858 at Cokesbury SOURCE: M.Sliker: Cokesbury Pres. Cem stones for all added dates 130: GEORGE HENDERSHOTT 1828 (s/o Samuel1778 - A2) ‘97/98 BORN: 1828 Newfield, Tompkins, NY; moved with brothers James & Samuel to Yankton, S.D. abt 1868 DIED: Apr1880 in S.Dakota [1880 mort sched] WIFE: (1) HARRIET--; (2) SARAH SUSAN REIDNER, “Susan, widow” (42-1880 b NY); lvg 1900 with dau Ida WELCHMAN, wife of Jacob D. Welchman (31-1880, bc1849 NJ) in Bon Homme, SD 1900 1) ADD: Augusta H. b12Nov1854 NY [IGI] 2) ADD: Esther Jane b9Aug1856 NY [IGI] 3) Martha bc1858 (22-1880), wife of J.D. WELCHMAN* 4) Emma Allen b15Nov1860 Woodland, Steuben, NY [IGI] 5)Clara Ardell b30Mar1868 NY [IGI] 6)Ida May b27Sep1869 SD [IGI]; (10-1880) as md Jacob D. WALSMAN* 7)George bc1872 (8-1880) 8)ADD: George James b5Oct1876 SD [IGI] SOURCE: Cor: C.Quanz/B.Rudy; 1880 SD cen & mort sched; 1900 cen; IGI ‘94 edit> listed as parents of #1,2,4,5,6,8 in IGI. *Note: WEH has “Ida M. bSep1869 (10-1880) as md Jacob D. WALSMAN”, names of husband’s of Martha & Ida May are very similar - 1 dau or 2?/ J.D.Welchman/J.D.Walsman??

130: GEORGE W. HENDERSHOT 1829 (s/o William1801 - A4) ‘97 BORN: 1829 Hardwick Twp, Warren, NJ; d 23Aug1892 Andover, Sussex, NJ, bur Yellow Frame Cem, Newton WIFE: (1) MARY CATHERINE--, b1830, who d abt 1863/4, Geo. a wid. at 2nd marr; 1) Alven P. b25Aug1858 at Frelinghuysen “son of Catherine” (Warren co births) 2) *William S. b19Sep1858 at Frelinghuysen “son of Geo.W.” (Warren co births); WIFE: (2) ELIZA JANE MILLER, b1Sep1845 NJ; d 4Jan1929; md 30Jan1865 Knowlton twp, Warren, NJ, d/o Jos. H. & Sarah MILLER of Blaristown; Eliza md (2) 5Sep1896 Marcenah B. WILCOX, bur with him Johnsonburg Cem. 3) Elenor E. b22May1865 4) Ella b24Dec1866 5) *Aaron Clark bFeb1868; md Emma J.-- 6) *John W. b26Mar1870; md Alice B. WHEELER 7) Charles bJune1873; d23Apr1883 8) Lizzie A. b1877; md 4July1894 Lewis BALL 9) Edgar Kanada b11July1880 at Frelinghuysen, d 11Feb1966, bur Tranquility, NJ; md 30June1909 Clara May STAPLES; they had son Frederick J. b 13Apr1911 Great Meadows, NJ 10) Harvey bOct1886 Q: Who is Ellen Hendershot bur Hope Union Cem.: “Geo.W. - wife Ellen, d 23Jan1860, 24y9m26days”? SOURCE: Corres F.Macolley: fam recs/research; VR Warren co b,m,d > ESB resrch recs

134: GEORGE C. HENDERSHOT 1856 (s/o William C.1813 -B2) ‘97 BORN: 9Apr1856 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; d 12Feb1933 WIFE: LIZZY b 1858 Howard, NY; d 11Dec1937, Hope Cem 1) Melvin G. b 2Aug1879; d 28Oct1893, Hope Cem 2)ADD: Frances b 1883; md 16Jan1904 Stanley ROOT, b1881, s/o James & Thelma ROOT 3)ADD: William b 16Sep1887; d 21Dec1897 The 1915 state census has living with George and Lizzy: Howard COSTELLO, b 1905 “grandson” Note: Another Geo.C. b1858 (p135) s/o Peter1831is given as also living in Hornellsville with a wife Elizabeth & children>Francis b1882 & Elizabeth 1893. It is possible these are the same family; research ongoing. SOURCE: Corres Connie Quanz: Hope Cem in Hornellsville, NY UNID: GEORGE E. HENDERSHOT bc1912 (poss s/?Elmer1863) ‘99 WIFE: ELIZABETH A. ?ALLEN, bc1915 Morristown (63-1978); d 28Feb1978 Rockaway, NJ; d/o Mrs. Lizzie K. ALLEN of Berkshire Vly; INFO: 50 yr member Rockaway United Meth. Church FAM: survivors: husband & 2 daus: Hazel MAXEY; Jane HOPLER both of Rockaway SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98 UNID: GILFORD V. HENDERSHOTT ‘99 INFO: newspaper account of death 9Dec1897; his head was crushed while he worked under a rail car at the “Market Street depot [GTR]”. SOURCE: B.Rudy: 9Dec1997 Brantford Expositor, Ontario, Can. article “100 Years Ago today”

141: GORDON WESLEY HENDERSHOT 1896 (s/o Walter P.1867 - A1) ‘94,96 BORN: 1Aug1896 Hamilton, Wentworth co, Ont.; owned Hendershot Paper Co at Burlington, Halton co, Ont.; MIL: served WWI WIFE: PEARL HILDA TENNYSON, md 1920; she died 3Dec1967 (obit) CHILDREN: 1) Pearl Rae b1May1921; md Thomas R. McDONALD 2) Frederick Walter, b15July1924; md 11Feb1950 Audrey Irene ROGERS at Hamilton, Ont.; 5 ch: -1 Barbara Pearl b 14Feb1951 -2 Joan Diane b 28Oct1953 -3 Elizabeth Irene b 6Mar1958 -4 William George Gordon b 14Sep1959 -5 Ruth Ann b 7Apr1964 SOURCE: Corr M.Sliker, B.Rudy: Ont sources; obit from Audrey Sealey; see also Addenda p296; see 2WEH343 GROVER HARTFORD HENDERSHOT 1889 (see his family Edward1865>Francis1835) ‘92 Francis1835 BORN: 9Oct1889, d 11Oct1946; md 28Nov1912 Clara Ida Ethel MARRS; 11 ch

143: HARMON OSCAR HENDERSHOT 1883 (s/o Simon1847 C3) ‘95 BORN: 6July1883 at Harwood, Gonzales, TX; d 5Nov1942 Luling, Caldwell, TX; bur Harwood City Cem INFO: was a railroad worker; WIFE: (1) HILDA KOENIG, bc1888 TX; ch WIFE: (?2) Minnie GERSTENBERGER, b15Dec1895 Weimar, TX; md 2Apr1932 1) Charles H. 2) Annie md Edison HADDOCK 3) John md Joy HUNTER SOURCE: Corres: D.Albrecht - Gerstenberger Fam 1640-1994, by L.S.Schneider & L.G.Moore 143: HAROLD HENDERSHOT 1904 (s/o Floyd1881 - B5) ‘90 BORN: 12Jan1904 Frelinghuysen twp, Warren, NJ WIFE: MARION WYDNER, d 1989 Port Murray, NJ DELETE: son Raymond E. (UNIDENT.) - they had no children SOURCE: Wayne Hendershot fam records & knowledge UNID: HANNAH MARY HENDERSHOT bc1840 ‘96 MARR: 28Mar1863 to Peter W. KANOUSE, Sussex co, NJ SOURCE: Corres/gleanings-B.Rudy: Sussex co,NJ marrs, by H.E.Case, p286

148: ADD IN: HAZELET HENDERSHOT 1800 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘89 BORN: 1800 Washington, Morris, NJ WIFE: ABIGAIL CURLIS, bc 1805, d 18Apr1835, bur w/infant son & dau; she d/Daniel and Abigail Curlis SOURCE: Hope Union Cem., Hope, Warren, NJ UNID: HELEN HENDERSHOT bc1909 ‘99 BORN: (70-1979) bc 1909; d 13Jan1979 Dover, Delaware; formerly res Wantage Twp, NJ FAM: Her brother Simon Hendershot of Sussex, NJ & sister: Cora SCHMALE of Vineland, NJ MARR: (1) Mr. HARDICK (4 sons); (2) Mr. FREIWALD SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98 UNID: HENRILDA HENDERSHOT 1878 (d/o M.L. - UNIDENT.) ‘98 BORN: 17Oct1878 Belmont co, OH; d/o M.L. Hendershot & Elizabeth WEAR SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

151: HENRY NELSON HENDERSHOT 1822 (s/o John1788 - B2) ‘96 BORN: 2Sep1822 Newton, Sussex, NJ; d24Apr1896 WIFE: SARAH ELIZABETH FRAZER, b30Sep1825; md17July1851; d13Sep1894; 7 ch: 1) *William Albert b19July1852; md (1) Anna M. ROOF; (2) E. GUNKEL 2) John Potwine md, no issue [biog] 3) *Charles Britton b24Mar1856; md Harriett A. STEPHENS 4) Peter James b1857, d1Nov1859 5) *Robert Elmer bNov1859; md Catherine L. WHITLOCK 6) Mary Emma, b4Nov1863 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; md 28Nov1895 Edmund Kirby RAWLINGS, b Lafayette, Sussex co; 4 natural children, none adopted [see 2WEH269]: -Mary Elizabeth b14Sep1897; md Walter VEHSLAGE -Florence Mildred b14Sep1899; md Clifford DEMAREST -Edmund Frazer b28Dec1903; md Helen Mae SMITH -Elmer b26Apr1905; md Lillian LOWENBERG 7) Ida Jane b5Feb1865, d 8June1868 SOURCE: Corres & family recs of Jean Cunningham, d/o Edmund1903 above

152: HENRY CLAY HENDERSHOTT 1833 (s/o Isaac1795 - C4) ‘97 BORN: “..b 26July1833 in Richmond, Livingston, NY”, INFO: removed with parents when 3 yrs old to Irving, Barry, MI. At age 20 he left home to learn engineering. MIL: Civil War - he enlisted in the fall of 1862 in the 6th Mich. Cavalry for 3 years and was commissioned a sergeant. While in the Army he was taken sick and removed to the hospital at Alexandria, Virginia. After recovery he was detached as a military detective. Retiring from the Army he followed farming and afterwards moved to Grand Rapids, MI. He d there 8July1918.” [Toot Genealogy] WIFE: CATHERINE TOOT b 6Oct1838 in Middletown, Dauphin, PA; d/o Adam TOOT (b1812) & Catharine SELSER; Catherine d 12Jan1922 CHILD: Edward Clay, b 5Apr1868, d 15Nov1896; md 20Feb1891 Eva A. RUTHERFORD SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Toot Genealogy, p14-15

152: HENRY CLAY HENDERSHOT 1842 (s/o Henry1811 - B3) Jan01 BORN: 3July1842 Washington, Belmont, OH; died 3Aug1899 Ft. Smith, Sebastian, AR INFO: WEH narr says after lvg in Arkansas since 1890 he returned 1910 to OH where was either in old soldier’s home or incarcerated. Since Henry died 1899, this is obviously an error. Also info that he was a prison escapee 1880 is undoubtedly erroneous [probably enroute to AR]. This info apparently from Cleveland’s recs; his source unknown and unverified and does not jibe with the honorable record of Henry’s military service. MIL: Served Civil War: Private, Co. I, 12th OH Cavalry; enrolled 2Sep1863 for 3 yrs, age 22; discharged 14Nov1865 with Company at Nashville, TN. According to military record, he was furloughed for intermittent fever 3Oct1864 to 22Feb1865. He also developed scurvy May1865. His loss of hearing and double hernia were probably from his war experiences. Applied for pension 5May1891 at Ft. Smith, Sebastian, AR; applied 16June1893 for Original Invalid Pension at Ft. Smith. Filed affadavit of bad health 7Mar1898 for Pension Increase at Wynnewood, Pontotoc co, Chickasaw Nation, Ind. Territory, USA. and received increase 5Oct1898. WIFE: (1) SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b 23June1844; md 5Dec1867 Belmont co, OH; she d 3Nov1890, bur 10 mi SW Little Rock, AR; 5 ch. WIFE: (2) NANCY JOANN “ANNIE” LINGSTON CARPENTER md 4May1891 both of Grace, Johnson, AR (widow of Mr. Carpenter, had dau Maud Carpenter who md #4 below); she d 24Dec1918 OK CHILDREN: (from listing in pension application 4Aug1898) 1) *Frazier Taylor b23July1868/9; md Martha P. SLEDGE (see narrative in 2WEHpg121) 2) Mary Viola b11Jan1871; d 28Dec1872, b/d Washington twp, Belmont, OH 3) James Kenneth b15Nov1872; md 1) Mollie Mc DONALD; 2) Bessie R. BECK; 3) B.F. THOMLINSON 4) *Dewitt Clinton b9Oct1874 [see fam details 2WEH97>Addendum] md (1) 26Aug1895 Maud E. CARPENTER, md (2) Ollie L. THOMPSON, 6 ch 5) Henry Melanthon b12Sep1876; md Malicia--; 3 ch 6) Mary Ann b29Oct1894; md 1) Eli W. BOGGES, 3 ch; md 2) George EAKINS SOURCE REFERENCES: [These sources reflect the standard of thorough research we need on all lines. ESB] 1] Census: 1850,1870,1880,1900;1910 Cheyenne twp, Roger Mills co, OK 2] Military records and veterans pension records including ap.#636974, #826590 3] Bapt. rec of #1 Frazier: Gar Creek United Methodist Church, Franklin co, AR 4] Marr recs: 1) 1867 - Belmont co OH; 2) 1891- Book D, p435 in Courthouse, Ozark, Franklin, AR 5] Death & burial recs: Birnie Funeral Home recs, Ft. Smith AR Public Library Collection; burial at Ft. Smith National Cem, Grave #2686, Sec. 5: “Henry C. Hendershot, Co. I, 12 OH Cav.” 6] Y.J. Guthery’s homestead patent #524902, 80 acs. NW of Strong City, Cheyenne, Roger Mills co, OK. 7] Researchers: Dillard Guthery (email:; Mike Miller, Lon Taylor 8] 2WEH pp152,121,149,97; HRN Addenda, Sep1998> this correction greatly improved over 1998

154: HENRY HERBERT HENDERSHOT 1856 (s/o William1814 - A1) ‘98 BORN: 8May1856 Thorold, Welland co, Ont INFO: graduate of McGill Univ. civil engineer; moved to MO, KS then Utah DIED: 17Oct1917 Provo, Utah, UT WIFE: ANNIE ELIZABETH BRIDDON, b15Oct1854 England; md 9Sep1874 Toronto, York, Ont 1) Herbert b10June1875 Thorold 2) Harold Hurst b29Jan1880 Pelham, Welland, Ont. Canada; md Marie Alchonze GARNEAU 3) Charles Mulvery bNov1881 KS; md Elizabeth COLVIN 4) May Beatrice b5May1883 MO; John VARLEY 5) Abbie L. bJune1889 KS; md (1) Earl-- (2) Jack-- 6) *William Herbert b8May1892 UT; Mary Edith REED SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File: Kathleen Lewis, submitter

157: HIRAM HENDERSHOTT 1815 (s/o David1780 - A7) ‘95,5/00 BORN: 1815 near London, Middlesex, Ont; d 11Dec1889 INFO: family moved to Hornellsville, Steuben, NY where he was a farmer and blacksmith; WIFE: PHILINDA A. FAUVER, b Dec1821/2, d 14Nov1900: 1) Amanda H. b29May1841; md Martin WARD, b1837, d5Aug1903; no ch 2) Sarah H. b10Apr1849, d11Dec1889, 2 hrs bef her father died; md Englebert DIETZ, b30May1822, d 3Dec1902; 5 ch: -1) Gertrude DIETZ b1880, d13Mar1917; md (1) Elmer DANIELS (1875-1938); (2) William RILEY --ch: George W. DANIELS b22Feb1896, d 19Dec1957; md (1) Helen WRIGHT, b19July1900, d 8Apr1932; 2 ch: ---1Jean M. DANIELS b31Dec1924, d 4Dec1925; ---2 Constance Marie DANIELS b8May1928, md Martin QUANZ; George W. DANIELS1896 md (2) Mary DIDAS b3Feb1902, d 1962; 1 dau: ---Carol Ann, b5Feb1942 md John C. WINTERS> 3 ch. -2) Maude DIETZ (1881- 1964) md 1) Floyd FLEMING, 2) Henry STICKFORD -3) Elizabeth DIETZ (1883-1940) md John DIDAS -4) Jessica DIETZ (1883-1938) md Frank HARRIS -5) Englebert DIETZ (1885-1903) 3) Charles b 1850 md Julia --- 4) Francis b 1857 md Susan CANFIELD 5) Jennifer b 22Feb1861, d22July1913, md Michael BURNS; 2 ch SOURCE: Corres: C.Quanz-fam recs & research

157: HIRAM SHERMAN HENDERSHOT 1833 (s/o John1790 - C1) ‘90,94 BORN: 24Feb1833 Lower Augusta twp, Northumberland, PA; farmer WIFE: SAMANTHA WYNN b15May1834 Northumberland co; md 3Nov1852; 10 ch Ch#8 Harry Vernon b1871, Williamsport, PA, d 30Oct1948; md Mary Adeline LIBY, d/John Liby/Leivich & Julia Ann Thompson; a dau: -Ruth Eloise b22Aug1919; md 19Sep1936 Euel SMITH SOURCE: Corres Jean Snedeger fam recs

158: HIRAM A. HENDERSHOT 1848 ‘89 WIFE: LYDIA A. DICKS (or HICKS?) NOTE: typo: her father’s name: George HICKS SOURCE: 2WEH158 158: HIRAM HAMMOND HENDERSHOT 1867 (s/o Francis1834 - C3) ‘92 BORN: 2Sep1867 Tobin twp, Perry, IN; went to Collin co, TX; d 29Dec1962 WIFE: ALVA LENORA WEST md 21Dec1888 at Collin co, TX; 8 ch: 1)ADD: Clarance b13Mar1891, d24Nov1892 2) Grace b11Mar1893, d 16Jan1971 3) Albert Turner b17May1896, d 9Sep1961 4) George Dewey b8Nov1899, d 8Jan1951 5)ADD: Garland b11Sep1901, d 18Dec1904 6) Alton B. b13Dec1905 OK, d 6June1980 7) Edward Emerson b17Feb1907, d1947 8) Herbert Hurd b17Mar1910 Midland co, TX SOURCE: See Addenda’92 under Franci1835; fam info of Dorothy Walter

159: HOLLOWAY WHITFIELD HENDERSHOT 1833 (s/o Jeremiah1797 - A4) ‘89 NOTE: name is reversed: should be Whitfield Holloway; he had son Holloway Whitfield b1864 BORN: Aug1833 Washington twp, Morris, NJ; mine worker WIFE: SARAH KINNAMON b1835 Oxford twp, Warren co; 11 ch: 1) ADD: Robert bc1849 (1-1850); dy? 2) Robert b12Aug1855, d 9Jan1856 3) *Jeremiah H. b1May1857; md Eliza NUGENT 4) *Peter b24Feb1859; md Anna SCOTT 5) *Thomas K. b8Sep1862; mdCarrie BERRY 6) *Holloway Whitfiled b9Apr1864; md Gertrude WILDRICH 7) Mary Emma b1866; ?dy 8) *Lenox Louis b1868; md Leah Loretta CLINE 9)ADD: Mary b15Feb1870 at Stephensburg; md Mr. DIETZ 10)Amanda b1872 at Beattystown, d2Mar1874 11) Leigh bc1881 (under age 5-1885 state cen) SOURCE: 1850,1855 Warren co cen; Washington, Morris co births/deaths

160: HOLLOWAY WHITFIELD HENDERSHOT 1864 (s/o Holloway1833 - A4) ‘96 BORN: 9Apr1864 Mansfiled Twp, Warren, NJ INFO: Father’s name was Whitfield Holloway, but WEH listed it as Holloway Whitfield WIFE: GERTRUDE WILDRICK, md 4July1900, she age 24 of Hope, Warren; he 35 and of Tranquility, Warren co SOURCE: Trinity Meth. Church-Hackettstown marr rec

160: HORACE LARUE HENDERSHOT 1882 (s/o William1863 - C2) ‘96 BORN: 19Aug1882 Jerseytown, Columbia, PA WIFE: JEANNETTE WILSON, surname not WATSON; typing error on p160, OK on p372 SOURCE: See 2WEH372

161: HORATIO POPE HENDERSHOT 1871 (s/o Samuel1832 - A2) ‘92 BORN: 14Nov1871 nr London, Middlesex, Ont; farmer; d 15Apr1967, bur Riverside Cem, Alma, Gratiot, MI WIFE: EMMA JANE McGREGOR, d20Nov1963, bur w/husband; 7 ch Ch#5: Alexander b27Oct1903; md Helen TWIST b1908, d 17Aug1965, bur Riverside Cem SOURCE: B.Rudy: Riverside Cem, Alma, Gratiot, MI cem stones. UNID: HUGH HENDERSHOT bc1870 (prob gandson/o Samuel1778 - A2) ‘98 INFO: Living as a boarder at the Jencks Hotel, Yanktown, SD (1880 cen).; not with fams of George1828 or James1822; poss s/o their bro Samuel1834 [sons of Samuel1778], but his fam not listed in that enumeration. SOURCE: Corres C.Quanz >1880 S.Dak cen

163: IRA MILLS HENDERSHOT 1855 (s/o Josiah1828 - ?B5) ‘91/97 BORN: 22Jan1855 Swartswood, Sussex, NJ; d 5Dec1930 WIFE: EMMA AUGUSTA SIMMONS, b21July1861; d/o George M. SIMMONS & Elizabeth BOWERS; d Sep1939, bur Cedar Cem, Blairstown, NJ; 5 ch: 1) Linnie May b2/23July1877 md Charles Moore GARRIS 2) *Orestes Martin b23Apr1886 md 25Apr1908 Mable Jay Wildrick; both bur Cedar Cem 3) Victor George b2Feb1888, d1970 bur Cedar Cem; wf Ivy O. Phillips 4) Vernie Simmons b21July1895, d 1977 (gravestone); md 15Aug1922 Mary Emma BIRD (1899-1989) at Millertown, NY; 3 ch: -1) Edna Bertha b31Aug1924, bur w/parents; -2) Gloria Marie b6Apr1928 md 1950 Gordon E. CARTER; -3) Mildred P. b28July1900 5)ADD: Mildred P. b28July1900 md Earl Harris LANTERMAN SOURCE: Gleanings-B.Rudy: Hillside Cem, Torrington, Litchfield co, CT gravestone inscription; Simmons info from Banghart Fam. Genealogy, p29 has “Emma Gusta b21July1860” and picture of parents & herself with siblings; also see Addenda, HRN (Vol8,#3)

164 IRVING SAMUEL HENDERSHOT 1856 (s/o Peter1832 - B4) 1989,96,5/00 BORN: 30Dec1856 Newton, Sussex, NJ WIFE: (1) ADDA M. bc1858; md abt 1879; 1) son Freddie bMay1880 (1/12-1880), b Newton WIFE: (2) CAROLINE SARAH “Carrie S.” JOHNSON, b3Mar1858, d1895; ch #2,3,4 named to inherit 1/3 estate, Irving applied for guardianship of the children until they were 14 years old: 2) Julia May bAug1883; md 23SEp1903 Arthur G. TUNNISON, a miller, she age 20 of Allamuchy, d/o Irving & Caroline Hendershot; he age 22 of Vienna, NJ, s/o Cornelius & Sophia TUNNISON 3) Daisy Caroline b21Sep1887; wid. Benj. SWINSON; d. abt 1981, Warren co obit says 1887 [ESB file #140,165] 4) Leo Floyd[WEH]/Floyd I.[Orph. crt-listed 2nd]/Floyd Theodore [Lundy/Schooley ext.-listed 2nd]; bNov1892 WIFE: (3) PERNINA JANE GAY, b8Apr1868 NJ; d/o John A. Gay & Mary M. Gulick; md 1891?(WEH); 5 ch: 5) Fern Etta bMar1896 (13>1910) 6) John D. bMar1899 (11>1910) 7) ?infant bc1901; ?dy 8) Lester b1903 (7>1910) 9) Sylvester b1905 (5>1910) SOURCES: 1] Lundy/Schooley extract from? from B.Rudy>says she d23Nov1887, d/bur at “Minot, Dakota”, but her probate papers are in Warren co, NJ. [ESB Allied file #11A]; 2] Warren co Orphan’s Crt papers 1895 V4 p113 of Carrie S. Hendershot [ESB#41]; 3] 1880 cen: Newton Village, Sussex co: Freddie s/o Irving & Adda M. 4] Gulicks of USA, by David E. Gulick, 1961, p29-30; Gulick Gene. says she remd [ESB Allied file #11] 5] See HRN-Addenda: 1989,1996; 6] Warren co obits from Sadie Miller [ESB#165] 7]Trinity Meth.Church- Hackettstown marr record; 1880 cen; Warren co probates> guardianship rec 1895; Daisey’s obit. 165: ISAAC SMITH HENDERSHIT bc1760 UNIDENT. Jan01 INFO: was a lessee of land in the Budd Tract, including: Stephen Teafort, Stephen Tearvarack, John Fauger, Wm. Welch, Wm. Trimmore, Peter Young, Jacob Height, Jacob Hager, Thomas Real/Neal?, Ruliff Ruliffson [who md Catherine Shipman], Joseph Shay, & Isaac Smith Hendershit [Budd Valley in Roxbury twp, Morris, NJ] which land was forfeited by John Scott Budd who was judged a Tory and lands confiscated and then sold at public auction on Monday, Feb 19, 1787 at Morristown. Chamber’s included a map [made abt 1830?] of the various tracts in Washington twp (formerly part of Roxbury twp) including the Budd Tract with owners [and some past?] (from south to north): 1747 Jacob Bodine;1747 Cornelius Hobbock 150 ac; 1747 John Hendershot & 1766 Thom. Niel; 1747 John Stine 217 ac; 1747 Peter Mains 133 ac; 1750 Lowrance Sliger[Sliker] 200 ac; 1747 Johannes Hager; 1747 Stoffel Terberger 150 ac; 1747 Stephen Teafort 150 ac; 1752 Thomas Niel 166 ac. Several of these are the same family names. Further research needed to connect Isaac Smith Hendershot. what significance is there with middle name being a surname? Note Isaac Bodine Hendershot1766: was that to differentiate between them? SOURCE: NJGenMag: V.47p96 [ESB#93A]; Chamber’s EARLY GERMANS of NEW JERSEY: mapchp16: German Valley

165: ISAAC BODINE HENDERSHOT 1766 (s/o John1720 - C4) ‘97 BORN: 8May1766 Greenwich Twp, Warren, NJ; died young at age 29 in 1795 leaving 6 children WIFE: SARAH SHIPMAN b5Mar1770; d/o Matthew SHIPMAN & Margaret SHARPENSTINE; 6 ch: she md (2) 11May1800 Mathias BARBER, 3 ch she md (3) 29Mar1807 John WATSON, 5 ch CHILDREN OF ISAAC & SARAH: Coldren Bible lists 5 ch, no John1790: 1) Elizabeth b27Feb1788, d 19May1869 bur Thayer Cem, Northville, Wayne, MI; md Elijah COLDEN/ COLDREN (1780-1863), bur Thayer Cem; 12 Colden ch>: Sarah 1807, Hannah 1808, Mary1810, Rebecca1812, George 1814, Jacob1816, Peter1818, Lodema1820, Elizabeth1822, Corrielia 1824, Elijah1826, Rhoda1828 2) Jacob S. b2Aug1788; md ?Polly BEVIS 3) John b13Aug1790; md (1) Susannah--, (2) Elizabeth PICKERING [see 2WEH221] 4) Maria b16July1792, d16Dec1792 5) Michael b31Oct1793; md Hannah-- 6) Isaac b7Oct1795; md Hannah TREGO SOURCE: Gleaning E.Baer: Coldren Fam Bible/Hist in July1988 Am.Genealogist, V.63:3:p164 (LDS#1421956 pt3)

166: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1773 (s/o ?Christopher1734 - A2) ‘98,5/00 BORN: 1773/4 Hunterdon co, NJ; INFO: several of his children changed the name to HENDERSON WIFE: ?MARY SAVERCOOL, b1780 NJ; lvg 1860 w/son Abraham CHILDREN: 10 ch, (not 11-WEH misnumbered) 1) Mary Phebe, b15Mar1803 2) Abraham HENDERSON, b15Sep1805 NY; md Jane M. in Pony Hollow; 1868 farming #77, Alpine, Schuyler co; ?no issue or records lost because of name change?; WEH says his mother Mary is living with him 1860 cen. 3) *Samuel F. HENDERSON, b6Jan1807 Newfield, Tompkins co; md Caroline CROWELL; he d 13June1853, will probated 5Dec1853 at Newfield; Caroline filed petition which names 4 children, whose lineage is not followed, prob because they took surname Henderson; [see fam 2WEH323] -Charles W., b1844 (16-1860) -Edgar R., b1847 (12-1860) -Theodosia Maria, b1849 (11-1860) -Emma/Mary Emily b1853 (7-1860) 4) *William Jay HENDERSON, b19June1810 Newfield, Tompkins co; d 19Nov1865, bur Pony Hollow Cem; md LucInda Brown CHURCH, d11Dec1885 [see his family 2WEH354] 5) *Isaac, b5Mar1812 Newfield; md Sabrina (poss. LEXINGTON) 6) Elizabeth, b12Dec1815 7) Sally Ann, b13Jan1818 8) John, b11Apr1822 (27-1850) res. 1850 Steuben co 9) Jasper/(Casper), b9June1826 NY [R.Dills says Jasper correct] 10) *Freeman “HENDERSHOT”, b9June1826; “farming #50 (at Alpine, Schuyler, NY) 1868.” [#3 below] SOURCES: 1] 1868 Tompkins co, NY Gaz. & Directory, p221-Newfield Twp [231] 2] Life Story & Memories of Guy Demott Henderson, written 30Dec1955, age 84y9m. [ESB file #232] 3] Surrogate Crt, Tompkins co, NY: Petition of Caroline Hendershot, names 4 children [Rudy resr.] 4] Researcher: Rosemary Dills - fam recs & autobiog. gson Guy Demott1771, s/o Wm. [see 2WEH266/278] 166: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1774 (UNID/poss. s/o Casper1749 - A7) 5/00 BORN 1774 Hunterdon co, NJ; to Old Northumberland co, PA; to London dist, Middlesex, Ont. NOTE: His movements and children are under question. No Isaac was recorded in censuses between 1825 & 1855 in Hornellsville, NY as stated in 2nd edition of WEH. SOURCES: Research by Constance Quanz and Barbara Rudy on-going

168: ISAAC HENDERSHOTT 1795 (s/o Isaac1766 - C4) ‘97 BORN: 7Oct1795 Greenwich Twp, Sussex/Warren, NJ WIFE: HANNAH TREGO 1)ADD: Sarah Ann b14Oct1819 md (1) abt 1839 Lucius BLAKE in Richmond Twp, Ont. NY, he d13Aug1839, 1 son; she md (2) Alexander SEWARD md 1842, div him 1852; & (3) md 24July1852 John ROBERTSON of Middleville, MI Sarah Ann had a son James A. b14Oct1840 in Canandaigua, Ontario, NY, who was adopted by Charles and Hannah WILLIAMS. The Williams family moved to Middleville, Barry, MI when James was 6 yrs old. About the same time (1846), Sarah Hendershot Blake Seward moved to Irving Twp, Barry, MI along with her 1st son, Fordyce Blake and her parents, Isaac and Hannah Trego Hendershot. 2) *John J. b26Oct1823; d1908; md Martha P. BALCH 3) *James Benj. bOct1825 NY; md Mercy J.-- 4) *Jeremiah bFeb1828 NY; md Mary E.-- 5) *Sheldon b1830 NY; md Sarah Jane-- 6) *Henry Clay b26July1833 [see addenda’97]; md Catherine TOOT 7) Nettie M. bc1835 SOURCE: Gleanings E.Baer: Hist. Jas.A. Williams by N.G.Williams in Jay Hawk Tracings, Mar1980, V.1#1p1

169: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1798 (s/o Jacob1747Ef - B4) Jan01 BORN: 1798 Newton, Sussex, NJ; d 1863 WIFE: (1) SUSAN MARTHA SHIPS; md 17July1816; 8-9 ch WIFE: (2) ELIZABETH--; no ch 1) *Peter b1824; md Catherine (GUY) DECKER 2) Catherine b1829; md ?William BEAM 3) *Isaac b3July1830; md Mary CAHILL 4)ADD: *?Obadiah (if) b1833 (was unident. - see 2WEH282) 5) *?Robert (if) b1836; md Martha Ann EARLS (very questionable a son of Isaac1798) 6) Margaret C. b22Sep1837, d 25Dec1855, age 18) 7) William b1838 (12-1850) 8) John R. bSep1842; md 4Sep1863 Caroline--, she d20June1884; ch unkn (Civil War info- 2WEH169) 9) ?Sarah A. (if) b1852, d18Mar1858, age 6 (more probably d/John1814) SOURCE: Newton b-m-d recs, 1850 census, Civil War mil/pension papers of John R.

169: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1809 (s/o Michael1771 - B3) ‘91 BORN: 8Feb1809 Newton, Sussex, NJ; moved by 1815 OH WIFE: ELIZABETH MARING md 25Apr1833,change of parents > d/John Maring & Sarah Bell; 11 ch SOURCE: Corres; Don Maring: Belmont co OH marrs, Maring Fam Assn.

170: ISAAC S. HENDERSHOT 1814 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘92 BORN: 1814 Morris co, NJ INFO: Isaac petitioned 12May1858 the Warren co Surrogate Court regarding land whereon his brother Aaron1806 “died seized” which land all had inherited from their father John1773. The court assigned Isaac Wildrick, Robert S. Ganeson, & Wm. S. Hoagland to divide the land into 9 equal parts for Aaron’s siblings [apparently those 9 living of 14 at the time: John(1800-1861/2), Joseph(1811), William(1801-1868), Jacob(1817), Martha (bc1830-1859) wf of Charles Swayze, James H.(1809-1889), George(1815-1868), Isaac S.(1814), & Charles(bc1824). WIFE: SARAH WILSON md14Aug1815; d3Nov1885; d/Wm. Wilson & Mary Probasco of NJ 1) Marshall md Harriet KOSTENBADER (1842-1900) md 30Jan1865 Franklin twp, PA by Rev Dimm; no ch 2) Matha A. bc1838/9 (18-1857 at marr) 3) Mary Ann bc1843 (17-1869) 4) Alice bc1844/5 (15-1860) 5) Abby M. bc1851 (9-1860) [age 17, not 11 at marr) 6) *Saron B. bSep1853 (7-1860) 7) Emma R. md 23Dec1875 James Wm. PEGG, b9July1845 PA; md at Madison twp, Columbia, PA: 3 ch. 8) *Charles T. b1861; md Sarah--, b28Feb1864, she d 27Jan1902, bur Hillside Cem, Catawissa SOURCE: Corres: Nancy Pegg Febish fam records; Warren co Surrogate Crt recs: Partitions Bk1p381- 12May1858; Orphan’s Crt petition Bk5p152-25Apr1859; Addenda’89>Jacob1817

171: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1820 (s/o ?Jeremiah1790 - ?A7) ‘99 BORN: 17Mar1820 Ohio; WIFE: (1) ELLEN HENDERSON (1825-1861), 7 ch; (2) REBECCA M. BARTON (1837-1897), 2 ch 1) Solomon b9Aug1846, d22June1869 2) ADD: Susanna bMay1847 OH, d 29Feb1888 3) ADD: Sarah Ann b1849 OH, d 29Sep1889 4) Caroline b26Aug1852 Wayne co,IN; d 1July1927, Remington, IN; md 23July1871 to Robert Salathian SHEARER 5) ADD: James bApr1854 IN, d 18Apr1858 IN 6) ADD: Samuel b20July1855 IN, d 3Nov1855 IN 7) Martha Ann b12Apr1858, WEH: “estate 6May1882 Wayne co” 8) Cynthia b5Feb1870 IN; md 22Dec1889 Hardin H. PELLE 9) *John Eber bJune1872 IN; md Almetta ATKINSON SOURCE: Rudy: Balthasar Z. Shearer Fam/Related Fams by Rbt B. Shearer, pp37-39,46

171: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1830 (s/o Isaac1798 - B4) ‘89 BORN: 3July1830 Newton, Sussex, NJ; farmer DIED: d16Sep1856, only age 26, bur Old Newton Cem. WIFE: MARY CAHILL, b1834 count Cavenaugh, Ireland, d/John & Rosanna Cahill; md20Jan1856 Newton, by Rev. McMahon. She probably remarried. 1) Isaac bNov1856 SOURCE: Newton, Sussex co marrs reported in newspaper [ESB #165]

172: ISAAC HENDERSHOT 1834 (s/o Phillip W. 1803 - A2) ‘95 BORN: 8Apr1834 Ancaster Twp, Wentworth co, Ont WIFE: ELIZABETH ANN HAIGHT; 9 ch Ch#3) Jacob Haight b 12May1864 Oxford co, Ont (previously UNIDENT, see p383); md Ellen LEE, 5 ch SOURCE: Corres: M.Withey fam recs; B.Rudy: Ellen’s will; see 2WEH383

UNID: J.W. HENDERSHOT bc1853 ‘98 INFO: of DeGraff, Logan, OH SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

UNID: JACKSON HENDERSHOT bc1839 ‘96 DIED: Oct1850, age 10, Lycoming co, PA; possibly s/o Jacob1807 (2WEH183) SOURCE: Corres/gleanings-B.Rudy: 1850 PA mortality schedule

179: (C3) JACOB HENDERSHOT 1747 (s/o John1720) ‘96 NOTE: DAR Patriot Index - some data is incorrect: Jacob1747 (C3) wf unk-, d14Feb1828 PA SOURCE: DAR Patriot Index 180: JACOB HENDERSHOTT bc1760 (s/o ??Casper1744-49 - A7) Jan01

PARENTAGE: poss son of Jeremiah Hess (wf Elizabeth Ann HENDERSHOT d/o John1720); Hess died, leaving widow who remd Godfrey Kline and family found in Old Northumberland co, PA INFO: WEH: farming at Greenwood Twp, Old Northumberland, PA WIFE: REBECCA--; ch: 1) *David (if) bc1780 PA; md Sarah-- 2) *Joseph (if) bc1782 PA; md (1) Hannah--; (2) ?Emily Clark 3) *Jeremiah (if) bc1790 PA; md ?? and 3 daughters of “Jacob of Greenwood 1817” in Columbia co school: Mary, Susannah, Lydia SOURCE: See also Addenda1994; 2WEH249>Joseph1782; article: Children in Columbia co Schools PA, in NGSQ, V.68:#4, p262.

180: JACOB HENDERSHOTT 1763 (s/o John1743 - C1) Jan01 BORN: 17Nov1763 Oxford twp, Sussex/Warren, NJ INFO: From newspaper obituary of son Anon who was “b the 14th Aug 1797 in New Jersey, moving thence with his father’s family to PA. From PA they went to NJ and thence to Toronto, Canada (1810). In 1812 [Jacob] moved to Avon [NY] and occupied a farm in the lower spring where the Knickerbacher Hotel is now situated. There he lived five years after which time he moved to Groveland” [abt 1818]. SOURCE: Newspaper obituary of Anon1797 [2WEH38]: Livingston Republican printed at Geneseo, NY 31May1883

181: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1772 (s/o ?Jeremiah1738 - A4) ‘89 BORN: bc1772 Roxbury twp, Morris, NJ (later became Washington twp area) WIFE: (1) ?ELIZABETH ROOF md 17Feb1791 WIFE: (2) LENORAH B.--, named in death cert of son Jeremiah; she also transferred property to John Hendershot WIFE: (3) ?CHRISTIE--, named with Jacob as parent of William L. Hendershot CHILDREN: most unverified 1) *Jeremiah b1797; md 13Feb1825 Sarah Anna MILHAM 2) Mary Polly) (if) b1805; md 28Sep1829 Philip SMITH 3) Sarah (if) b1810 (40-1850) 4) Nancy (if) bc1810; md 11Feb1832 Joseph ORT 5) Clarissa (if) bc1813; md30May1833 William MILHAM 6) Christie (if) bc1815; md 2Mar1838 David DICKSON 7) Phoebe (if) bc1820; ?md Polhemus CUMMINS (he bc1780?) 8) William L. (if) b1822; unmd; “s/o Jacob & Christie”age 61-1883, died single at Stephensburg/ or is he the William Hendershot who is single 1850,60,70 cens, d20June1896/7 age 72 [ESB56] SOURCE: Morris co B-M-D, censuses, GMNJ

182: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1783 (s/o Jacob1747Ef - B4) ‘89 BORN: 1783 Newton, Sussex, NJ; d1July1834; will probated Aug1836 with land division made July1836 WIFE: MARY LEWIS, md 27Oct1805; b1791, d/Daniel Lewis & Hannah Adams (not Robert Lewis); her will dated 28Dec1849, she d 28Feb1853 [parents given in death rec]; bur w/husb Old Newton Cem 1) Peter bc 1806, dy 2)*Jesse b8Jan1808, md Margaret THOMPSON; inherits 1837 from uncle Peter1770 3) Phebe bc1810, md d29Oct1828 John BELL 4) *John b19Apr1814, md Martha Kay STRUBLE 5) Mary Ann b1816, md 4Apr1853 Garret Rosenkranz [see Rosenkrans fam hist for children] 6) *Jacob b1818, md wf?; to MI?; inherits 1837 from uncle Peter1770 7) Clarissa bc1820, md27Apr1837 Stephen Hough; she is not in land division of Jacob1783, but inherits 1837 from Peter1770-relationship unstated 8) Levi bc1822, ?dy 9) Hannah b1827, d5Oct1849 age22 [another Hannah>b/d Newton: bc18Dec1830, d14Apr1849 age18y3m29d] SOURCE: B-M-D Newton VR & cem stone; division of land of Jacob1783 [ESB#64]; will of Peter1770 [ESB#139,64A]; Rosenkrans Fam in Europe & America 183: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1794 (s/o William1765 - A3) ‘89 BORN: 1794 Rockaway area, Hunterdon, NJ WIFE: ELSEY HOCKENBURY 1) Charity b1822, d 2Nov1892 unmd 2) Elizabeth b1825, lvg with parents 1850 cen; remove spouse Jesse Huffman [Elizabeth bc1821 ?d/Wm1794 & wf Ann Ader, who prob is the one who md 1841 to Jesse Huffman] 3) *Jacob J. b2July1827; md Hannah STIRES 4) *Peter Alpaugh b24July1830; md Ann REED 5) Sarah bFeb1837; md 23Jan1859 Aaron STIRES SOURCE: 1850 census; Stires Family Assn records; Hunterdon VR

185: JACOB C. HENDERSHOT 1817 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘89 BORN: Hardwick twp, Warren, NJ INFO: Jacob’s brother Isaac1814 petitioned 12May1858 the Warren co Surrogate Court regarding land whereon his brother Aaron1806 “died seized [24Feb1858]” which land all had inherited from their father John1773. The court assigned Isaac Wildrick, Robert S. Ganeson, & Wm. S. Hoagland to divide the land into 9 equal parts for Aaron’s siblings [apparently those 9 living of 14 at the time: John(1800-1861/2), Joseph(1811), William(18011868), Jacob(1817), Martha (bc1830-1859) wf of Charles Swayze, James H.(1809-1889), George(1815-1868), Isaac S.(1814), & Charles(bc1824). On 25Apr1859 in the Orphan’s Crt it was said that “Charles & Jacob were absemt from the state for 7 years and no evidence of them in that period, so the court decided they were deceased at the death of Aaron” and land was divided into 7ths. However Jacob’s family is established in Hunterdon co., altho Jacob apparently died about 1858/9 also. It is puzzling as to why they were not known. WIFE: ELIZA--, bc 1820; widow by 1860 Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon co; applied for mother’s pension at New Germantown/Oldwick 7Sep1863 per son Philip J. who served in Civil War, Priv. CoA 15th, NJ Inf. and died 1863. Eliza died 1Feb1905 age 84; 8 ch: 1) Priscilla b1840; md 4Feb1860 Thomas S. MITCHELL 2) Philip J. b1842; d Feb1863 3) *Joseph H. b1845; md Delilah SNYDER 4) Eather bDec1847 (63-1910 cen) Mendham, Morris co 5) Sarah C. b1849; md 24Jan1873 Augustus SCHUYLER 6) *Ralph bJuly1852; md (1) unkn, but had 2 ch: Jeremiah & Hannah; md (2) Adelia--, 3 ch; he d 24May1895 7) Mary C. b3Oct1854; md 27Nov1880 Joseph RIKER 8) Caroline bc 1857 (23-1880); md 20Aug1892 Matthew H. APGAR NOTE: Children of Ralph & 1st wf: Jeremiah (8-1880) & Hannah (3-1880) were living with Eliza and dau Caroline at the census Tewksbury twp 1880. Caroline is listed as d/John1823, but that is incorrect-remove from John1823 [2WEH227]. SOURCE: 1880,1885 censuses Tewksbury, Hunterdon co; Hunterdon co deaths & marrs; Warren co Surrogate Orphans Crt documents: Partitions Bk1p381-12May1858; Bk5p152-25Apr1859.

186: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1821 (s/o ?David1788 - ?C3) ‘95 BORN: 4July1821 Monroe co, OH; d 25Feb1913, age 91y,7m,21d at Bartholomew co, IN WIFE: (1) LAVINA RUTHE PITTMAN b28Sep1820 Monroe co, OH; she d 12Apr1883/8, Big Run, Wetzel, WV 1) *Ithamar b2Nov1841 2) *Isaac b23Mar1844 3) *Joseph b1Aug1845 4) Hannah b6Aug1847 5) *William P. b26Nov1849 6) Jemima b29Mar1852 7) *Elijah P. b7Nov1854 8) Mary Jane b13Apr1857 9) Huldah Virginia b30Mar1859 md James Frank HIGGINBOTHAM; d Mar1946 10) Peter C. b27June1861 11) Paul b11Sep1863 12) *Jason B. b8 Oct1865 13) Phebe Jannette b14Aug1868 WIFE: (2) 18Aug1887 Martha MATTHEWS md in WV, no ch; she bc 1825 IN SOURCE: Internet xch: A.Schaumann with Rick Higginbotham fam recs, & fam letter>Jacob1821 to dau Hulda giving her siblings’ birth dates; Biog. History of Brown co, IN, pp428-9 info from son Ithamar says his mother died 1888, and also that she bore 11 ch, perhaps forgetting 2 which died in infancy.

187: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1826 (s/o Daniel1790 - A2) ‘96/97 BORN: 1826 Barton Twp, Wentworth co, Ont WIFE: CHARITY HORNING (1871 census: born US); resided Southwold, Windham, then Walsingham by 1894 CHILDREN: ADD FOLLOWING 10 CHILDREN; WEH had no children listed 1) Philip H. Force bc1846 (5>1851) 2) David Marshall bc1847 (4>1851); md Sarah HOUSE; they had son Wm. Henry b28Nov1878, who was murdered 14Dec1894 in a conspiracy involving John A. (next). 3) John A. bc1848 (3>1851); md and had 2 daus. John was charged and convicted of conspiracy in the axe murder of his nephew, William Henry. John and the actual murderer, William Welter, were hanged 18June1895, St.Thomas, Elgin co, Ont. One ref gives John’s birth 6Dec1850 & names mother as “Charlotte” John A. md Sarah Elizabeth WELTER, b 1850, d 11Apr1894 Southwold, bur St.Thomas Cem. 2 ch: -1 Mary Lily bc 1878 md 3Mar1897 John HATHERLY -2 Rosa bc 1882 4) William Peter bc1850 (1>1851); (20>1871) 5) Wellington (or Frank) bc1856 (15>1871) 6) Duncan bc1858 (13>1871) 7) Sarah bc1859 (12>1871) 8) Mary A. bc1861 (10>1871) 9) Millicent A. bc1863 (8>1871) 10) Rachael bc1867 (4>1871) SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Newspaper;1851,1871 cens-Windham, Norfolk, Ont; Norfolk co recs

188: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1828 (s/o Abraham1795 - B4) ‘89 BORN: 18Feb1828 Newton, Sussex, NJ; resided Sandystone; died Bernards twp, Somerset co WIFE: EMILY THOMPSON md Jan1850; d 5May1912 Basking Ridge CHILDREN: 1) Marshall b1849 (11-1860) 2) Elizabeth A. b1851 (9-1860) 3) Daniel M. b11Mar1853; md Olive ADDISON; he d28May1925 Balswinville, Onandago, NY 4)ADD: son (if) b12May1858 at Blairstown, Warren co “s/Jacob” 5) Mary C. bJan1860 (50-1910) 6) son (if) bMar1861 NOTE: WEH Ch#4: remove “Jerry” b1856 >was misreading of “Irvy” in 1860 census who was a nephew: Irving S. the son of Peter M.1832 & Mary Kittle who died 1858, see listing 2WEH297.

189: JACOB BRITTON HENDERSHOT 1838 (s/o John1814 - B4) ‘91 BORN: 18Feb1838 Hampton Twp, Sussex, NJ WIFE: JANE M. CALVIN, md 31Aug1865 Hardwick twp, Sussex; d21Nov1865, bur Yellow Frame Cem. WIFE: MARTHA ANN HAYNE b5Mar1838; md 5Oct1871 in Washington DC 1) *John Cook b12Sep1873; md Marion A. CLARK 2) Freddie B. b5Jan1875, d 7July1875, bur Unionville, Oange, NY Cem 3) Harry Hayne b21Jan1876; md 12Oct1898 Emma L. WILLIAMS b2Aug1870 SOURCE: Hayne Family bible in poss of Harry H. Hendershot [LDS#868759pt3]; Orange co NY cem recs

189: JACOB HENDERSHOT 1841 (s/o Samuel1814 - A7) ‘93 BORN: 1841 Nimeshellin twp, Stark, OH WIFE: ELIZA J.-- 1) Flora b1865 OH 2) William b1868 MO 3) Louise b1871 MO 4) *Samuel Maurice b25July1874 Macon co, MO; md wf?; d 1June1960 Tonkawa, Kay, OK; took dbl T spelling 5) Franklin L. b28Apr1877 MO; d27Dec1946 San Diego, CA, bur OK; took dbl T spelling SOURCE: B.Rudy: obits in Tonkawa, OK newspaper; Reiver View Cem, Kay co, OK [383] JACOB HAIGHT HENDERSHOT 1859 (s/o Isaac1834 - A2) ‘95,98 Formerly undentified - see family page 383 or ADD IN on p191; see also addenda’95: Isaac1834

194: JAMES D. HENDERSHOT 1823 (s/o David1789 - B2?) ‘90 BORN: 16July1823 Newton twp, Sussex, NJ; abt 1855 to PA WIFE: (1) ALMYRA MOYER b28May1830NJ, d 26Mar1869; 4 ch WIFE: CLARA BARTLESON JONES b26May1850 PA, md 8Jan1871Madisonville, Lackawanna, PA; 4 ch 1) Sarah R./Sally b16July1852 NJ; md Henry T. DODGESON; she d1June1933 Philadelphia 2) *William Henry b6Aug1854 NJ; md Estella MOTT; 1 ch: -Maud md Frank L. KINNEAR 3) Lenore/Nora b9Jan1857 PA; md Robert A. BIRD; she d27Feb1920 Moscow, Madison, PA 4) Alma Louella bMar1869 PA; md 1888 James Wellington IVORY; she d 14Jan1939 Philadelphia 5) Walter S. b27Oct1871 PA; d 11Jan1875 6) Horace E. b3Feb1876; md Edith TAYLOR 7) Annette Moyer b15Nov1879; md 8June1904 Harry W. SKIVINGTON 8) Elizabeth Jones b15May1889; md Daniel J. BLACKMORE SOURCE: Corres: Eileen Skivington family bible & recs; PA cems; Moscow/Daleville VR; censuses

196: JAMES BRIDE HENDERSHOTT 1831 (s/o Even1804 - C1) ‘97 BORN: 27Jan1831 Derry Twp, Montour, PA; d 20Sep1915 WIFE: ELIZABETH HOOD; md 27Jan1857 Ch #3) dau Sarah b 13Jan1861 at Limestoneville, PA; md 21Nov1882 to Geo. W. MILLER (1861-1929) SOURCE: Corres: M.Wilson family recs

UNID: JAMES HENDERSHOT bc1835 ‘96 INFO: of Deckertown, Sussex, NJ, WIFE: EMMA HUTCHINSON md 13Mar1860 Deckertown, Sussex, NJ SOURCE: Corres/gleanings-B.Rudy: Sussex co, NJ marrs, by H.E.Case, p286

197: JAMES HENDERSHOT 1837 (s/o Peter1814 - B4) ‘89 WIFE: ELIZABETH (HILDEBRANT/BRANT) LOZIER; md 25Oct1856 SOURCE: Military/pension recs: wf’s surname Hildebrant shortened to Brant - found both ways in file records

198: JAMES HENDERSHOT 1847 (s/o Philip1822 - A2) ‘96 BORN: Sep1847 Platteville, Grant, WI WIFE: LAURA E. SQUIRES, bMay1850 WI 1) Laura Mae bMay1871(9>1880, 28>1900) teacher Eau Clare, WI 2) Dorothy /Sarah bc1879 (1>1880) 3) Dorothy bApr1880 (20>1900) 4) Philip Deforest bOct1882 (18>1900) SOURCE: B.Rudy: cens-1850,1870,1880,1900 200: JAMES L. HENDERSHOT 1851 (s/o John1816 - A8) ‘97 BORN: 27Jan1851 Rockland, Venago, PA; d 15Sep1912 WIFE: MARY PRISCILLA MOORE, d 23May1918 Ch#14) Rayburn b11Dec1896, d 22Oct1962; md (1) Gustie HANIWALT, d/o John HANIWALT (1880-1943); 1 ch?: -dau Cecile b23Mar1926; md Jacob C. FASENMYER; 6 ch. Rayburn md (2) Mable SHIREY (1885-1955) SOURCE: Corres N. Febish: Family recs of Cecile1926; St.Michaels Church, Fryburg, Clarion, PA

201 ADD IN: JAMES 1853 (s/o Christopher1804/1808 - A2) ‘95 BORN: 1853 (8-1861) born near Wardsville, Middlesex, Ont.; farmer DIED: his death 14Feb1937 (obit); her death 22May1955 at Dresden (obit) INFO: James/Rachel Hendershott buried Riverview Cem, Wallaceburg, Kent, Ont WIFE: RACHEL WOODROW or WOODSON md 3Oct1876 at Florence Euphemia, Lambton co; she of Tupperville, Kent; d/o Smith WOODROW & Caroline BETRAND; CHILDREN: [from obits of James-1937 & Rachel-1955] -Howard (of Rosetown, Sask 1937/of Calgary 1955) -John (of Myroone, Sask 1937/of Moose Jaw, Sask 1955) -Edith deceased by 1937 -Carrie Bell d 9Dec1883, age 1yr; bur Riverview Cem, Wallaceburg -Janet L. (1885-1982), md 15Oct1914 James W. PEARSON (1880-1920); res Dresden -Willey/Wylie (of Chatham in 1937/ of Melorndale, MI 1955); md Rita Geraldine ---; her 1962 obit lists 2 ch: --Gerald & Stanley Hendershot SOURCES: Corres B.Rudy: Chatham, Kent, Ont Commem. Biograph. Record p468; Wallaceburg obits; Riverview Cem recs at Wallaceburg; 1962 obit of Rita Hendershot-Chatham Daily News.

203: JAMES W. HENDERSHOT 1862 (s/o James1823 - B4) ‘89,5/00 BORN Nov1862 Newton, Sussex, NJ; d 26Feb1912 Washington, Warren, NJ WIFE: ISABELLE WINTERS, md 24Dec1881 NJ; d 12Mar1935 intestate 1) *William bMay1883; md Celia C. QUAKENBUSH; res of Newton, Sussex co admin. of mother’s estate 2) Mabel bAug1886; md Mr. MARTIN as listed in estate papers, then residing Port Colden, Warren co 3) Bessie bMay1888 (12-1900); not listed in mother’s estate papers 4) Elmer bJuly1891; d 2Feb1904 Washington, Warren, NJ 5) Grace bJuly1892 (18-1910); not listed in mother’s estate papers 6) Edith bApr1894 (16-1910); md Mr. SCHALK & residing at Washington in mother’s estate papers SOURCE: Warren co Orphan’s Crt minutes Jan 1936, V.27p407: Isabella [Winters] Hendershot, intestate sale of land, records include 3 grandchildren named THOMPSON: Bessie (age18), Olive (age16), Doloris (age13), living at 275 Ave. A, Bayonne, Hudson,NJ [ESB#41]; Washington Star Newspaper Vital Records [ESB #140A]

203: JAMES W. HENDERSHOT 1864 (s/o Chauncey1833 - B4) ‘89 BORN: Oct1864 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ WIFE: CHARLOTTE BAILEY md23Nov1886 Mendham, Morris, NJ 1) Samuel Bailey bJan1888; md 1May1912 Mayme WINTERMUTE; hd d 5Nov1954 2)* Chauncey W. bAug1890; md 25June1907 Maggie E. WINTERMUTE; he d 12Mar1960 Anna Losey is the wf of Charles1875, brother of James1864; they md 17Nov1896 SOURCE: First Presby. Church of Mendham, Morris, NJ recs

204: JAMES E. HENDERSHOT 1865 (s/o Joseph1846 - B2) ‘91 Listed as son under William1813 [2WEH355], but he is actually a grandson

205: ADD IN: JAMES MARSHALL HENDERSHOTT 1873 (s/o David1837 - A2) Jan01 BORN: 8Mar1873 Spring Valley, MN; d 1925 WIFE: ANNA ABAGAIL MIDDLETON, b27Feb--; d 1938 MN; d/George K. Middleton & Katie RYAN; 2 ch: 1) Robert James b1907, d 1967; md Lorraine MULHERAN, Minnepolis; 2 ch 2) Orpha b1910 MN, d 1987; md Paul BROWN; no ch SOURCE: Patric & Carol D. Hendershott info

206 :ADD IN: JAMES FORD HENDERSHOT 1898 (s/o Ansley1861/2 - A2) ‘90,92 BORN: 13Oct1898, d 5Oct1975 bur Florida WIFE: (1) ROSALIA M. BOLL b9Feb1895, d 2Apr1968 PA; d/Christian A. Boll & Catherine GROSS; md 14Mar1919; 2 ch: 1) Elizabeth Kathryn b22Dec1919 2) Louise Rosalia b5Sep1921 WIFE: (2) ALICE CARPENTER; 11 ch: 3) Merrill 4) Glen 5) Colleen 6) Earl 7) Ray 8) Iris 9) Ivan 10) Dale 11) Carol 12) Leon 13) Gail SOURCE: B.Rudy fam recs; tombstones, death & marr certs, city directory, obit, military rec.

UNID: JAMES E. HENDERSHOT bc1909 ‘99 BORN: bc 1909 (68-1977); b Tranquility; DIED: 21Mar1977 Liberty Twp, NJ; FAM: survivors: bro Raymond (see obit this Addenda), Hackettstown; 2 sis: Mrs. Charles KRAMER, Allamuchy; Emma STODDARD, Hackettstown. WIFE: ?? CHILDREN: 2 sons & 2 daus: -) James J., Grt. Meadows; -) David F. Norfolk, VA; -)Jean KLINAS -) Barbara FLETCHER, both Grt. Meadows; SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

210: JEREMIAH HENDERSHOT 1797 (s/o Jacob1772 - A4) ‘90 BORN: 1797 Roxbury/Washington Twp, Morris, NJ (Schooley’s Mtn); he & wf bur Pleasant Grove Cem WIFE: SARAH ANNA MILHAM bc1807 (42>1850; 53>1860); md 13Feb1825 she of Hunterdon co. 1) Angeline bc1826/7 (und5>1830; 22-1850); md c1848 Jos. M. SEQUINE/SEGUINE - M.Dougherty line 2) *Frederick b28July1828; md Elizabeth SCHLIECHER/SLIKER - John Sliker line 3) *Holloway Whitfield bAug1833; md (1) Sarah KINNAMON, (2) MARY MANN - Wayne Hendershot line 4) Clarissa b1836; md 27Nov1859 Skinner COLE > to Dakota co, NE by 1866; 6 ch - E. Baer line 5) *William S. b14Feb1838; md Margaret McNIR/McNEAR 6) *Robert Stephens b23Jan1843; md Mary E. SEALS - Jim Miller line 7) Sarah Lenorah b1Aug1852, d25Feb1861 SOURCE: Corres: Mary P. Dougherty fam recs>Angline; cens 1830-1880,1885; also found Washington twp> Alexander (20>1850) & Herbert (31>1860), both unidentified; Washington twp Church recs.; Pleasant Grove Cem

210: JEREMIAH HENDERSHOT 1857 (s/o Holloway1833 - A4) ‘90 BORN: 18May1857, d28May1946, bur St. Joseph’s Cath. Cem, Newton, Sussex WIFE: ELIZA JANE NUGENT md 27Oct1883, Newton Catholic Church; 9 ch: 1) Mary Ellen b18May1885; md (1) Matthew P. DOYLE, (2) WM. GRIFFIN; 2 sons by Doyle 2) *Louis bJan1887; md 6Jna1917; he d 21Nov1936 Edna E. GRAY; 2 sons: Louis & Arthur 3) Jennie bSep1889; md (1) Mr. KITTLE, (2) Joseph STRAULINA; 2 ch 4) *William John b29Mar1891; md 9Oct1918 Rosina LUTZ; 2 ch; d 16Sep1948 [remv spouse Sipley] 5) Agnes b11Nov1893; md M.G. Lundy AYERS 6)ADD: Edith b2June1896, d Mar1897 7)ADD: infant ch b11Dec1897, d infant, gender unkn 8) Anna bApr1899; md 2Aug1935 Alfred E. VICKERY 9) Margaret b1903, d27Oct1920 NOTE: WEH lists: William Henry Hendershot (1886-1960) UNIDENT. md Mary SIPLEY (1892-1975), bur same plot with George Hendershot (1882-1932) UNIDENT. wf /Stella SIPLEY (1888-1960), Tranquiltiy Cem, Green twp, Sussex co) SOURCE: Corres: Margaret Budd’s fam recs>d/#4 William

215: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1720 (s/o Michael1674 - The Immigrant) Jan01 BORN: 23Jan1720 on Millstone Rive, Franklin twp, Somerset, NJ; will dated 28Jan1797; probtd 9Jan1798 WIFE: (1) ANN SCHOOLEY, b29Jan1728 Morris co; 2 ch CHILDREN: John is the father of the C Clan: 1) *John Henry (C1) bc1743; md Rachel WILCOX 2) *Michael (C2) b7Oct1745; md Sarah SCHOLL WIFE: (2) CATHERINE BODINE, b1720; md1746 Morris co; d/Jacob & Elizabeth BODINE [note: Lubitz is German for Elizabeth and not a surname]; d 23Jan1789 3) *Jacob (C3) bc1743; md wf unkn > to Bedford co, PA 4) Elizabeth Ann bc1749; md (1) Jeremiah HESS; (2) Godfrey KLINE 5) Catherine Amelia bc1751; md Even THOMAS >to Old Northumberland co, PA 6) Mary Alice bc1754; md Michael MINEGAR >to Old Northumberland co, PA 7) Ann “Hannah” b1756; md John ROSEBERRY; she d 1Dec1818 8) Charity bc1760; md (1) John ALBERTSON; (2) George BOWLSBY 9) Rebecca Ophelia bc1762; md Peter EPHLIN >to Old Northumberland co, PA 10) Leah bc1764; md (1) Godfrey INSLEY; (2) Jesse MEARS 11) *Isaac Bodine (C4) b1766; md Sarah SHIPMAN NOTE: #9 Rebecca did not marry a 2nd time - remove Geo. Snider >see Wm1754 SOURCE: John’s probate records; Zion Luth Church N.Germantown/Oldwick; St.James Straw Church recs; EARLY GERMANS of NJ; see WEH sources also.

216: JOHN HENRY HENDERSHOT 1743 (s/o John1720 - C1) Jan01 BORN: bc1743 nr Potterstown, Hunterdon, NJ; d1Sep1786 Oxford, Sussex/Warren, NJ; will WIFE: RACHEL WILCOX md c1762 Hunterdon co; after John’s death1786, she remd 10Mar1788 Joseph MACKEY, a widower from PA; they relocated to Old Northumberland co, PA where Joseph died 19Oct1798. Her will made 1797 was written into PA records by county recorder 8Apr1813 and probated 13Aug1813 Northumberland co; gives children except Jacob. 1) *Jacob b17Nov1763, d 24Mar1846 Groveland, NY; md Mary THOMAS; not in mother’s will 2) *John bc1766; md unkn; res NJ 1813 3) *Joseph bc1768; md Sarah--; res PA 1813 4) Matthias bc1769; d infancy 5) Elizabeth Ann b26May1771; md (1) 15Mar1787 Joseph KITCHEN, (2) Elijah CALDRON 6) Catharine bc1772; md Mr. WIGHT 7) Hannah b20Nov1773; md William MACKEY, s/Joseph 8) Patey bc1775; unmd at mother’s marr to Mackey; md by 1813 to Mr. SCHOOLEY (not Andrew!) 9) Nicholas bc1783/4 (under age 14 in 1797); living 1813 according to mother’s will [ESB#128]; was perhaps handicapped and not expected to have a long life as his brother John1766 is set as his guardian in 1797; also Nicholas is the only grch to inherit (100 pds) 1797 from grandfather John1720 [ESB#64] SOURCE: Sussex co wills & probate recs; Northumberland co, PA probate rec of Rachel; HRN,1993:V.5#2p2 focus on John Henry.

218: JOHN E. HENDERSHOTT 1773 (s/o Casper1754 - B2) ‘89,Jan01 BORN: 1773/bap 1773 Stillwater twp, Sussex co, NJ INFO: removed to KY where signed sister’s marr lic 28Jan1800>to Miami co, OH by 1808 when bought land WIFE: ELIZABETH DILS md 21Nov1798 Harrison co, KY; 9 ch: -Remove John (if) bc1795 (currently UNIDENT.) md Kitty GROVE & Sarah TUCKER 1) Jemima bc1799 KY; md 30Dec1819 Joseph DUNN 2) Garrett b1801 KY; signed marr doc for sister Charity, indicating he’s the oldest bro/father deceased 3) Charles (if) b1802 KY; unmd, not in father’s estate papers 4) Charity bc1804 KY; md 4Feb1826 Levi LINE 5) Sarah bc 1806 OH; md 4Dec1826 Culbertson CLARK 6) *David b1809 OH (16>1826); md Mehitable GIRARD; guardianship rec 7) Addison bc1815 (11>1826); guardianship rec 8) Washington bc1817 (8>1826); guardianship rec 9) John Findley bc1823 (3>1826); guardianship rec SOURCE: L. Giesen/Zimmerman Troy, Miami co, OH guardianship/estate recs

219: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1783 (s/o ?Baltes1735 - A3) ‘89 BORN: 26Apr1783 nr Potterstown, Hunterdon, NJ; d 29Aug1866, bur Newell Cem, Readington twp, Hunterdon WIFE: SUSAN A. HARSEL md 17June1814 Clinton twp NOTE: Children of this family are somewhat confused with family of Peter1791 [2WEH293]; several here were buried near each other in the Newell Bur. Grd., Readington twp, Hunterdon co 1) Elizabeth bc3Dec1815 (15-20>1830) [WEH:Peter1791]; she d 5Apr1869, 53y8m,28d; bur Newell; md 15Oct1836 Abraham W. SWEARER [he md 2nd her sister Sarah] 2) Martha bc1818 (10-15>1830) (41>1860); d unmd 1906, Newell Bur. Grd. 3) ?David D. (if) bc1820 (30>1850); not listed 1830 cen; md (1) 29Sep1838 Elizabeth GAMBLER, (2) marr in Hunterdon co marrs:p45-”md (2) 12Feb1851 Margaret HUNT, widow of Mr. ACRET”, David “age 30, s/John”. 4) Susan bc1821 (5-10>1830); md John W. VASBINDER 5) Sarah A. 5Oct1822 (60>1882); d 6Dec1882, bur Newell Bur. Grd.; md Abraham W. SWEARER; her death cert states “dau of John and Susan” 6) *Anthony H. bc1826/7 (5&under>1830) (24>1850) (33>1860); bur Newell Bur Grd w/wf Elizabeth TINE 7) ?Jane bc1829 (10-15>1840); she is not found 1850 8) *William Y. bc1831 (29>1860); md 11June1853 Mahala RUPEL; bur Newell w/wf & 3 ch also SOURCE: Censuses:1830-1860; Newell Burial Ground stones/records, Readington twp, Hunterdon, NJ; Hunterdon VR; mil/pension recs say David1820 resided at Three Bridges, nr Flemington, Hunterdon, NJ in 1885.

220: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1784 (UNID or ?s/o Hendrie1763 - B2) ‘99 BORN: 25May1784 Sussex co, NJ; will dated 11Apr1858, probated 1May1858; age abt 80 (bc1778) WIFE: (1?) CATHERINE BODINE WIFE: (?2nd) NANCY--; her will mentions son “after Samuel dies”, widow was to inherit half, and then the balance of estate to “my children” who are not named; however Samuel lived to age 73 and married, perhaps had already received prior legacy. Witnesses: Squire Hendershot [prob son Esquire] & Charles Munson Ch#9) *Samuel; md Matilda A. GOWAN #10) Ellen Jane; md 15Mar1849 SOURCE: B.Rudy: Will 1858 Kosciusko co, IN, Bk 1, p288

221: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1790 (s/o Isaac B.1766 - C4) ‘90/99 BORN: 13Aug1790 Greenwich Twp, Sussex/Warren, NJ; migrated to PA, OH WIFE: (1) SUSANNAH--; listed as wf on 5 land transactions from 1818-1823 then she apparently died abt 1824/5, leaving 5 or 6 children who were perhaps farmed out; they are not confirmed as his; he remd 6Jan1825. WIFE: (2) ELIZABETH PICKERING md at Harrison co, OH. Ch #2) Peter b11Jan1813; wf Mary B. MERRIMAN [see his family info Addenda294] Ch #?) perhaps: *William H. bDec1837 OH md Elizabeth--; WEH listed him as (if) son #5 of John bc1795 & Sarah Tucker whose first 4 children are those of John1773 (confirmed by will), Wm1837 is UNIDENT otherwise. SOURCE: 1990 Addenda: Monroe co, OH deeds; Anna H. Griechen fam resrch & data

221: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1790 (s/o ?John1766 - C1) Jan01 BORN: 1790 Belvidere, Oxford Twp, Sussex/Warren, NJ INFO: See WEH narrative WIFE: SARAH SNYDER 1) Eliza bSep1812, d 9Feb1877; md David SHIPMAN 2) Harriet A. bFeb1819, d12Aug1846; md Sylvanus SHIPMAN* [same person as below] 3) Isaac b30Sep1821, d13May1847 age 25 4) Jane bc1823; md John JONES 5) Lydia bc1825; md 13Mar1845 Christian FISHER, Jr. 6) Rebecca b25Feb1827, d 30Oct1902; md after 1846 *Sylvanus SHIPMAN 7) Mary Ann b8Feb1830, d Feb1886 at Marquette, McPherson, KS; md 14Dec1851 Chambers S. WYNN in Northumberland co, PA 8) *Hiram Sherman b24Feb1833; md 3Nov1852 Samantha WYNN b15May1834 SOURCE: LDS Pedigree Resource File disc #6-submtr: Wm. Ensign, 3429 E. Camino Circle, Mesa, AZ 85213; Bio/Hist Northumberland co,PA; Shipman Fam Hist. p192-3; Bio.Rec McPherson co, KS; Snedeger corr> desc. of ch #8; Note: David & Sylvanus Shipman were sons of Jacob Shipman1766 PA; Joan Strouse fam recs/resrch

UNID: JOHN HENDERSHOT bc1795 (father unkn) 5/00 WIFE: (1) KITTY GROVE md 15Jan1812 in Ross co, OH WIFE: (2) SARAH TUCKER md26Mar1822 CHILDREN: Remove all: ch#1,2,3,4 are children of John1773 as enumerated in John’s estate papers [OH Wills & Estates to 1850]; ch#5 “Wm (if) b1837” is questionable and currently unident. SOURCES: Ohio Geneal. Soc: Index Ohio Marrs to 1820, p468; [ESB file#126]

UNID: JOHN HENDERSHOT bc1797 ‘97 INFO: d 12Feb1852, aged 55 Elgin co, Ont WIFE: ELSEY--, d 20Oct1853 SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: Malahide Bpt Cem, Aylmer, Elgin co, Ont.

224: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1807 (s/o ?Peter1775 - B5) ‘89 BORN: 1807 Newton twp, Sussex, NJ; moved to Bradford co, PA by 1830 WIFE: PHEBE--, widow by 1850; d 5Dec1851 Standing Stone, Bradford, PA; 9 ch 1) Lucenda bMay1825 NJ; md (1) 15Feb1843 Richard SCHOONOVER, who d 26Mar1872; 7 ch; (2) by Dec1875 Jeptha W. HILDEBRANT Ch#2-9 as listed SOURCE: Kintner corres: Bradford co deaths & orphans crt recs.

224: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1814 (s/o Jacob1783 - B4) ‘89 BORN: 19Apr1814 Sussex co, NJ; d 17Mar1891 Hampton twp WIFE: MARTHA KAY STRUBLE md 19Mar1836; 11 ch Ch#7) Roseanna E. died unmd>“Miss Roseann-d15Sep1919”; remove spouse Nelson Peterson Ch#8) John W. b5July1849 Newton; d 5Oct1851 Newton Ch#10) Rosillah (2>1860); death date unkn Ch#11) ADD: Lilla died 11Nov1862 age 5 mos. SOURCE: Sussex co deaths

226: JOHN HENDERSHOTT 1818 (s/o John1790 - C4) ‘89 BORN: July1818 Belmont co, OH; INFO: to IL; then to Iowa from where served Civil War: Priv. Co.K 37th, IA Inf. WIFE: ELIZA WORLEY md 1841 at Marshall co, IL; applied for wid. pension 25July1906; she d 18June1907; 7ch 1) Lottie or Sally b1843 IL; “Sally age 7-1850 cen” 2) *John Thomas b1845 IA; md (1) Iantha SHAFFER, (2) Elizabeth JENKINS SIMPSON 3) Mary A. b1849 IA; md 6May1868 George E. STILL 4) *William bNov1853 IA; md Florence V. SHAFFER 5) *Milo b1861 IA; md Tina WORLEY 6) *Frank bDec1866 MO; md (1) Valla--, (2) Bertha MEYER 7) Anna b1870 IA; md Mr. PRINGLE SOURCE: Corres. D.Hack: fam grp charts & research

227: JOHN N. HENDERSHOT 1823/27 (s/o John1800 - A3) ‘89 BORN: b1823/poss bc1827 (23-1850); poss died 1854/551 INFO: a mason; living Bethlehem, Hunterdon, NJ 1850, not located census thereafter WIFE: ELIZABETH--, md abt1848; age 20-1850 1) Angelin bcNov1849 (7mos-1850 Bethlehem) 2) *Peter Samuel b8July1850 Bethlehem, “Samuel, son of John & Elizabeth”; md Mary Jane-- 3) *George B. (twin) b11June1851 Bethlehem,“son of John, a mason” 4) Charles (twin) b11June1851 Bethlehem, “son of John & Elizabeth” 5) a child-no gender b18Feb1853 Lebanon, “chd of John, a mason”; d 1Apr1853 6) Mary Sophia b23May1854 Lebanon,“dau of John, a mason”; (45-1900) 1NOTE: An Elizabeth Hendershot md 3Nov1855 to Joseph PAINTER at Readington, Hunterdon co 2NOTE: Remove:#5 Jane bc1852 (died 25June1857 age 6=bc1851) “dau of John & Mary of Lebanon”- UNIDENT. NOTE: Remove #8 Carolyn bc1857 (md Apgar)>see Jacob1817 wf Eliza [2WEH185 Addenda] SOURCE: Hunterdon co births & deaths; census 1850,1880

UNID: JOHN HENDERSHOT bc1830 Jan01 BORN: about 1830 of Tewksbury, Hunterdon, NJ by 1857; poss. John L. WIFE: MARY-- CHILDREN: from birth & death records Hunterdon & Sussex cos, NJ: 1) Jane “d/John & Mary” bc1851 Tewksbury, (6-1857); d 25June1857 at Lebanon, Hunterdon co, age 6 2) a son “s/John & Mary” bc1868 (9mos-1869), b/d Newton, Sussex co, 9 mos1 3) Robert E. “s/John L. & Mary, farmers at Stillwater” b3Nov1871, Stillwater, Sussex co 1NOTE: child #2 possibly s/John1846 & Mary Jane Snook [apparently divorced as she is living with R.G.Snook in 1870 cen-see2WEH234] SOURCE: NJ VR: Birth & death records Hunterdon & Sussex cos, NJ [ESB#39]

231:ADD IN: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1836 (s/o Joseph1802 - A2) 5/00 BORN bc1836 Norfolk co, Ontario, Canada; d 29Nov1902 Norfolk co FATHER: Joseph1802 MOTHER: MarthA Ann CULVER WIFE: SAMANTHA WYMER, bc1847; md 7Mar1866 Norfolk co, Ont.; d/o William Wymer CHILDREN: 1. Herbert 2. Dennis 3. Kate, md Mr. Wymer; lvd Buffalo, NY 4. Simon Peter SOURCE: B.Rudy: Surrogate Crt Recs, Norfolk co: The Successors Duty Act.

232: JOHN DUMPLIN HENDERSHOT b1842 (s/o Balser/Baltzer1805 - C3) ‘96 BORN: 1842 (18>1860) Buck Valley, Fulton, PA; he d 31Mar1922 WIFE: ELIZABETH RICHARDS, b27Feb1843; she d 15May1922 CHILDREN: born Bethel, Fulton, PA 1) Delilah Ellen, md Mr. CRAWFORD 2) Mary Jane, md Mr. GOODMAN 3) Sarah Elizabeth, md 13Sep1918 John Ira HESS; she d16May1958 4) Ruth Agnes, md 1) 4July1891 Joseph William LANEHART, 2) Charles REIDER, res Mercersville, Fulton co 5) Susan 6) John H. 7) Rhoda E. 8) Martin L. 9) Catherine Florence, b 3June1880; md 19Oct1902 1) Lemuel DIVELBISS 10) *Charles E., b Jan1883; md 19July1909 ?2) Mary E. RAY; he d 15May1965; 2 ch known SOURCE: Research: John Fisher-Remsburg Farm Cem; will of Baltzer; orphans crt dkt; obits; censuses; Hist. of Huntington, Mifflin, Juniata, & Perry Cos.

234: JOHN THOMAS 1845 (s/o John1818 - C4) ‘89 BORN: JUNE1845 Clermont twp, Fayette, IA to NE INFO: aka Thomas H. Hendershot served Civil War: from Clermont IA Co. G, 38th Inf 1861-1862 WIFE: (1) IANTHA SHAFFER, md Feb1866, (2) ELIZABETH JENKINS STIMSON/SIMPSON, md May1901 1)ADD: W.C. (son?) bMay1867 2)ADD: Deborah I. b18Feb1869 3) *Erst C. b17Nov1872; md Bertha--; resided Plainview, Pierce, NE NOTE: 1900 census lists Cora bMar1887 NE as a granddaughter - remove as child SOURCE: D.Hack corres: Mil/pens records; cens 1870,1880,1900

UNID: JOHN HENDERSHOT 1854 ‘98 WIFE: MARY A. 1864-1901 “Mother” [on stone] of Fayette co, OH CHILDREN: “children of J. & M.A.”: -Lilly Mae 1894-1896; -Harry S. 1898-1899 SOURCE: Gleaning B.Rudy: Fairview Cem, Jeffersonville, Fayette, OH

237: JOHN ADAMS HENDERSHOTT 1855 (s/o Jonathon1828 - C4) Jan01 BORN: 12Nov1855 Athens twp, Harrison, OH WIFE: (1) MARY BUTLER, md 4July1878 Harrison; 2 ch: WIFE: (2) Mrs. SARAH ELIZABETH BURRIER, md24Mar1887; she d1936; 4 ch: 1) Harrie W. bdJan1880 Mannington, WV 2) *Otis M. (if) bMar1882; md Leota M. HAGAN 3) *Clyde O. 4) *Charles Cobb 5) Cora M. md Wm. McMANNIS 6) William J. Note: #7) *Ross E. BURRIER is stepson SOURCE: B.Rudy: obit info

237: JOHN HENRY HENDERSHOT 1856 (s/o John1821 - C3) May01 BORN: Nov1856 Liberty twp, Washington, OH>IN>MO; d Dec1950 Steele, Pemiscot, MO WIFE: (1) MARY ELIZABETH SEVERN, md 23Sep1884; poss (2) ?? 1) Christopher C. b2July1886; md Nancy BOLIN 2) Elmer P. bMay1887; md Martha-- 3) Rosa B. b13Feb1889; md Thomas ADKIN 4) Mary J. b8Mar1892; md Otto ROSENBAUM 5)ADD: Lilly Mae 1894-1896 cem stone 6) Frederick bAug1896 (14>1910) 7)ADD: Harry S. 1898-1899 cem stone 8) Barbara b6Apr1901 9) Gertrude b1906; md Mr. ESTES 10) Tillie Pearl b1908 (2>1910) SOURCE: B.Rudy: Fairview Cem. Jeffersonville, Pemiscot, MO

239: JOHN H. HENDERSHOT 1862 (s/o Frederick1828 - A4) ‘89 BORN: Aug1862, Mansfield, Warren, NJ WIFE: MARY E. PICKLE, md 20Aug1881 at Long Valley Chur. by Rev. Hiller; she b Dec1858, d/Jonathan & Kate Pickle of Mt. Olive, Warren, NJ; 1910 cen>2 ch, 1 living 1) Vincent bApr1898 (12>1910) SOURCE: Morristown Newspaper: marr notices; 1910 census

239: JOHN WARREN HENDERSHOT 1863 (s/o William1819 - C2) ‘91 BORN: 12Apr1863 Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon, NJ WIFE: (1) BARBARA WYNN, 3 ch, (2) Mrs. MARY ELIZABETH APGAR, md3Oct1899 1) Adelbert b30June1890 Tumwater 2) Lillie bJune1892 (18>1910) 3) Maggie bDec1894 (13>1910) SOURCE: 1910 census; ?IGI

240: JOHN W. HENDERSHOT 1870 (s/o George1829 - A4) ‘99,May01 BORN: 26Mar1870 Frelinghuysen Twp, Warren, NJ; d/bur 1946 Johnsonburg Meth Cem WIFE: ALICE B. WHEELER; 7 ch: 1) George W. bJuly1893 2) Lela J. b25Oct1894; md Raymond C. FOLWEILER, Sr; she d1982 (obit) 3) Alfred B. b24June1899; md Magdalene RUSH (1901-1964); he d 2May1968 (obit) 4) ADD: Blanche md Mr. Van Auken 5) ADD: Adalaide md Mr. Stevens 6) ADD: William bc1906 b Johnsonburg, NJ; md Blanche--; sons: Joseph & Robert (obit) 7) ADD: Charles bc1910 b Hainesburg, NJ; md Martha--; 4ch: Charles Jr, Ellen Bailey, Mary Louise Jones, Roberta Struble (obit) SOURCE: Johnsonburg Methodist Cem recs; obits; up-dated from Addenda99

240: JOHN CLYDE HENDERSHOT 1870 (s/o Erastus1832 - C2) ‘96 BORN: 3Feb1870 Jerseytown, Columbia, PA; died age 25 on 15July1895 a month before the birth of their dau WIFE: CLARA HILEMAN md 11Oct1893 at Eyers Grove, Columbia, PA [WEH has her surname EYRE, which may be a middle name; marr rec says HILEMAN] -dau Ida Eyre Hendershot bAug1895 (14-1910) SOURCE: Corres/gleanings N.Febish: PA marr recs in Columbia co.

241: JOHN COOK HENDERSHOT 1874 (s/o Jacob1838 - B4) ‘91 BORN: Sep1874 Hamburg, Hardiston twp, Sussex, NJ WIFE: MARION AMELIA CLARK DURLAND, md 18Apr1900; d1953 1) Harold Clark b1901; md 24JULY1931 Dorothy HUTT SOURCE: NJ Bibles: Clark bible in poss Mrs. John Cook Hendershot; bible entry> “Marion Durland md J. Cook Hendershot” [LDS#868759pt3]

242: JOHN L. HENDERSHOTT 1890 (s/o JohnPat1827 - C2) ‘91 Ch#1) Rose (not Ross) b20May1942 SOURCE: Corres M.Aedo fam recs

246: JONATHON HENDERSHOT 1797 (s/o John1764 - C3) ‘91 BORN: 1797 Washington/Greene, PA WIFE: (1) ELIZABETH HAMMOND, 13 ch; (2) MARTHA-- Ch#3) Howard B. bc1830; d Oct1849/50 Washington co, OH Ch#4)ADD: Wilson b1831; d Sep1849/50 Washington co, OH SOURCE: Corres Dorothy Walter fam recs

247: JONATHON HENDERSHOTT 1810 (s/o David1785 - B2) ‘94 BORN: 10June1810 Piqua, Miami, OH WIFE: CLARISSA BRAZELL, 1819 IL 1) Boscum bc1834; became a minister in Stockton, MO; with Francis & Farmer to MO abt 1870 2) Francis R.orB. b20Aug1836; d 29Nov1894 bur Mound Cem, no.east of Filley, MO 3) Catherine b1838 (12-1850) 4) *Farmer Monoah b21May1840; md Mary Jane ROBINSON 5) Minerva b1840 (10-1850) 6) Caroline b1842 ( 8 -1850) SOURCE: Corres: Dorothy Walter; see “Missouri Became a State 1808: History of Hendeshott Fam.” by Julia E. Hendershott Crawley 1978 at Huron Pub Lib, MI for migration from IL to MO of 3 sons abt 1840

249: JONATHON T. HENDERSHOTT 1865 (s/o Farmer1836 - B2) ‘98 BORN: 1May1865 JoDavies co, IL>with parents to MO WIFE: MARY SALLEE, bSep1870 MO 1) Charles (if) bFeb1885; not in MO Hist. [see Farmer1840 or Jonathon1810] 2) Perry L. bFeb1888 3) Maude Pearl bFeb1890 4) James B. bMar1892 5) Christina R. bApr1894 MO 6) William McKinley bOct1895 MO 7) Markus H. bApr1899 MO 8) Theodore Roosevelt b15May1902, d 26Jan1987; md Elizabeth STUPP SOURCE: See Farmer1840; “Missouri Became a State 1808: History of Hendeshott Fam.” by Julia E. Hendershott Crawley 1978 at Huron Pub Lib, MI.

249: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1768 (s/o John bc1743 - C1) ‘94,May01 BORN: abt 1768, resided Oxford, Sussex/Warren, NJ; to Derry Twp, Northumberland co, PA abt 1800 WIFE: (1) SARAH--; Joseph & Sarah bought tract of 310 acres at Fishing Crk, Northumberland co, PA jointly with Adrew Schooley1801; divided same prop with And. Schooley1805; both Joseph & Andrew had moved from Greenwich Twp, NJ WIFE: (2) JANE--; with wife Jane sold prop at Bloom twp, Columbia, PA 1820 to Jacob Wertman et al; & at Catawissa twp 1824 to Thomas Creivling; & 1831 to Wm. Creivling CHILDREN: 6 listed in censuses 1800 to 1830 but are unidentified at this point SOURCE: PA Grantee Index & documents, Northumberland co, PA [see Addenda’94]; Northumberland co land recs; Columbia co, PA: Grantor Deed Index, V3:p144; V4:p299, V6:p7 [ESB#214]; Schooley Assn research; census 1800,20,30

249: JOSEPH H. HENDERSHOT 1769 (s/o John1732 - B1) ‘95 BORN: 29Dec1769 Newton Twp, Sussex, NJ WIFE: (1) SARAH WHITE d July1809; 4 ch (2) SALLY SHOEMAKER bc1789 PA Ch #4) *Joseph White b4Feb1809, md Melvina JACOBY, b 23Jan1817; d/o John JACOBY & Elizabeth WEIKEL SOURCE: Corres: B.Rudy-Jacoby Fam Gen, pub 1930, by Henry S. Jacoby

249: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT bc1782 (s/o ?Jacob1760 - A7) ‘94,May01 PARENTAGE: WEH suggested Joseph1782 as possible son of David1788, but many uncertainties exist; names of Jacob’s 13 ch include Hannah & Elijah but no David; Jacob1821 WIFE: (1) HANNAH--, possibly Hannah RUCH; widow by 1840?; (2) ?Emily CLARK, bc1790; md 18July1840? 1) *Samuel b1814 2) Elijah b1820 3) ??*Jacob b1821 - a possible son [see 2WEH186] 4) Catherine b1824 5) Hannah b1828 SOURCE: See 2WEH186 for Jacob’s info; a lot of questions on this Joseph/marrs/children; see WEH sources

250 ADD IN: JOSEPH 1802 (s/o Christopher1734 - A2) ‘95,May00 [Note this Joseph was previously confused with Joseph1817 and wife Anne GILBERT] BORN: 1802 Warren co, NJ, lived Windham Twp, Norfolk co, Ontario, Canada DIED: 12Oct1861, age 59y11m, buried in Old Windham Cem WIFE: MARTHA ANN CULVER, b7Apr1812; d/o Ebenezer & Elizabeth (KERN) CULVER; she d 17May1846, bur beside Joseph, Old Windham Cem; her will names children. CHILDREN: 1) Margaret bc1830, md 1Dec1846 John MONRO, Windham by S. McConne 2) *Samuel b15Jan1832, “s/Joseph”, md 17Jan1854 Mary HENDERSHOT, d/o Donald (2WEH97) 3) Sarah Ann bc1834 4) ADD: *John bc1836, Norfolk co, Ont; [ADD IN: p231]; md Mar1866 Samantha WYMER; 4 ch. 5) ADD: *Ebenezer b2Mar1840 Norfolk co, Ont; WEH: remove s/Samuel1808 [see: p101-remove Ebenezer]; death cert gives both parents, d 17Oct1917 at TheDalles, Wasco, OR; md 5Jan1874 Isabell H.MUNGER; 6 ch. 6) Melinda bc 1845 SOURCE: B.Rudy: censuses, Old Wyndham Cem., will, VR; Norlfolk co Surrog.Crt: Successors Duty Act; 2WEH251>Jos.1817; 1993 Addenda; Ebenezer’s death cert.

250: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1811 (s/o John1773 - A4) ‘89 DIED: 4Sep1890, age 79y,8m,19d WIFE: SARAH--; d 29Dec1885, age 66y,7m,28d Ch#2) William H. b1Sep1840; d 1Aug1878, age37y,11m,3d; Civil War: Pvt, Co.D. 3rd PA Heavy Artillery SOURCE: White Hall, PA >cem stones in family plot

251: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1817 (s/o ?Donald1797 - A2) ‘93,95,5/00 BORN 1817 Ontario; prob Elgin co, Canada; lived Southwold Twp, Elgin co. FATHER: prb DONALD S. 1797 MOTHER: MARY ELLEN BASTEDO [remove Bictidia] WIFE: ANNE GILBERT, bc1826, age 80-1906 (death); md abt 1842; she md (2) Mr. Foley by 1871 CHILDREN: 1. Elinor b1843 (17>1861); prob md to Wm. YOUNGS on 17Apr1861 2. *Truman T. b10Mar1844; md 5Mar1852 Sarah Ann MOTHERSELL at St.Clair co, MI; 14 ch. 3. Christiana b1846 (5>1851) 4. Sarah Eliza b1848; md 1) William BASS; 2) Lorenzo KESLER in St.Clair co, MI 5. Joseph b1849 (2>1851) 6. James T. b1851; md Henrietta WALKER 7. Rachel R. b1852; “d/Joseph & Annie”, age 20 md 16Sep1872 to Benjamin HOUGH, 24 of Pt. Stanley; s/o Henry & Allice HOUGH 8. John b1856; d 28June1870, age 14 yrs bur Fingal Cem, Southwold 9. Mary Jane b1858; md Mr. HOWELL; moved to Saginaw, MI SOURCES: 1] 2WEH251-Joseph1817 erroneously listed with wf of Joseph1802 >Martha Ann Culver 2] 1851,1861,1871 censuses: Southwold, Elgin, Ontario; 3] Obits: of some children & grch of Truman1844; 4] Barbara Rudy, 3241 StauntonAv., Dover,PA 17315: discovered mix-up of Joseph1802 & Joseph1817; also Elgin co marr reg “Rachael R.”; Fingal Cem recs.

251: JOSEPH H. HENDESHOT 1830 (s/o John1800 - A3) ‘92 BORN: 26Dec1830 Hunterdon co, NJ; DIED: (will dated) 28July1897, probated Sep1901 [ESB#60]; bur Union Cem, Lebanon, Hunterdon, NJ WIFE: RACHEL A. HENDERSHOT b1830; d/Aaron1793 & Margaret SCHAMP; d June1897 cert gives her parentage 1) Elsie M. b1846 (4-1850); not in 1897 will 2) *Peter b1Apr1851; md Katherine--; (will) dec’d but had heirs 1897 3) Fanny Elizabeth b1852; md Abraham Wolf, (will - res Lebanon) 4) Margaret b10Feb1855; md 15Nov1879 Henry BUSH, (will - res Pleasant Run ) 5) *Joseph H. b1856; md Emma J. JONES; (will) dec’d but had heirs 1897 6) Ralph bFeb1858 7) daughter b9July1860; d 16July1860 8) *David B. b25May1862; md Emma RUSH; (will - res Springtown) 9) *Elmer E. bDec1863; md 1902 Mrs. Emma J. JONES; (will - res Lebanon) 10) Harmon b2Jan1865 11) Rachel E. b1866 (13>1880) (will - res Annandale) 12) Lora b1869; d7Apr1871 SOURCE: Corres: Frank Hendeshot; death cert of Rachel 1830 as d/Aaron1793; Lebanon Union Cem recs; Hunterdon co Surrogates crt recs, V.3 (1899-1905) p163 [LDS#806,593]; V.19-20 p359 documents: will of Joseph1830 [LDS#802,409].

251: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1839 (s/o John1814 - B4) ‘96 WIFE: ANNETTE E. PREDMORE, b6July1845 NJ; md 26Aug1863; 9 ch; CHILDREN: Death record of a child: ?ch#3 Ullyses G. Hendershot, bcSep1867, d13Dec1867 age 2m21days Another child, #4 Henry is listed with abt same birthdate [age 3 when died 1870], WEH notes “d. inf.”; not sure if this is a confusion or of a deceased twin or what. SOURCE: Corres/gleanings N.Febish: NJGM 1990-91> Methodist Church recs, Sussex co, NJ

254: JOSEPH LESTER HENDERSHOT 1882 (s/o Thomas1857 - B2) May01 BORN: 22Sep1882 Iowa co, Iowa>MO.OK; d13Aug1928 Lawton, OK WIFE: GEORGIA MAE HAMMERS, b14Oct1889 MO; d 24Aug1981 Lawton, OK; d/Permelia A. Hammers (1851-1935) 1) Joseph b4Jan1909 2) Anna b26May1913 3) Minnilee b27Sep1915 4) Dorothy b18Aug1918 5) Margaret b23July1920; d1923 Lawton, OK 6) Thomas b4Mar1922 7) Betty Jean b19Oct1923 8) Jack Louis Henry b26Aug1925 9) Sarah Patricia b3Nov1929 10) Peggy b1933 11) Georgia b??1948 SOURCE: B.Rudy: Lawton, OK funeral recs

259: LENOX LOUIS HENDERSHOT 1868 (s/o Whitfield Holloway1833 - A4) ‘89,90 BORN: 1868 Mansfiled twp, Warren, NJ; d 1935 Milford, Susquehanna, PA WIFE: LEAH LORETTA CLINE CHILDREN: all born Morristown, Morris, NJ 1) *Lewis Roscoe b1891; md Sadie HAMILTON; son: --) *Wayne b29Jan1914, d 3Feb1999, md Muriel-- 2) Jeanette Graves b1893; md Wm. DONAHUE; 2 daus: Celia & Lois Marie 3) Charles Armyn b1896; md Wilhelmina MILES; 2 sons: Walter & Howard 4) Gladys G. bcJuly1898, d28Nov1898 age 4 mos 5) Lois Beatrice b1899; md Peter NOLL: 2 ch: Charles, d1989 CA; Jeanette SOURCE: Corres: Wayne Hendershot, s/o Lewis Roscoe

263: LOUIS HENDERSHOT Sr. 1902 (s/o William1864 - A3) ‘99,May01 BORN: 1902 (86-1988) at High Bridge, Hunterdon, NJ; d10May1988 (obit) INFO: resided most of life Mine Hill; WIFE: (1) MYRTLE BRYANT, ch; (2) HAZEL V.-- (wife in obit) 1) Betty J. bc1934; md Jennings DAHL (not in obit) 2) Louis Jr., b6Jan1936; md Diane NORDAK; res Dover in obit 3) Leonard E. bc1938; md Inez KERNICK; of PA and had 3 sons in obit 4) Joseph YAKARINO, Norristown, PA “son” in obit SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

263: LEWIS RANDOLPH HENDERSHOT 1909 (s/o Burton1882 - B2) ‘91 BORN: 28Sep1909 Fairfield, Jefferson, IA; to Wilsonville, Clakamas, OR WIFE: (1) HELEN L. KRKHART md17Apr1929; (2) LENORE JONCAS [not Joneas], md 9Nov1976 1) Burton R. b16Mar1930; md Mary-- 2) Mark L. b7Aug1945; md Marjorie L. Fern-- 3) Janet L. b23Sep1947; md (1) Michael MITCHELL; (2) James A. WANLESS SOURCE: Lewis R. Hendershot fam recs

UNID: LOUIS J. HENDERSHOT bc1919 ‘99 BORN: bc1919 (63-1982); d3Feb1982 Newton, Sussex, NJ; WWII vet (obit) WIFE: ELEANOR; son James of Andover Twp; FAM: bro. Arthur of Bangor, PA. SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

266: LYMAN E. HENDERSHOT/HENDERSON 1837 (s/o William J. 1810 - A2) ‘98 INFO: Changed surname to HENDERSON, as did his father BORN: 12Jan1837 Newfield, Tompkins, NY; moved to Addison, Steuben, NY WIFE: (1) FANNY CURE, d 10Mar1879 Newfield, Tompkins, NY CHILD: *Guy Demott, b 5Mar1771; (known by family as “Guy” or “Mott”) WIFE: (2) MINNIE MIX md June1882 (no children) SOURCE: Corr: Rosemary Dills; autobiog-Guy Demott noted with info Wm1810 addenda’98 [see 2WEH278]

UNID: MALINDA HENDERSHOTT 1863 ‘96 BORN: 1863, d 19 MARR: John KETCHEBAW (1851-1938) at Tillsonburg, Elgin co, on 15May1885, she his 2nd wife [he md first Anna M. Snively (1858-1884)] SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Eden Cem, Bayhan Twp, Elgin co, Ont; Tillsonburg News 1863-1889

UNID: MANCHE HENDERSHOT bc1895 ‘99 BORN: bc 1895 (81-1976) d 21July1976 at Clinton Twp, Hunterdon, NJ; DIED: killed by being struck by auto when crossing 4 lane highway with Mary Jane Learke, 19 both of Whitehouse. NOTE: see: Wm1838>Manchus H. bJuly1876; md 10Apr1905 NJ Mrs. Mary E. “Lizzie” Howell [ESB#140] SOURCE: Newspaper item: Cunningham 9/98

UNID: MARGARET HENDERSHOT 1824 ‘99 BORN: 10May1824 Washington, Morris, NJ; d 28May1899 Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI MARR: (1) 1845 THOMAS COLLAR at Scottsburg, Livingston, NY; he d28Aug1848 Macon, Lenawee, MI Ch #1) Almeida M. COLLAR b9May1846 Raisin, Lenawee co, MI MARR: (2) 10Oct1849 SAMUEL L. HENRY Ch #2) Adelbert Frank HENRY b1850 Lenawee co. Ch #3) Alonzo M. HENRY b1855 SOURCE: Fam research: Robert C. Williams who desires info on parentage of Margaret, [?Casper1780, see HRN, Vol.6,#2, pg7, who was having ch in Washington, Morris, NJ, then moved to Danville, Steuben, NY by1840].



UNID: ELSEY HENDERSHOT bur 20Oct1853 SOURCE: B.Rudy: Rogers Corners Cem at Malahide, Elgin co, Ont.

UNID: MARION HENDERSHOT bc1851, age 64 in 1915 ‘97

UNID: HATTIE HENDERSHOT bc1854, age 61 in 1915; both born Canada INFO: Both are found in Hornellsville directories 1921, 1923, 1925, 1927 SOURCE: Corres Connie Quanz: 1915 census Hornellsville, Steuben, NY; +B.Rudy research data

267: MARK HENDERSHOT 1931 (s/o John1800 - A4) ‘89 BORN: Feb1831 Hardwick twp, Morris, NJ; resided Frelinghuysen twp Warren till abt 1882 DIED: 19Feb1905 Pen Argyle, Northampton, PA (pension rec) WIFE: SUSAN A. POYER, md19Feb1865 Hope, Warren, NJ; d 1922; 12 ch Ch#8) Aurelius G. b1877, d 5May1888 age 11; Hope Union Cem: George W. s/o Mark & Susan, d 5May1888, age11y2m,16d Ch#10) Sada Belle bcFeb1881; d22May1882, 1y2m,23d, Hope Union Cem, d/o Mark & Susan Ch#11) Levi H. b6July1881, year must be wrong SOURCE: Mil/pens recs; cem stones at Hope Union Cem, Johnsonburg area, Warren, NJ

UNID: MARK HENDERSHOT bc1835 ‘96 WIFE: ENUNA --; CHILD: Josephine bc1858, d Oct1860, age 2 yrs of Southwold Twp, Elgin co, Ont. SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Fingal Cem, Southwold Twp, Elgin co, Ont.

270: MERTON ARTHUR HENDERSHOT 1923 (s/o Russell1897 - B2) ‘99 WIFE: LEONA FEITSMA b16Oct1930 OBIT: dau Donna b26July1956, d 1Jan1981, age 27; her obit mentions her maternal grandparents: Mr&Mrs. David FEITSMA SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98; 2WEH321

UNID: MELINDA HENDERSHOTT MARR: 15ay1885 John KETCHABAW, his 2nd wife BUR: her grave stone: 1863-19-- SOURCE: B.Rudy: Tillsonburg News; Eden Cem, Bayhan twp, Elgin co, Ont.

271: (B2) MICHAEL 1734 (s/o Michael1712): ‘96 NOTE: DAR Patriot Index some data is incorrect WIFE IS UNKN, BUT HIS MOTHER ELIZABETH SHERMERHORN, IS LISTED AS HIS WIFE! ERROR! SOURCE: DAR Patriot Index

271: ADD IN: MICHAEL HENDERSHUTE bc1742/3 (A9) (prob s/o Casper1699) HRN:May96 This Michael appears in the Wyoming settlement May 1770, near Wilkes Barre, in present day Luzerne county. Two historical accounts include him in a 3 week period.(Source 1). The accounts give his surname as Hendershute and Hendershut. By 1775, we find Michael Hendershut, a skinner, and WIFE NAOMI in the Northumberland co Grantor Index with an indenture. (Source 2) made 28Feb1775 wherein they sell 116+ acres to a David Ireland; this was not recorded until 1790 for some reason. In a follow-up, I found the document in Northumberland co Deeds 1787-1790 - LDS#0961193. The property is located in Turbutt Twp, “being on limestone run” and “known by the name of Pleasant Valley”. The deed says Michael was “granted a patent from the...province”, bounded by [property] of Robert Moody.and Widow McCroskies land.containing 116 and 1/2 acres.recorded in Patent book AA.14, pg 625”; amount paid was 90 pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania.. This document is signed by Michael; Naomi gives her mark. I found the Patent Book entry (as cited above) and duly found the original patent granted to Michael Hendershute the 4 Aug 1773 “on a tract of land called Pleasant Valley, situated in Limestone Run in Turbott Twp...116 & 1/2 acres.” Naomi and Mary “Hendershott”, twins aged 11 years (bc1767), were survivors of an Indian massacre July1778 on a “Northumberland co settlement near Wilkes Barre”.(Source 3) Apparently, the rest of their family was massacred at that date. They went with other survivors to settlements near the Delaware River. In 1799, Naomi Hendershoot is listed as a witness at the baptism of a child of her sister Mary Hendershoot and husband Thomas COCKFAIRE.2. It must be that Michael and Naomi are the parents of Mary and Naomi. The 1775 indenture was recorded in Jan 1790, but made in Feb 1775. Michael and wife Naomi were probably killed in the 1778 massacre and their twin daughters survived. Being young, the girls were probably raised by some kindly folk, eventually marrying cousins, Thomas and John Cockefair3. If Michael about age 21 and Naomi were married by abt 1764 (the twins were b1767), then he was probably born about 1742/3. Michael1745 (son of John1720) left a will, dated Dec 1809, naming his children. Michael 1758 is too young to have children by 1767. The only possibility is that this Michael is the son of Casper1699, which is likely as Casper is the only one not having a son named after his father Michael. I believe then that this Michael was born about 1742/3, a son of Casper1699. ESB WIFE: NAOMI--, bc1745 NJ; d 1778 nr Wilkes Barre, Northumberland, PA - Indian massacre; 2+ ch -) Naomi b1767 (twin-11>1778) of Turbott twp, Northumberland, PA; md John COKEFAIRE -) Mary b1767 (twin-11>1778) of Turbott twp, Northumberland, PA; md Thomas COKEFAIRE SOURCE: 1) Susquehannah Company Papers, Vol4 (1770-1772); Newsletter, V4:3:p8, V6:3p3. 2) 2nd River Ref. Dutch Church, Belleville, Essex, NJ Baps, NJHS Proceedings, Oct 1899: V1, series 3:p189. 3) Bloomsfield, NJ Historical Symposium, pub 1912, p178

271: MICHAEL HENDERSHOT 1745 (s/o John1720 - Clan C) HRN:May96 BORN: 17Oct1745 Middle Valley, Morris, NJ; moved with family to Greenwich twp, Sussex/Warren co where was on taxables 1774 and in Rev. Census 1774. Apparently moved soon after to Old Northumberland area PA. He is listed as a private in Northumberland co, PA Rangers sometime between 1778-17838. He appears first in the 1783-847 tax lists of Mahoning Twp, Old Northumberland co on 150 acres (2 horses, 2 cows). He and three brothers-in-law, Michael MINEGAR (md Mary1754), Even THOMAS (md Catherine1751), and Peter EPHLIN (md Rebecca 1752/62), migrated to this area about the same time. A nephew, Jacob1763 (s/o John Henry1743 > John1720) with wf & cousin Mary THOMAS (d/o Even THOMAS and Catherine1751), is also in that 1783-84 Mahoning tax list, on 250 acres (3 horses). Michael and Mary MINEGAR are also there (3 horses). By 1785, Jacob1763 and the MINEGARs have moved into Turbott Twp, where Peter EPHLIN appears 1786. Michael1745 continues on his 150 acres (1h,2c) thru 1787, now in Derry Twp, the township boundaries were changed 1786; he is at Derry in 1790 and 1800 censuses. In June 1802, Michael and WF SARAH [SCHOLL] sell 59 acres at Derry Twp to Hugh Watson. His neighbors on the deed are James Laird, Richard KITCHEN, and Jacob SHIPMAN. Jacob SHIPMAN is the executor of Michael’s will, dated 13Dec1809, probated 26Feb1810, which lists his 9 children: 1) Catherine Ann bc1768; md (Henry)Harmon DILDINE; a dau Catherine md Anon HENDERSHOT 1797, s/o Jacob1763 (wf Mary THOMAS); later moved to Groveland, NY to join Anon’s family (see below) 2) Phebe b1770; md Peter EVELAND (prb s/Peter EPHLIN & Rebecca HENDERSHOT) see HRN:V6#3:p2 3) *Jesse Scholl b1772; md Jane HODGE; lived Fishing Crk, Jerseytown; d1808 age36; ch unk; his prop was sold to Henry Funston 1814 4) Sarah bc1773; md a Mr.JOHNSON 5) Margaret bc1774; md a Mr. JOHNSON 6) Mary bc 1775; md Samuel WELLIVER of Turbott Twp 7) *Isaac b1777; md Mary DILDINE (sis of (Henry)Harmon, who md #1 Catherine); 9 ch b at Derry Twp; Isaac appears 1820 & 1830 cens; in 1840: Mary [age 60-70] living Derry 8) *William Sholl b1778; md 1799 Mary KITCHEN, d/o Rbt KITCHEN12, WEH says moved 1830 to Groveland, NY; 1831 to Macon, Lenawee, MI where d 1867 9) *John Henry b1781; md Jane KITCHEN, sis Mary above; double-ring ceremony 1799; also to Macon, MI SOURCES: Northumberland co Taxes 1778-1887; PA Archives: 3rd series, Vol23:p338; PA Deeds (LDS #961,184); Index only, need to get document as it might incl children; Northumberland Wills (LDS #961,022); Letter from Harmon & Catherine>to dau Catherine wf of Anon1797, HRN, V6:3:p3.; Hist. Columbia co, PA, by J.H.Battle1887, p503, MadisonTwp: says Mary Kitchen was d/Wm & wf>d/o “Col.Bodine of Rev War fame”.

272: MICHAEL HENDERSHOT bc1758 (s/o ?Michael1734 - ?B2) ‘98 NOTE: This Michael has been blended with another Michael Hendershot born between 1760-70 who was md 1796 to Deborah ROBINSON. Evidently this Michael1758 (our focus) had only one wife, Phebe Hazen. Their family is found in Sussex co; research is needed to clarify the narrative by WEH, p272. WIFE: PHEBE HAZEN, bc1762 Sussex co, NJ; d/John Hazen & Ann Landon -) ?dau Elizabeth “(if) bc1799 NY”/per WEH, might be the dau of Michael1760-70 & Deborah ROBINSON, as they md 1796 and had a dau under 5 by 1800 cen of Duchess co, NY. However, Elizabeth md in Sussex co, NJ 18Apr1828 IRA SARCH [WEH: has Larch]. This data is from a compiled listing of marrs abstracted from Newton newspapers [prob in the Newton Lib]. The extract says: “Elizabeth Hendershot to Ira Sarch, Newton- Longwood; 18Apr1828”. Ira Sarch was the s/Martin SEARCH, from Hunterdon co, who “moved to the border of Morris & Sussex cos to work in the forge and mining industry in the area.” Elizabeth and Ira SARCH/SEARCH moved to Franklin co, Ohio by 1830 census and had 2 ch: --1 Mary Ann SEARCH, bc1823 in NJ; --2 Philemon SEARCH, bc1828 in OH Elizabeth died of TB between 1830 & 1840 in Franklin co, OH [per Ira’s military papers]. SOURCE: Corres M.Jaspers: fam research; marrs in Sussex co Newspapers [135] [see HRN, V.8,#3,pp9-10].

UNID: MICHAEL bc1760-1770 ‘98 NOTE: This Michael and family was blended with family of Michael1758; marrs seem certain, but children need to be determined. BORN: birth date is from 1830 census: age btw 60-70 yrs WIFE: DEBORAH ROBINSON md 28July1796 at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY, her age between 50and60 in the 1830 census CHILDREN: probably Elizabeth bc1799 md Ira SARCH; & others?? SOURCE: Corres J.Cunningham: censuses, marr rec; see Michael1758 info

273: MICHAEL HENDERSHOT 1796 (s/o Issac1777 - C2) ‘98 BORN: 15Nov1794 (per stone); d 11Apr1870 - 75y,4m,26d (per stone) WIFE: MERCY CORNELISON, b30June1800 (per stone); d 5Dec1890 - 90y,5m,5d (per stone) SOURCE: Gravestone-Derry Mennonite Cem (prev Presbyterian Cem)

276:ADD IN: MILO M. HENDERSHOT 1861 (s/o John1818 - C4) May01 BORN: bc1861 (26-1888) IA; resided at Fayette co, IA at birth of child WIFE: TINA WORLEY, bc1866 (22-1888) 1) Jim b18July1888 Fayette co, IA SOURCE: D.Hack: Fayette co, IA birth notice 277: MORRIS C. HENDERSHOT 1800 (s/o Christopher1734 - A2) ‘96 BORN: “b 1Apr1800 in German [Valley, Morris co], NJ, s/o Christopher and Christina Hendershott.came to Canada with parents in 1804, settling in Merigold’s Point, Toronto Twp in 1831. He died in Lynden, in the Temperance Hall while delivering an address (no date given). He served as an ‘exhorter local preacher’ and for several years as an ordained deacon. 15May1872, p4.0.” WIFE: (1) MARGARET WEAVER, “Mrs. (1) MARGARET [WEAVER] Hendershot was b at Sugarloaf, Bertie Twp in 1803 and moved with her parents at the close of the late war to Ancaster Twp. Soon after this, she married M.C. Hendershot and had 6 children, 4 of whom died of scarlet fever and were buried in one grave. Mrs. Hendershot died 8June1863 at her residence, Jerseyville. Shortly before her death, she lived at Rockford. 9Sep1863, p4.0.” Note that WEH has 5 children listed, all of whom have spouses, so confusion remains as to whether she had 5 or 6 children, 4 of whom, per above account, died young. WIFE: (2) HYLEA WEAVER, b1806; md 1864 1) Margaret bc1826; md John DANIELS 2) *Peter J. b28July1831; md Jane Elizabeth MISENER 3) Mary bc1832; md Mr. TENEYCK 4) *William Llewellyn bc1834; md ?? 5) *Abraham J. bMay1838 NY; md Mary JOHNSON SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: Death Notices - Canadian Christian Advocate 1858-1872, by Rev. Donald A.McKenzie

278: MOSES G. HENDERSHOT 1868 (s/o Benjamin1832 - C3) ‘97 WIFE: WEH has wife MARY MORSE, but it is stated in Hazzard Gen that his wf is MAY STATIRA; SON: *Arlon Cortland (1868-1943) md Alice E. MOULTON born at Dawn Valley, Lambton, Ont. --son Dale’s wife: Sharon FEATHERSTON in Hazzard Gen. [see 2WEH39] SOURCE: Gleanings-B.Rudy: Hazzard Genealogy by Baker, King & Torrey

278: (GUY) DEMOTT HENDERSHOT/HENDERSON b1871 (s/o Lyman1837 - A2) ‘98 BORN: 5Mar1871 at Newfiled, Tompkins, NY WIFE: VADA SMITH, who died 31May1931 in Seattle, Washington CHILDREN: 1) Wanda b28Oct1904 at Hutchinson, Reno, KS; md James F. McNamara - Michael McNamara line 2) Gertrude b20Oct1905; md Leonard DRISCOLL - Roy Driscoll lineage 3) Raymond Demott b3Feb1910 4) Harry Clifford b20July1914; md 1937 Erline STIMPSON SOURCE: Corr: Rosemary Dills & autobiog. of Guy Demott 1871 written in 1955

279: NATHANIEL SHAFER HENDERSHOT 1824 (s/o John1788 - B2) ‘99 WIFE: MATILDA CONKLIN, md15Aug1846 Sussex co, NJ Ch #9) Ermina Clare b6Dec1868 OH; d 6May1945 Southwest City, MO; She md (1) William Clayton BLOOMER, 1 ch: Homer Eugene BLOOMER (1898-1963) She md (2) abt 1940 Samuel H. RAINES in MO. SOURCE: Fam recs: Jon Tooley 1/99

280: ADD IN: NEWTON V. HENDERSHOT 1873 (s/o Adam1832 - A3) ‘89 BORN: Oct1873 (2701900) of Jersey City, Hudson, NJ MARR: unkn SON: Willard Jacob SOURCE: 1900 census

283: OLIVER HAYWARD PERRY HENDERSHOT 1813 (s/o David1774 - C3) ‘98 INFO: His name given as Oliver Hazard P. in IGI WIFE: SOPHRONIA PARKS (1817-1903) CHILDREN: same 9 as listed, the following 3 had different or new info: 1) Adria b11July1836 Euclid, Cuyahoga, OH 4) Caroline Virginia b/d same 7) Virginia Carolyn b25Jan1851 Cleveland, OH SOURCE: ESB: IGI ‘94 edition

284: ORESTES MARTIN HENDERSHOT 1886 (s/o Ira1855 - B5) ‘91 BORN: 23Apr1886 Frelinghuysen twp, Warren, NJ; d 28Dec1963, bur Cedar cem, Blairstown, NJ WIFE: MABEL JAY WILDRICK, md 25Apr/15Sep1908 Stillwater; b9June1888 Blairstown; d1972 1) Victor Orestes Ellsworth b15Mar1909, d1977; md Ella Marie HANSON b1908 2) Henry Claron bc 1910, d1968; md 4Oct1942 Katherin Marie O’Brien SOURCE: All buried Cedar Cem, Blairstown, Warren, NJ

285: ORVILLE B. HENDERSHOT 1924 (s/o Arthur1896 - A2) ‘92 WIFE: (1) BILLY JOAN DUNCAN, 2 ch; (2) MARY LOU SCRIBNER; md 3Dec1953, 1 ch 1) Carol Ann b29Apr1944; md Leonard ZIEGLER 2) Larry Jack b11June1945 3) Orville Jack b23July1955, d 18Feb1989, b/d Sandusky, MI; (aka Jackie Orville) 4) Timothy 5) Cindy md William PAGEL SOURCE: B.Rudy: obit of Jackie Orville.

286: OSCAR HENDERSHOTT 1832 (s/o Jacob1792 - C1) May01 BORN: July1832 Jerseytown, Columbia, PA WIFE: ELIZABETH T. BARBER bJuly1839 Groveland, NY; 11 ch Ch?)ADD: Barber d26Apr1868; son of O. & E.T. Hendershott SOURCE: cem or death rec, but source unkn at present

287: OSCAR HENDERSHOT 1852 (s/o James1823 - B4) ‘89 BORN: 4Mar1852 Newton twp, Sussex, NJ; cem stone: “1850-1929” INFO: ice dealer, street contractor, appointed policeman 1898 WIFE: (1) VIOLETTA BARBER “1850-1889”, 6 ch WIFE: (2) ELLA S. SHROPE “1844-1920”; md 1894/5 SOURCE: Cem stones, Washington, Warren, NJ Cem; ‘89Addenda:James1823

UNID: OSCAR HOWARD HENDERSHOT bc1875 ‘97 MARR: ANNA CLARICE MAUD HARPER 16Nov1904 SOURCE: Gleanings-B.Rudy: Marrs Presby.Church Wallaceburg, Kent, Ont. (LDS#160007)

287: ADD IN: OSCAR JACKSON 1896 (s/o Dewitt1875 - B3) ‘98 BORN: 23June1896, d1964; INFO: After his mother died 1896, he was raised by his maternal grandmother Nancy J. Lingston Carpenter; she md (2) abt 1895 to Oscar’s paternal grandfather Henry Clay HENDERSHOT, b1842-1899 [2WEH152]. Nancy md (3) 1902 Y.J. GUTHERY and Oscar adopted the name Jack GUTHERY when an adult. WIFE: (1) FRANCES SANDERS md 12Sep1915, d/o John & Sarah (HOLLOWAY) SANDERS WIFE: (2) OLLIE L. --; bc1891 (19-1910) OK CHILDREN: 1) Charles William b31July1916 at Sayre, Beckham, OK; md 11Dec1937 Ila Mae DYE; 3 ch: -Charles Edwin b18Oct1939 -Dillard Lee b1Sep1941 -Ross Truman b5May1943 2) Joseph Everett b14May1919 at Doxey, Beckahm, OK; 3 ch 3) Sarah Bernice b16Aug1922 at Sayre; 3 ch 4) Medford Lee b13May1927 at Sayre; 5 ch 5) Evelyn Frances b28Nov1931 at Sayre; 1 ch SOURCE: Research: Dillard Guthery, his book HENDERSHOT & GUTHERY ANCESTORS, 1997; marr certs, censuses

291: PETER HENDERSHOT 1733 (s/o Casper1699 -A1) ‘91 BORN: 1733 near Potterstown, Rockaway Creek, Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon, NJ; there is no death info recorded WIFE: (?1) PRISCILLA PHILLIPS, b1734; bapt age 24 into Lutheran Church 17June1758 as wife of Peter; she dau of William Phillips. She perhaps died shortly after the birth of Peter b1775. WIFE: (?2) ANN MOELICH/MELLICK, bc1742; died 1778 at NewGermantown/Oldwick, Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon; Ann Moelich was d/Johan David Moelich whose family is listed in EARLY GERMANS of NJ p585-6: 3 sons are given and “a daughter md to Peter Hendershot”. Ann’s death report in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church records at N.Germantown states she died 22Sep1778, “the wife of Peter HENNESCHITT. She was the daughter of our fellow elder, David Moelich, who died 14 years ago. She died the death of the righteous through the mercy of God...” [See article HRN:V3,#3,p2-Sep1991]. There is no other Peter Hendershot of that period who could be the spouse of Ann Moelich, so I propose her as a 2nd wife. 1) Sarah (if) bc1760; md Michael HENN > to Canada 2) *William (if) bc1764; md Christeen BOWMAN > to Canada 3) *John b7July1769 bap Dutch Ref Chur Lebanon; md wf? > to Canada 4) Priscilla b5Aug1770 bap “” 5) *Peter b1775; md Anna Jane CROW > to Canada SOURCE: GMNJ: V.66:#2,p52-May1991 article of previously untranslated and unpublished death records of Zion Evan. Luth. Church at New Germantown, Tewksbury twp, Hunterdon, NJ; EARLY GERMANS of NJ, by Chambers, p585-6; HRN:V3,#3,p2-Sep1991.

292: PETER HENDERSHOT 1775 (s/o Peter1733 - A1) ‘96 BORN: 1775 near Potterstown, Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon, NJ; d 18June1819, bur Hillside Cem, Fonthill, Ont. INFO: his father Peter1733 was a loyalist, moved fam to Pelham twp, Ont 1784, however Peter1733 is never found in Canadian records thereafter altho all his children inherit UEL land in 1797. WIFE: ANNA JANE CROW, b 9Feb1776 in Bethel Twp, Lebanon co, PA; d/o John/Johannes GROH/CROW, who was born in the 1740s, Bethel Twp; he was bur on farmstead; his wf Magdalena MEYER, b Bethel Twp, d before Apr1815. SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Penna.. Mennonite Heritage Mag, Jan1994, p22-23

293: PETER HENDERSHOT 1775 (s/o ?Casper1754-B2 or ?Casper1749-A7) May01 BORN: 27Jan1775 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ; d10Dec1865 INFO: WEH lists him as son of Casper1754 (Sussex co family) but Casper & wf Charity Dilts moved 1788 to KY, but this Peter md and raised family in Sussex co, NJ WIFE: MARY ANN SOUTH, b1776; md 9Feb1797 Newton, Sussex co; d5June1858 SOURCE: E.Baer: Casper1749 & Casper1754 family narratives-questions remain.research needed.

293: PETER HENDERSHOT 1791 (s/o William1765 - A3) ‘89 BORN: 29Sep1791 Rockaway area, Hunterdon, NJ; bapt in Lebanon Reformed Church; lifeong resident WIFE: EVE/EFFEY HOCKENBERRY b1795; md 16Aug1813; poss d/Peter Hockenbury whose inventory 13Feb1815 at Lebanon listed money held by Peter Hendershot [ESB#12] CHILDREN: WEH mixed this family with John1783 sev of whom were bur Newell Bur. Grd; none of Peter’s ch found in that cem; 9 ch known but others indicated by censuses: 1) Maria b25Jan1814 (d/Peter & Eve) 2) Elizabeth b7Apr1816 Dutch Ref. Church (d/Peter&Eve); remove spouse:Abraham W. Swearer [see John1783] 3) a son bc1818 (10-15>1830); [remove Sarah G./A. who md Ab.W.Swearer = “d/John&Susan”-death cert] 4) a dau bc1821 (10-15>1830; 20-30>1840) 5) a dau bc1823 (10-15>1830; 15-20>1840) 6) *George b11Dec1827? (b1828-cem stone) (und5>1830); md Mary-- 7) Joseph bc1829 (und5>1830); md? > Frank Hendershot’s line 8) ?John bc1831 (5-10>1840) 9) ?*Adam A. bc1832/3; md Jane MITCHELL 10) ?*Philip H. b8June1835 at White Hall, Hunterdon; md 4July1867 Mary Jane PHILHOWER; he d23Mar1914 11) Frances (son) bc1838/9 (11-1850) SOURCE: Leb. Dutch Ref Church>ch#1&2 [ESB#71]; Newell Burying Ground, Hunterdon co [#14b]; NJArchives Pub:V.42, p210; 1850,1860 cens; VR Newspapers in Trenton (LDS#542,518) 1813 marr [ESB#48]; Hunterdon co marrs (LDS#584,569) p133 [ESB#39p7); Philip’s mil/pension rec (WC 785-726)

294: PETER HENDERSHOTT 1813 (s/o ?John1790 - C4) ‘92,99 BORN: 11June1813 Greene co, PA, moved to Ohio WIFE: MARY B. MERRIMAN CHILDREN: 2 of their 9 ch died as infants 1) William M. b 20Mar1836; md Rachael HULDERMAN (spelling - fam recs) 2) Mary Elizabeth b 1842; md Mr. LINDERMANN 3) prob infant bc1844 4) Patience M. bc 1847 or “1844 Wayne co, IN”; md “1872 C. H. BERTCH b1847 PA” [OH Gen Soc pub] 5) James T. b Oct1848; md Elizabeth WAYBRITHE (fam. spelling) 6) John H. b Feb1850; md Artinca -- 7) prob infant bc 1852/3 8) Almira I. b 1855 9) David B(?Benj.) b 1859, his death date is unknown (WEH error) as he disappeared after wf Christine ROGERS died 15Oct1888; their 2 ch were raised by her brother John ROGERS. David remd in MO & had ch, perhaps Charles Hendershott of ARK.; David returned abt 9 yrs later for the 2 ch, but they stayed with uncle till they married: -1 Margaret b 3July1882, d1May1937; md Glen CLAYPOOL, 8 ch. -2 Benjermine Peter b 23Mar1884 in Galien, Berrien, MI; d 12May1952; he md 5Mar1905 Elgie Hazel ODYKIRK, who d 7Oct1950; 15 ch: --the youngest ch #15) Anna Mae b1938 Berien co, MI; md Mr. GRIECHEN SOURCE: 1990 Addenda: OH Gen Soc. V.27,#3p141; Anna H. Griechen fam research & data

296: PETER HENDERSHOTT 1830 (s/o Abraham1801 - A1) ‘93,96 BORN: 1830 Pelham Twp, Welland co, Ont.; he died London, Ont 22July1917, age 87 INFO: Owned P. Hendershott & Co, East London, Middlesex co, Ont, paper box manufacture WIFE: CATHERINE BEAM, d London, Ont 24Aug1919, age 86 CHILDREN: 1) Alice L. b 1855 (16>1871) 2)ADD: Almira bc 7Feb1857, d 13May1857 age 3m6d 3) Cecelia A. b 1858 (53>1910) 4) Laura R. b 1860, d 1919 5) Louisa b 1862 (9>1871) 6)ADD: Florence G. bc 21May1864, d 27June1865 age 1y1m6d 7) Wellington b 1866 8) Walter Peter b 21Dec1867, md (1) 29June1889 Lucy McKENZIE; (2) Jane BALDWIN [see fam 2WEH343] 9) Edward L. b 1870, d June1902 (Edward T.- cem) 10) Viola bc 1873 11) Maude bc 1876 12) Ethel Beam b 1879, d Feb1965 (b date - cem stone) SOURCE: Corres M.Sliker; B.Rudy: Mt.Pleasant Cem;, London, Ont; Stevensville Mennonite Cem; 1880/1 Directory of London, Ont.; Hist of Middlesex co 1889; 1871 cen.; & various obits.

300: PHILLIP WELCH HENDERSHOTT 1804 (s/o?Christopher1734 - A2) May01 BORN: 1804 New York state; family enroute form Morris co, NJ to Barton twp, Wentworth, Ont WIFE: MARGARET ALMAS md16Oct1830 Ancaster twp, Oxford co, Ont; 8 ch: 1) Abigail Ann bc1830; md1848 Joseph Samworth WATSON, b1822; 8 ch [John Sharp lineage] 2) Catherine Rebecca bc1832; md 15Sep1857 William C. Griffin 3) Isaac b8Apr1834; md Elizabeth HAIGHT 4) Ester bc1836 5) Ezra F. b1838; md Mary I. FRANCIS 6) Celista C. b1841 (20>1861); md 1Oct1863 Timothy STEVENS 7) Charlott C. b1843 (18>1861) 8) Susan M. b1846 (16>1861) SOURCE: John W. Sharp fam records; censuses

300: PHILLIP L. HENDERSHOT 1810 (s/o John1788 - B2) May01 BORN: 27Nov1810 Sussex co, NJ; cooper at Pleasant Valley, Hampton twp; where d22Mar1855 WIFE: MARY K. DECKER b1814 (WEH) or “b17Aug1817” (son Wm.F.’s rec bk) Newton; md 23Mar1833 Newton; d12June1890 1) Michael b4Feb1834; md Susan SWARTSWELDER 2) John Leslie b3Mar1835; md Susan E. HILL; to Marengo, Iowa, IA 3) Robert H. b27July1837; md Frances M. STIFF 4) Elizabeth b7Aug1839; md 15Nov1864 William RAYNOR 5) Mary C. b24July1846; md 7Sep1865 Elijah GROVER 6) 5) Mary C. b 24July1846 6) Elias b 23Apr1848, d 21Sep1864 (age 16); pvt Co. B, NJ 3rd Cav. Civil War: wounded in skirmish Summit Point, VA on 24Aug1864, in the words of Capt. Albert Clark: “soldier was badly wounded, having been shot in right side and in the left arm..ordered to rear..was bleeding copiously and could hardly sit his horse..lost sight of soldier and never heard from him afterwards..” Phillip applied for survivor’s pension, Mary reapplied when Phillip died. 7) Susan “Marrina” (Nina) b22May1850; apparently Susan Minerva should be Susan Marrina nicknamed Nina; she md 17Jan1877 Thomas Gilbert DUNLOP 8) *William Franklin b10Jan1853, d 9Dec1917; md Ozza B. SCOTT [Glenita Emarine lineage] 9) *Philip Irving b12Mar1857; md Addie M. DUNLOP SOURCE: Corres. Glenita Emarine fam recs> ch birth dates; Civ.War papers; quotes indicate from fam rec notebook of son #8 Wm.F.Hendershot

301: PHILIP DANIEL HENDERSHOT 1822 (s/o Daniel1790 - A2) ‘96,5/00 BORN: 17Oct1822 Smokey Hollow, Canada; Smokey Hollow also known as Doan’s Hollow, Norfolk co, Canada; INFO: went 1846 to Platteville, WI; saddler and harness maker, made 1st saddle and trunk in Grant co, WI DIED: 17Sep1910, death cert says middle name “Daniel”, data given by son James at Platteville 1910 FATHER: (A2) Daniel1790 MOTHER: Laney WIFE: SARAH BUCHANAN, d/o Henry of Ireland & Elizabeth ?BLUMER CHILDREN: 1) *James bSep1847 md Laura E. SQUIRES; he a harness maker 1880 census [see 2WEH198]; 2 ch: -Laura May (9-1880); -Dorothy S. (1-1880) 2) Rachel b1850 md R. R. DAVID of Ortonville, MN SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: census-1850,70,80; Hist Platteville; death cert gives parent’s names, birth places 301: PHILIP HENDERSHOT 1827/8 (s/o ??-UNIDENT) 5/00 BORN: 22Oct1827/8 ?Toronto; WEH says Ancaster, Wentworth co, Ont INFO: Lived Saltfleet twp & Benbrook twp DIED: WEH says died at Benbrook & that he is bur United Meth. Chur Cem, Hannon, Ont; (Oliphant rec) says he died 17Sep1906 Stoney Creek (in Saltfleet), Wentworth co FATHER: Uncertain; Philip1828 apparently mixed-up with Philip Daniel b1822 WIFE: CATHERINE OLIPHANT (WEH says wf & cousin); d/o John Henry Oliphant & Mary Jane Reid BORN: WEH: 1828; Oliphant rec: 1832 York co, Ontario DIED: 1Feb1908 Stoney Creek, Wentworth, Ontario; cert says she d of apoplexy she’d had 11 yrs; bur. United Methodist Church Cem, Hannon w/husband & ch #5 1) Cyrus E. b1848/9 Trafalger Hilton (22-1871); md 27May1874 Elizabeth/Eliza Ann Halsted, d/o Wm&Sarah 2) Wilber(t) b12Nov1851 Benbrook (19-1871; d30July1916; md 17Jan1877 Eliz. M. Neil, d/o Levi Neil & Ruth Dean; had 2 daus: -Minnie b1889 md David Tregunno; -Audrey Tregunno md Mr. Sealey 3) Harriet b1856; md Stephen Fletcher 4) *Alfred bFeb1858; md Sophronia-- 5) Mary Jane bc 10Mar1862; d 5Apr1865, age 2y11m5d; bur with parents SOURCES: 1] Research & family records: Serena Oliphant; Audrey Sealey 2] Death rec of Catherine Oliphant in possession of S. Oliphant 3] Ontario Marrs extracted and sent by G.E.Fitzgerald: included recs of Cyrus & Wilber

304: RALPH A. HENDERSHOTT 1896 (s/o Oscar1844/5 - C3) ‘97/99 BORN: 17June1896 Columbus, OH; veteranarian NJ; grad 1917 Ohio State Univ. DIED: 17June1977 (81st birthday) Bristol, PA MARR: IRENE ELIZABETH CONNOR 23Sep1923, d 7Dec1964; d/o Wm. & Elizabeth (BAEHR) CONNER CHILDREN: 1) Myra Jean d 17Dec1983, md Bernard J. McLAUGHLIN; 5 ch 2) Robert D. d 23Feb1933 (age 4, mastoid infection) 3) John A. d 26Apr1979; md 1) Erika ROEDIG, 2) Rita L. HERVEY; no ch 4) Carolyn Patricia md May1959 Donald A. MARTIN, who d 11Dec1980; 5 ch (son John A.) SOURCE: Corres: C.Martin family records; see also this Addenda p70; obit J.Cunningham 9/98

304: ADD IN: RALPH SAMUEL (s/o Samuel Joseph1869 - B1) ‘96 BORN: 3June1897 Bllomsburg, Columbia, PA DIED: 12Apr1976 WIFE: REVAH ELIZA CRAGLE b27July1897, d 6Sep1974; md 12Dec1920 at Cleveland, OH CHILDREN: 1) Ralph Kenneth, b 20Aug1921, d 8Jan1990; md 20May1944 Riverside,Ca. Catherine Lois GEYER b 30July1926 -Ralph Kenneth Jr b 14Mar1945 -Cathy Louise b 25Jan1947 -Judy Ann b 15May1948 -Joann Lee b 6May1960 2) Martha Revalene, b 13Apr1923, d 21Apr199; md 20Oct1944 Oklahoma City to William John BRADBURY -William Ralph BRADBURY b 20Feb1953 -Karen Louise BRADBURY b 3July1956 3) Carl William, b 28June1924; md 14Aug1954 at Beaver Falls, PA to Helen GISHBAUGHER 4) Jean Louise, b 3Feb1936; md 23Oct1954 at Luzerne, PA. James John SCOVELL, b 23Aug1932 -Kenneth James SCOVELL b 5Oct1955 -James John SCOVELL Jr. b 7May1960 -Thomas Ralph SCOVELL b 27Oct1962 SOURCE: Corr: Fam recs Mrs. Ralph K. Hendershott; also corr:#4 Charlotte McNAMARA1932, d/o Walter1893; BlairHendershot-PA Marrs, Luzerne co, PA; see Addenda1996-2WEH361>Wm1840 & his son Samuel1869

306: RAYMOND CECIL HENDERSHOT 1902 (s/o Ansley1862 - A2) ‘90 BORN: 12Nov1902 Verona, Huron, MI; d 8Sep1975, bur Dallas, TX WIFE: (1) GAZELLE ZAYCER b22Dec1906 S.Sharon, PA; d 26May1974 Ann Arbor, MI; 3 ch 1) Ansley Paul b11July1925 Harbor Beach, MI 2) Rex b25Sep1926 Detroit, MI 3) Geneive Elizabeth b8Aug1928 Hudson, NY WIFE: (2) MARY GRAHAM, b9A[r1912 Greenville, TX,d/Frank & Mattie (HOOVER) GRAHAM; no ch SOURCE: B.Rudy fam recs UNID: RAYMOND HENDERSHOT bc1915 ‘99 BORN: (68-1983) bc1915 Tranquility; res Hackettstown; d3May1983 WIFE: CECELIA--; sons Richard of Long Beach; Donald of Hackettstown sisters: Edith CRAMER of Allamuchy; Emma STODDARD, Hackettstown brother decd: James E. bc1909 (see obit this Addenda) SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

308: RICHARD D. HENDERSHOT 1824 (s/o Jacob1803 - A1) May01 BORN: 12July1824 Pelham, Welland, Ont WIFE: CATHERINE C. WILLSON ch#2: *Almer/Arthur Benjamin b9Aug1853; md 1May1873 Mary Ann CAUL/CALL ch#2: Emman Jane b1855; md 1May1873 John Monro O’LEARY at Thorold, Welland, Ont SOURCE: G.E.Fitzgerald: Ont. Marrs

310: ROBERT STEPHENS HENDERSHOT 1843 (s/o Jeremiah1797 - A4) ‘96 BORN: 23Jan1843 Washington, Morris, NJ WIFE: MARY ELIZABETH SEALS CHILD: ADD: #9 Arthur bc1898 (25-1923); md Grace M. SMITH, age 22, on 22Nov1923at Hackettstown; witnesses-Robert Hendershot & Grace B. SMITH

SOURCE: Trinity Meth. Church marr recs-Hackettstown, Warren, NJ 314: ROBERT HENDERSHOT 1864 (s/o William1838 - A4) ‘98 BORN: Mar1864 Schooleys Mtn, Morris, NJ WIFE: IDA V. SMITH ADD: ch #2 Margaret bc1893, d 31Jan1897 at Stephensburg, Morris, NJ ADD: ch #9 Dorothy bc1915 (16-1931) md (1) 11July1931 Franklin SPANGENBURG; (2) George FOX SOURCE: Marr cert: Oxford, Warren, NJ; Death rec Morris co, NJ

314: ROBERT A. HENDERSHOT 1884 (s/o David1857 - ?A8) ‘95/97 BORN: June1884 Spring Twp, Centre, PA WIFE: HATTIE T. PARDOE 1) Freda bc 1910 at State College, PA, d Mar1989; md (1) Mr. BILGER; (2) Claude M. FISHER; 3 ch 2) ADD: Myrtle b1910 md Mr. BILGER 3) ADD: David b3May1916 PA, d Aug1936 State College, PA; md Ethel-- 4) ADD: Clarence Pardoe of Bellefonte 5) ADD: Elsie md Mr. DOBSON 6) ADD: Dorothy unmd 1936 [obit] 7) ADD: Arline SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: obits-York Daily Record, 9 March 1989, York, PA & Nov 1991; obit Bellefonte PA Demo. Watchman & Centre Democrat

320: SEE: ROY HENDERSHOT bc1909 (s/o Charles1879 - B2) ‘99 INFO: d 23Apr1982 of Parsippany; bur Somerset Hills Cem, Basking Ridge (obit) WIFE: ANNA ROLPH; -) Jack of PA -) Donald of Stanhope -) Richard of Morristown -) Herbert of Hackettstown -) Raymond of Parsippany -) Joseph of Parsippany -) Dorothy md Lewis of Kenvil, NJ -) Jean md Richard SNYDER of Hopatcong SOURCE: J.Cunningham: obit info>wf & children-listed from obit order; see also Addenda’99 under father

UNID: RUSSELL HENDERSHOTT ‘96 MARR: ROSA ELLEN DURAND, died 28Jan1985; bur White Chaple Mem. Gardens, Hamilton, Ont. SOURCE: A.Sealey: obits Ont. newspapers

UNID: SARAH JANE HENDERSHOT bc1830 ‘96 Was 2nd wife (?common-law) of WILLIAM E. HIVELY, a soldier in Civil War. Sarah died late 1880s in Nashville, TN. SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: Pension claim & affadavit by the soldier’s 4th wife, July1909, St.Louis, MO

322: SAMUEL HENDERSHOT 1778 (s/o ?Christopher1734 - A2) ‘99 BORN: 1778 Hunterdon co, NJ; d 7Apr1852; will probated 20Apr1852 WIFE: (1) PEGGY ?WALSH, b1787 (inherited from Mrs. Eliz. Walsh in 1835, but no connection proved yet) WIFE: (2) ?ANNA M. SAVERCOOL 1) *Joseph bc1810; listed in father’s will; he deceased by 1852; 3 ch: -1 Catherine bc1830 -2 ?Samuel bc1832 -3 Melissa bc1834 2) ADD: Isaac bc1812; first listed in father’s will 3) Caroline bc1815; not in will, but WEH says she “adm. father’s will abt 1853” 4) ADD: Catherine bc1817; in father’s will, but deceased by 1852; md Mr. DART, 2 ch. 5) *William bc1819; in father’s will; md; went to California gold fields 6) *James b1822; listed in will; md; went to Yankton, SD 7) *Jacob bc1824; died Mar1850 (Mortality Schedule) 8) Mary b1826; listed in will; md Sherman WASHBURN, Newfield, Tompkins, NY 9) *George b1828; listed in will; md; went to Yankton, SD 10) ADD: Phebe bc1830; listed in will; md Rolandus/Romulus CUMMINS 11) Samuel F. b1834; not in father’s will; md 12) *Andres bMar1842; not in will; md SOURCE: B.Rudy: Will; 1850 Mort Sched.; see 2WEH130 for son George1828 & George in Addenda’97

323: SAMUEL HENDERSHOT 1808 (s/o Isaac1774 - A2) ‘92 BORN: Old Northumberland co, PA; INFO: WEH says fam went to Middlesex co, Ont then by 1830 to Hornellsvelle, Steuben, NY; he states in 1855 NY census that he lived in Hornellsville for 31 years = abt 1824 DIED: 23June1878 Hornellsville; WEH says bur Cooper farm, Cayuta, Schuyler, NY; intestate probate rec mentions only 4 ch: William, Amanda Baty, David, Alonzo B. [ESB#205] WIVES: (1) MARIA KILE, b1812 PA lvg 1860+; (2) NELLIE (?FORBS); (3) MARTHA NAOMI FAUVER, his wid, age 54 1)ADD: *William C. b1Jan1826 (52>1878-probate recs); d 18Aug1878; md 28Dec1848 Sarah Rebecca STEPHENS 2) *John (if)b1828 Ont; md (1) Mary A.--; (2) Melinda SALSBERRY 3) Amanda Harriet bc1829 Ont; md 15Sep1861 Thomas BEATTIE 4) *Alonzo Bradnor b28Dec1830 NY; md Lovina Patrick DOTY REMOVE: Samuel bJan1832 NY md Mary Hendershot > Samuel1832 s/Joseph1802 5) *David H. b23Apr1833NY; md Alice FAUVER REMOVE: Ebenezer bMar1834/40 Ont; md I.H. Munger > Ebenezer s/Joseph1802 (death cert gives both parents) SOURCE: B. Rudy: Steuben co Syrrogate crt admin. petition; Stephens Genealogy, p185; death cert:Ebenezer; C.Quanz research: 1840,1850,1855,1860 censuses; property data

325: SAMUEL HENDERSHOT 1832 (s/o Joseph1802 - A2) ‘92 BORN: 15Jan1832 Ont; d 12Oct1917 Verona, Huron, MI at home of son Horatio WIFE: MARY HENDERSHOT, bMar1834 Wentworth co, Ont, d/Daniel1790; d 1907 Verona; d 1907, bur next to hus 1) *Frank (if)bSep1855; md Elizabeth-- 2) Samuel bc1856 3) *Alonzo bOct1859; md Mary PELKY 4) *son (if)bc1860; Ellen-- (not in obit) 5) *Ansley J. bJan1862; md Elizabeth SNODDEN [B.Rudy lineage] 6) Mary A. b1866; md William BEATY > to Leonard, MI 7) Ella bc1868; md Harmon MORRICK 8) *Horatio Pope b14Nov1871; md Emma Jane McGREGOR SOURCE: B.Rudy: Samuel’s death cert gives parents names & states he born in Canada [ESB Death/obit file]; tombstones; obit: bur Verona; “remaining fam..2 sons-Horatio P. & Lon & dau Mrs. Ridgely of Sanilac co”.

327: SAMUEL JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1869 (s/o William1840 - B1) ‘96 BORN: 18Mar1869 at Light Street, Columbia Co; d 17Sep1950 WIFE: ALENA RODDA, b 24Oct1873, d 4Mar1950; md 22Dec1892 at Lee, PA; 3 ch: 1) *Walter Franklin b22Nov1893 ; md (1) 21Feb1918 to Mary E. THOMAS, (2) 28July1920 to Emma G. CALDWELL (HELLINGER, Mrs). (3) 27June1953 to Lois E. FISH [see Addenda p344] 2) Ralph Samuel b3June1897 [see Addenda p304 ADD IN FAM] 3) Alena Grace b2July1903, d 2June1967; md 28Sep1927 Luzerne, Thomas J. VanBUSKIRK b18Sep1906; 2ch:-Lois Jean VanBUSKIRK b 21Apr1930; -Shirley Ann VanBUSKIRK b 6Apr1936 SOURCE: Fam recs Mrs. Ralph K. Hendershott; Blair Hendershot: PA marrs Luzerne co Crt House

331: SILAS HENDERSHOT 1875 (s/o George1848 - B1) May01 BORN: 15Sep1873/5 Shickashinny, Luzerne, PA WIFE: SOPHIA VIERZBALOWICZ, b28Dec1879 md24Nov1897 SOURCE: Blair Hendershot: Wilks-Barre, Luzerne co. Crt House, PA-marr recs, lic.#23423

335: THADDEUS CLARENCE HENDERSHOT/HENDERSON (s/o Chauncey1835 - A2) May01 BORN: 7Mar1879 Newfield, Tompkins, NY; d 3Nov1955 New Castle, Lawrence, PA INFO: Presbyterian minister at Glen Ritchie, Clearfield, PA WIFE: LUCY MARY LAWTON, md 30June1897 1) Mary Elizabeth b11Dec1898; md Ralph BEAMER 2) Katherine Lawton b26Dec1901Breezeport, NY, d18Sep1983; md Alfred TURNER 3) Robert b19Nov1907 Southport, IN, d 6Oct1980; md Katherine WEINSCHENK SOURCE: R.Dils fam recs 335: THEODORE HENDERSHOT 1831 (s/o John1765 - B1) May01 BORN: 1831 Hanover twp, Luzerne, PA; ?died early WIFE: ABBY (?CASTNER); widow at Plymouth, Luzerne, PA by 1900 Ch#4: Theodore b5Dec1874 Plainville, Luzerne, PA; md LUCY KELLY b9Feb1876; md24Feb1897 [2WEH336] Ch#5: Lula b8Mar1877 Plymouth, Luzerne, PA; md David John ASHTON b4Dec1874 Wales; md 25Sep1895 with consent of Aba Hendershot [prob her mother Abby] SOURCE: Blair Hendershot: Wilks-Barre, Luzerne co. Crt House, PA-marr recs, lic.#22096

336: THEODORE HENDERSHOT 1874 (s/o Theodore1831 - B1) May01 WIFE: LUCY KELLY, b9Feb1876 PA; marr lic 24Feb1897 & says he b Plainville 1) Hazel b1902 (8>1910) SOURCE: Blair Hendershot: PA marr licenses [ESB#236]

337: THOMAS HENDERSHOTT 1806 (s/o David1785 - B2) ‘91 WIFE: HARRIETT--. b1808 KY; widow on farm Wayne twp, Champaign, OH; 7 ch: Ch#2) John M. (if) b1828; md (1) Martha I.--; (2) 24May1866 at Sidney Shelby, OH to Elizabeth PAMPEL, d/Christian F. Pampel SOURCE: L.Zimmerman: will of C.G.Pampel

338: THOMAS HENDERSHOT 1857 (s/o Esquire1823 - B2) ‘93 BORN: Apr1857 Koskiusko co, IN; to IL> to IA> MO WIFE: (1) SARAH A. LYNCH, bAug1864 IA; (2) IRMELDA B. KINSEY Ch#2) *Joseph Lester b22Sep1882 MO; md Georgia HAMMERS [2WEH254]; 9 ch SOURCE: B.Rudy: Lawton, OK death recs, Highland Cem. Lawton; censuses

341: TRUMAN T. HENDERSHOT 1844 (s/o Joseph1817 - A2) 5/00 BORN 10Mar1844 Woodstock, Oxford co, Ontario INFO moved by 1863 to Watertwon, Sanilac, MI; lived at Elmer, Sanilac, MI by 1900 MIL Civil War-Pvt. Co K, 4th MI Cavalry DIED 17Dec1905 Peck, Sanilac, MI; bur 1906 FATHER: JOSEPH HENDERSHOT 1817; mixed up with Joseph1802 (see Addenda 1995) MOTHER: ANNE GILBERT (see Addenda 1993-Jan’94 HRN) WIFE: SARAH ANN MOTHERSELL, b6Mar1852 Tornoto, York, Ontario; d 6Mar1934 MARR 8Oct1865 St.Clair co, MI; applied for widow pension 15Jan1906 MI; living 1910 in Detroit; d/Rbt E. Mothersell & Martha Minerva Johnson CHILDREN: (see WEH data for more details; these details listed here are only the additions) 1. Martha Ann b St.Clair, MI 2. Mary Alminy b St.Clair; md 28Nov1886 Johnson BRIGHT, s/o George Bright & Lorinda Taylor 3. William b St.Clair 4. Eliza Jane b Saginaw, MI; md (1) Wm. RYDER, (2) 26July1892 Josiah Alonzo HEBNER in Verona, Huron, MI, moved to CA where died, s/o David W. Hebner & Martha Matilda Martin 5. Emeline M. b Peck, Sanilac, MI; d 4Apr1884 Watertown, Sanilac, MI, diptheria 6.Ellen Nora b Peck; md 1894 Jacob Snodden in Huron co, MI 7.*Robert Trumanb Argyle, Sanilac, MI; she d 3Nov1948 8.*Joseph Henryb Argyle 9.*Jesse Johnsonb20May1886 Sanilac co.; md Mildred Rosella PURVIS 10.*Harry Benjamin b Sanilac co. 11. Sarah Ann b Huron co, MI 12.Effa May b Sigel, Huron, MI 13. *Arthur McKinley b Moore, Sanilac, MI 14. Dortha b 25Dec1898 Elmer, Sanilac, MI; d 16Feb1900 in Elmer, measles ?15. Dorothy b 15June1901 [WEH] SOURCES: 1] Research/fam recs: Diana M. Hebner (Eliza Jane1873 line) & Truman R. Hendershot (Jesse1886 line) 2] Obit: Robert T.1880 3] 1861 Ont.,1880,1900,1910 MI censuses

342: VERNON EDWARDS HENDERSHOT 1895 (s/o Laban1854 - B3) May01 INFO: Headstone: 1895-1977 bur Hillside Cem, Torrington, Litchfield, CT WIFE: ?(1) ETHEL SELINA (CLARK) TAYLOR bc1899 CA; md 20Aug1918 Walnut, CA WIFE: ?(2) MARY E. BIRD; wife on headstone: 1899-1989 1) Eloise Beth bc1920 2) Verna Joyce b1922; md Roy E. HARTBAUER 3)ADD: Edna d/buried with parents Hillside Cem. - no dates SOURCE: B.Rudy: Hillside Cem headstone info, Torrington, Litchfield, CT

343: WALTER HENDERSHOT 1867 (s/o Peter1830 - A1) ‘93,96 BORN: 21Dec1867 Niagara Falls, Ont; d 1940 Hamilton, Ont WIFE: (1) LUCY McKENZIE md 29June1889, she b 28May1870, d 29June1909; 4 ch as listed WEH WIFE: (2) JANE BALDWIN, b 1880, d 1947 1) Frederick 2) Delta 3) *Gordon Wesley [2WEH141] 4) Florence 5)ADD: Walter Baldwin bc 1912 6) Frank C. b1914 7) Henry Drake b1915 8) Robert b1918 9)ADD: Isabell bc1921 SOURCE: Corres M.Sliker, B.Rudy: Mt.Pleasant Cem; Stevensville Mennonite Cem; 1880/1 Directory of London, Ont.; Hist of Middlesex co 1889; 1871 cen.; various obits; 2WEH296>Peter1830 fam.

344 WALTER FRANKLIN HENDERSHOT 1893 (s/o Samuel1869 - B1) ‘96,May01 BORN: 22Nov1893, d 4Nov1962; WIFE: (1) MARY E. THOMAS md 21Feb1918, age 23 (bc1875) WIFE: (2) EMMA GRACE CALDWELL (HELLINGER) md 28July1920; had a dau: Emmadean E. Hellinger b8Nov1910, who md Walter Glahn; 2 ch: --Louise GLAHN b ?; & --Walter GLAHN b 2Nov1941 WIFE: (3) LOIS ELVIRA FISH md 27June1953 1) Walter Samuel, b 22Aug1924; md 26Jul1947 Jackson,PA to Ruth SCHOULDICE, b 31Aug1924; 3 ch: --Walter Samuel Jr. b 17Nov1953 --Marjorie Ellen b 21Jan1953 --Robert Joseph b 11Apr1961 2) Dorcas Alena, b 14Dec1927; md 27Apr1958 Forty Fort,PA to Stanley Charles DYBA --Emmadean Elizabeth DYBA b 20Mar1959 --Stanley Charles DYBA Jr b 9Sep1961 --Walter Charles DYBA b 24Sep1965 --Charles DYBA b 26Oct1966 --Amy Beth DYBA b 3 Sep1968 3) Charlotte Grace, b 18June1932; md (l) Jul1952 James GANTER (div); 4 ch; (2) 1983 Donald McNAMARA --Debra Louise GANTER b 26June1953, d 20Oct1953 --Sandra Lynn GANTER b 31July1954 --James Edward GANTER III b 27Feb1957 --Thomas Joseph GANTER b 1Feb1962 SOURCE: Fam records of Mrs. Ralph K. Hendershott; corres Charlotte McNamara

344: WALTER M. HENDERSHOT bc1907 (s/o Charles1879 - B2) ‘99 BORN: abt 1907 at Peapack, d 2Sep1987 Roxbury Twp (obit) INFO: resided Pine Brook 38 yrs; 18 yrs Kenvil area of Roxbury Twp CHILDREN: obit info: children listed in Addenda’99 under Charles1879>Walter1907 -) Walter of Brooklyn, NY -) Marion md Mr. Johnson of Flemington -) Louise md Mr. Groff of Flemington -) Nettie md Mr. Groff of Flemington SOURCE: obits>Walter & bros Charles1904-1973 & Roy1909-1982

346: WARREN HENDERSHOT 1900 (s/o Francis1873 - B2) ‘99 BORN: 17July1900 b Newton; d 30Apr1980; res Schooleys Mtn WIFE: MERTIE BOWMAN, sister of Luella Bowman who md Charles Hendershot1911 1) Hazel b20Dec1941; md Mr. KLINGER, Stonehope; SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98 UNID: WESLEY D. HENDERSHOTT bc1922 ‘99 BORN: (60-1982) bc1922 in Bevans in Sandyston Twp; d 5Dec1982 Andover, NJ; WWII vet WIFE: KAY-- SON: David E. Sisters: Dorothy WALKER, Zarephath; Ida May ROSE, Andover. SOURCE: Obit: Cunningham 9/98

349: WESTERN HENDERSHOT 1852 (s/o Benjamin1825 - ?C3) ‘92/95 BORN: 21Mar1852 Center Twp, Monroe, OH; d Mead, Monroe co WIFE: JULIA ANN WINDLAND, b30Oct1860; md 1918; d/Isaac WINLAND & Lucinda YOST CHILDREN: 1) *Chalmer Bertram b30Apr1879; md 22Mar1913 Edna May GATTEN 2) Nona Irena b 20Oct1881, d12Dec1969; md Charles LEASURE, she d1969, no ch 3) Bessie Myrtle b 16Dec1884, d 24Oct1977; md Dee HAMILTON, she d1977 4) Lula Dale b 3Apr1887, d28June1962; md Matt PASCO 5) Elizabeth Ann b 28Apr1889, d19Dec1960; md Walter CRUMM 6) Benjamin Franklin b 30Mar1892, d 22Jan1968; md Ruth Gwendolyn BISHARD b 6July1894, d 1943; 3 ch: -1 Wilma Lee b 7Mar1919 OH, md Joseph Donald KNOTT; 1 ch -2 Gerald Ray b 8Aug1923 OH, md Lillian McMANAWAY; 2 ch -3 Harold Jay b 8Aug1923 OH, md Charmaine Ruth TUCKER; 5 ch 7) John Sinclair b 20June1894, d 6June1959 8) *Herbert Bryan b 21Aug1896, d 18Feb1985; md Estella May KING, b 3Feb1908, d28Nov1994; 5 ch: -1 Helen May b 3June1928 OH; md Charles McCULLOUGH, 2ch -2 Marjorie Ann b5Feb1930 OH md Freeman WILLIAMS -3 Velma Minnie b 4Feb1933 OH md Richard MERSHON, 3ch -4 Barbara Ellen b 8Apr1945 OH md Joseph HUPKA, 3 ch -5 Vivian Eileen b 26Mar1953 OH; md Robert MORRISON 9) *Charles Kenneth b 25June1900, d 6June1959; md (1) Margaret MELLOTT, (2) Myrtle Edith DAVIS SOURCE: Corres: R.Sowinski research; see also Addenda-V4#3 (Sep92), V6#1 (Jan94)

UNID: WILLIAM J. HENDERSHOT bc1777 ‘97/May01 BORN: abt 1777 (age 56>1833); d 17May1833, of Erie co, NY “an invalid pensioner” WIFE: ??Mrs. MATILDA HENDERSHOT bc1788 (age 75>1788); d 21Mar1863 of Erie co, NY SOURCE: Buffalo Historical Soc: Early Settlers NY State,V.1-p625 “Obit Recs Former Residents of Erie Co”

UNID: WILLIAM HENDERSHOT bc1795 ‘95,97 WIFE: Rebecca BELL md 23Jan1816, Buffalo, NY SOURCE: Early Settlers of NY State, V3#11-May1937; Vol.1,p515, “Marriages in Buffalo Newspapers”

354: WILLIAM JAY HENDERSHOT/HENDERSON 1810 (s/o Isaac1773 - A2) 5/00 BORN: 19June1810 Newfield, Tompkins, NY INFO: Changed his surname to Henderson; 4 sons also converted to Henderson; farmed at Newfield then sold 1835; became innkeeper at Addison, Steuben, NY, there by 1850 DIED: 19Nov1865; bur Pony Hollow Cem. WIFE: LUCINDA BROWN CHURCH, b1811 CT; d 11Dec1885 CHILDREN: All children took surname of HENDERSON; “sons Chauncey G. and Lyman E. HENDERSON, farming #223 together Alpine, Schuyler co 1868” 1)* William Raymond b1832; md Elmira Margaret Compton; Wm. moved to Northfield, Rice co, MN -Frederick bc1860; md Stella-- [see 2WEH122] -Charles bc1862 -James bc1864; md 1)--, 2) Louise-- [see 2WEH203] -Frank bc1866, dy -Albert bc1868, dy 2) *Chauncey Grant b12Junl835; “Chauncey G. and Lyman E. HENDERSON, farming #223 together Alpine, Schuyler co 1868” in Newfield Directory [ESB file #231]; res Newfield, retired Glen Ritchie, Clearfield, PA; md 1869 Adah STOUGHTON; d 9Mar1918, bur Pony Hollow Cem.; 2 ch: 1-Thaddeus “Tad” Clarence, b7Mar1870; md 30June1897 Lucy Mary Lawton: [see 2WEH335]; 3 ch: -Mary Elizabeth, b11Dec1898, md Ralph Beamer -Katherine L. b26Dec1901 Bridgeport, NY; md Alfred Turner; d1983 -Robert b19Nov1909 Southport, IN; md Katherine Weinschank; d1980 2-Edith May b19Sep1872; md 28Feb1899 John L. Cass 3) *Lyman E., b12Janl837; md (1) 1867 Fanny Cure, d1879,1s; md (2) June1882 Minnie, d/Sam Mix; no ch -Guy Demott (Mott), b5Mar1871; md 20Jan1904 in Barton co, KS: [2WEH278] 4) *Francis J., b1848; md Nellie -?-; that he settled at Pittsburg, PA may be erroneous; -Maude Mary b15Jan1873; d 19Oct1874; bur Odessa, Schuyler, NY Cem 5) Isabel b1850; d 18Julyl881; un-md SOURCES: 1] Cens 1835,40,50 2] Researchers: Rosemary Dills, Roy Driscoll, Michael McNamara 3] Life Story & Memories of Guy Demott Henderson, written 30Dec1955, age 84y9m. [ESB file #232] 4] 1868 Tompkins co, NY Gaz. & Directory, p221-Newfield Twp [ESB #231]

355: WILLIAM HENDERSHOT 1813 (s/o ?Thomas1773 - C3) ‘91 BORN: 8May1813 Waynesburg, Green. PA; tp OH; then Iowa WIFE: MARY MONROE, 1821 OH, d/Nicholas Monroe, his will lists dau Mary Hendershot wf Wm. of Appanoose co, Iowa; md 28Dec1837 at Captina Crk, Belmont, OH 1) Thomas b1838 OH; md ?Elizabeth if same Thomas in Civil War 2) Sarah Adeline b1841, d18Sep1866, bur Exline Cem 3) *William B. b1845 Appanoose co, Iowa; d 20Nov1859, age 14, bur Exline Cem next to George MONROE, a cousin who also d 1859; remove William w/wf & fam>this is Wm Houdeshilt-a misreading of Hendershot by WEH 4) Eveline B. b2July1847 OH; md 30Nov1867 Appanoose co to Thomas McCLASKEY, d 11Mar1922 Exline 5) Barbara Jane b10Feb1850; md 19Jan1773 at Exline to August Mathias MADISON (30-1880 b Denmark) 6) *Charles E. bJuly1852/3 IA; md Julia Anna MITCHELL 7) *Jacob W. bAug1855 IA; md Sarah BAILEY (wf of John W.>1880 cen) 8) *Alonzo bNov1857 IA; md 30June1880 Laura M. LITSEY at Exline James E. b1865 listed as ch#9 is a grandson of Wm1813. SOURCE: Kay Druin recs: her ggm #5 Barbara-Kay inherited fam bible & many old postcards; ch#4 Eveline>not Caroline; Belmont co marr recs; Nich.Monroe will; Exline Cem recs: next to Wm. & Mary> Mary E. Hendershot bc1850, d11Sep1878, age 28y14m,2d, wf of “S.G.”; also John Hendershot bc1861; d13Mar1887, age 26y,5m,3d. 356: WILLIAM C. HENDERSHOT 1818 (s/o ?Michael1796 - C2) ‘98 WIFE: MARY ANN BIDDLE CHILD: #8)ADD: infant daughter, died 15Nov1857 - age 1 month SOURCE: Gravestone-Derry Mennonite Cem (prev Presbyterian)

357: WILLIAM C. MILO HENDERSHOTT 1826 (s/o Samuel1808 - A7) May01 BORN: 1Jan1826 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY WIFE: SARAH REBECCA STEPHENS, b8Sep1826 at Greenwood, Steuben, NY; md 28Dec1848, d/Uriah F. Stephens 1) Mariah E. b2Apr1850; md 1877 Henry LANGLEY; she d 5Apr1891 2) Chauncey Marion b29June1851; md 31Dec1874 Susan CANFIELD; WEH has Chester Marion 3) George W. b16Sep1858; md Eliza Jane SPENCER 4) Hannah C. b25Jan1861; d17Apr1899 SOURCE: B.Rudy: Stephen’s Genealogy, p185; C. Quanz info

360: WILLIAM S. HENDERSHOT 1838 (s/o Jeremiah1797 - A4) Jan01 BORN: 14Feb1838 Washington twp, Morris, NJ; died 15June1914, bur Pleasant Grove, Morris, NJ WIFE: MARGARET McNIR/NEAR, bMar1841 Morris co; md 22Mar1855 at Bartleyville 1) Sarah A. 2) Levina 3)ADD: Sadie bc1862 (18>1880); md 23Oct1880 to George H. PETTY 4) *Robert bMay1864; md Ida V. SMITH 5) Henry W. 6) Isabelle B. b1872; md 2Aug1890 William D. WOOLEVER, age 24, s/Joseph Woolever & Mary Miller 7) Margaret 8) Manchus H. bJuly1876; md 10Apr1905 Mrs. Mary E. HOWELL of Hackettstown, he of Penwell 9) Elsie SOURCE: Morris co marrs [ESB#191]

361: WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENDERSHOT 1840 (s/o Aaron1812 -?B1) ‘96,May01 BORN: 15Jan1840 at Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA; d 8Jan1906 WIFE: DORCAS REMLEY (REMALEY) b 4Apr1840 at Bloomsburg; d 13July1890 1) Charles Wellington b 25Oct1865 at Light Street, Columbia co 2) Ida Hannah (or vs) b 1Jan1867; of Wanainie when md 1910 “with consent of W.F.Hendershot” to Samuel RODDA; she d 7Sep1934 3) *Samuel Joseph b 18Mar1869; d 17Sep1950; md 22Dec1892 Alena RODDA [see Addenda p327] 4) *Albertus b 20Mar1874, d 9Nov1949; md Margaret--; [see fam in Addenda 1993 > 2WEH29] SOURCE: Corr: Fam recs Mrs. Ralph K. Hendershott; also corr ch#4 Charlotte McNamara1932; Blair Hendershot: PA marrs Luzerne co Crt House. 366: WILLIAM MERRITT HENDERSHOT 1848 (s/o William1814 - A1) May01 MIL: served during Fenians raid of 1870; distinguished as a gunner under attack in the Welland Canal Field Battery at Port Robinson for which he received the General Service Medal. Also rec’d Veterans Land Grant 33 yrs later 1903: so half of lot#11, Concession #5, Davidson Twp (Timiskaming Dist.). Residing 1909 at Port Robinson.. WIFE: MARIAS WAND/WAUD? SOURCE: John Ruch corres: GSM Register, RG9 II A5, V.5, p96; Land Grant Index, Ont. Archives

367: WILLIAM H. HENDERSHOT 1851 (s/o Samuel1815 - C3) ‘91 WIFE: (1) JANE--, b1865 Canada; (2) HETTIE HUFFMAN, b1876 OH ?Ch: Ralph b6June1900, d9June1900 “s/o W.H. & L.” at Dils Cem, Wood co, WV SOURCE: Dils Cem, Wood co, WV UNID: WILLIAM HENDERSHOT bc1852 ‘97 INFO: bur West Av. St. Thomas Cem. WIFE: ELIZA J. STYLES bc1858 1) Lily Ada bc 1883 2) Ethel Maude bc 1885; md 28June1905 to A.M. DEAN of London 3) Charles W. bc 1887, d 1930 md Hessie Martha ROBESON who d 14Feb1976 4) John Earl bc 1889, d 1937 md Loretta WATSON, b Apr1894, she d 15Feb’76, bur Elmdale SOURCE: Corres B.Rudy: Norfolk cem recs, Ont.

368: WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENDERSHOT 1853 (s/o Philip1810 - B2) ‘97 BORN: 10Jan1853 Hampton two, Sussex, NJ; d 9Dec1917 WIFE: OZZA B. SCOTT, bJune1875 UT 1) Glendon Beebe b1903 at Marengo, Iowa, IA; 2) Irving served WW1 3) Elwood of Denver SOURCE: Glenita Emarine fam recs

UNID: WILLIAM HENDERSHOTT 1854-1937 ‘93 INFO: resided on homestead on Payne’s Mill WIFE: ELIZA J. STYLES (1854-1936); ch bur in cem: -) Ada L. Hendershot 1882-1936 -) Hessie M. 1886-1976 -) Charles W. 1887-1930 -) John Earl Hendershott 1889-1937; md Loretta WATSON b14Apr1894, d 16Feb1976, d/Joseph & Alberta; 7 ch: --Leonard of Toronto --Bernece md Nelson SMITH --Maxine md Warren WEBSTER --Rhea md Mr. SMITH --Ferne md Harold ROSE --Jean md Jerrold MONK --Donna md John EWART SOURCE: B.Rudy: John1889, d Niagara Falls, Ont bur Elmdale Mem. Park; West Ave. Cem, St. Thomas, Elgin, Ont.

374: WILLIAM J. HENDERSHOT 1867 (s/o Peter1842 - C3) May01 BORN: 17May1867 Houston, Jackson, IN; d1910 WIFE: Hannah Jane WHITTINGTON. b14Jan1871 Brown co, IN; md 25May1890; d/Wm. Whittington & Mary Elizabeth Tapp; she d 27Oct1936 1) Olive Ada b1Dec1890; md Everett BRIGHT 2) Elma G. b21Nov1892; md David FIGLET 3) William Kerrel b29Sep1894; md Pearl EVANS 4) Peter Ferrel b29Sep1894; md Cora Olive BURKHART, 12 ch. 5)ADD: Mary Ida b1896/7, d abt 1898 6) Estella b19Feb1899; md Walter HENDERSON 7) *Henry Harvey b21Jan1902; md Emaline Ruth SAWYER 8) Bateman b21Oct1905; md Ruth DOBBS 9) Homer b1906; md Nora Faye FUEL 10) Nora Beatrice “Mona” b10Dec1909; md 26Sep1940 Harvey NEEDLER 11) Ivan b2Jan1914, d unmd 1958 SOURCE: D.Hack: M.Needler fam recs spouses/dates

375: WILLIAM SAMUEL HENDERSHOT 1873 (s/o Dennis1854 - B1) May01 BORN: 4Apr1873 Wilkes Barre, Luzerne, PA; lived Plymouth, Dorancetown WIFE: (1) KATHRYN F. HEINEMAN b1876, dJan1912; (2) lic 6June1912 ROSE HALLAK b5Apr1874 SOURCE: Blair Hendershot: PA Marr lic [236] UNID: WILLIAM A. HENDERSHOT 1880 ‘96 BORN: 27May1880, d 8Nov1935 WIFE: MAUDE SUTTON, b6June1884, dMay1981 SOURCE: B.Rudy: Fingal Cem, Southwold Twp, Elgin co, Ont

UNID: WILLIAM HENDERSHOTT bc1880 ‘99 WIFE: LOTTIE SMITH, d/o Davis P. SMITH & Mary P. MYERS. Mary was b1859 Almont Twp, Lapeer, MI. SOURCE: Gleanings: B. Rudy-Pioneer Fams & Hist. of Lapeer co, MI: Myers Fam.

378: WILLIAM WINFIELD HENDERSHOT 1888 (s/o William1847 - C3) ‘95 BORN: 24Apr1888, Garards Fort, Morris Twp, Greene, PA; lived at Deemston, Washington, PA DIED: 10Dec1946, burned to death at work. WIFE: (1) EMMA MAE BANE, b 8Nov1890, Greene co, PA; d 27Jan1927; 3 ch 1) Anna Kathryn b31May1920 md John CRAIG 2) William Loran b14Feb1922 d 27Jan1927 3) Emma Ruth b19Apr1926 d 21June1985, md Robert EMLER WIFE: (2) HAZEL SHAY, b1Dec1901 Greene co, PA, d25July1993; d/o Thomas & Julia SHAY; 3 ch 4) Martha Julia b 23Dec1931 d 1 week old 5) Virginia Irene b 18Mar1932 d10Jan1993, md Jack BURNFIELD 6) Harold Winfield b 18Aug1935, Clover Hill, West Pike Run Twp, Washington, PA; md 5Oct1953 Ethel Jean ALBANI, b 29Nov1934, N.Bethlehem Twp, Washington, PA, d/o Frank ALBANI & Nellie CURSI; 1 son: -William Michael b 28Jully1956 Washington, Washington, PA; md Brenda Lee GALENSKY, b 1957; 2 ch: --Brandon P. 1982, --Brent W. 1985 7) Melvin Carl b 5Dec1941; d 4July1966, auto accident SOURCE: Corres: J.&V.Marriott fam recs = sev. new adds & corrections

379: WILLIAM JOHN HENDERSHOT 1891 (s/o Jeremiah1857 - A4) May01 BORN: 29Mar1891 NJ, d 16Sep1948 WIFE: ROSINA LUTZ, md 9Oct1918 1) Catherine Elizabeth b19Nov1919; 3 ch 2) Jeremiah Nugent b7Sep1921; 1 ch 3) Margaret Mary b19July1930; md Mr. BUDD; 2 ch SOURCE: Corres. Mrs. BUDD, fam recs & info

379: WILLIAM E. HENDERSHOT 1896 (s/o Edgar1871 - A2) ‘97 WIDOW: BLANCHE A. BOADWAY, d 7Aug1996 at Mississauga Life Care Centre, internment Hamilton Cem. (obit) 1) Helen Blanche b6Dec1927; md John W. MORRIS 2) Dorothy Ann b7July1930; md Wesley B. BALL 3) Robert William b26Feb1939; wf Liz (obit) SOURCE: G.E.Fitzgerald gleanings: obit Hamilton, Ont

380:ADD IN:WILLIAM bc1906 (s/John1870 - A4) ‘99 BORN: (75>1981) b Johnsonburg, NJ; res 20 yrs Phillipsburg; d7Jan1981 Phillipsburg WIFE: BLANCHE--; SONS: -) Joseph both of Johnsonburg -) Robert “ SOURCE: Cunningham - obits; see Charles1910 this Addenda

382: Unidentified Mr. HENDERSHOT May01 WIFE: CHARLOTTA M. GAMRON bc1837 IL; widow with children in 1880 at Wabash Twp, Clark, IL 1) Alice b1873 IL (7>1880) 2) Thomas A. b1875 IL (as son:25>1900); probable> wf Mary Carolyn JOHNSON who died early 1900s in flu epidemic in Kansas City, MO; 2 ch: --1. Tessie Yvonne b1901 Rockford, IL; md E. Clyde FIKE (Budd) in 1922 --2. Eva Maxine b1902 Chacotah, OK SOURCE: 1880,1900 census; Mary Fike Woolery> fam recs say daughters of Thomas were sent to an aunt & uncle in Pontiac, IL after their mother died.

383: JACOB HAIGHT HENDERSHOT b1859 (s/o Isaac1834 - A2) ‘95,98 BORN: 24May1859 (date from fam recs), Oxford co, Ont. (previously UNIDENT.; MOVE or ADD IN: p191); WIFE: ELLEN LEE, bMay1864; d/o Francis LEE & Harriet WHITE INFO: Her 1947 will was made at Brookfield, Huron, MI; witnesses: Raymond L.Parker, Willard Burdon 1) Clarence Merton b Sep1886 Ont, d18Oct1918 in France; bur Arlington Cem. 2) Edith b10Feb1884, deceased by 1947; md ?(1) Mr. Bearss; (2) Mr. Ibbitson; will lists 4 ch: -Alta Bearss Irwin, Dorothy Bearss Brind, Myrtle Bearss Herman, & Ivan Bearss 3) Blanche b Sep1892 MI, md 21June1911 Arthur A. WOOD 4) Maude b Sep1895 Brookfield, Huron, MI; md Mr. Sarosky, res Gagetown 5) George H. b Jan1899 MI, md 9Nov1935 Mabel ROBERTS in Caro; he d 2Mar1990; 4 ch: -Merton John of Gagetown; md Ruth MacALPINE; 4 ch -Robert of Bothell, WA -Ruth md John ZMIERSKY -Mary md Francis WITHEY SOURCE: Gleanings B.Rudy: will made 1Jan1947 Huron co, MI; fam recs Mary Withey