Bible Records
Bible of William M. Miller and Clarissa Hendershot

Bible in possession of William Miller, 11 Spruce Avenue, Parlin, NJ (Grandson)
From the Hendershot Research Notes of Frank Hendershot

William M. Miller to Clarissa Hendershot Feb 1, 1877
Samuel Hendershot to Rebecca Kithcart Mar 22, 1842
Joseph K. Hendershot to Eliza Cooper
Edward Space to Ophelia A. Hendershot
Alvin R. Beemer to Mary L. Hendershot Mar 21, 1868
Winfield S. Hendershot to Helen Stucker
William C. Hendershot to Mary J. Griffin
William L. Nyhart to Sarah Hendershot Sep 19, 1877
Alonzo Hendershot to Caroline Enderline Dec 13, 1881
Stanley Miller to Fornia Thomas Apr 15, 1908
Walter C. Miller to Jennie Smith Aug 15, 1906
Ralph Miller to Elizabeth Jenkins

Births [Note: Death dates are also given for some and then repeated under Deaths.]
Samuel Hendershot Dec 1, 1817 Apr 14, 1881
Rebecca Kithcart Nov 3, 1821 Mar 13, 1890
Abbigal K. Hendershot Aug 19, 1842 Feb 26, 1864
James H. Hendershot Apr 4, 1844 May 4, 1863
Joseph K. Hendershot Feb 4, 1846
Ophelia A. Hendershot Oct 7, 1847 Jul 30, 1881
Mary L. Hendershot Feb 6, 1850
Winfield S. Hendershot May 4, 1852 Jul 6, 1907
William C. Hendershot Sept 1, 1854
Clarrisa Hendershot Jan 7, 1856 Jun 24, 1929
Alonzo Hendershot May 17, 1859
Sarah Hendershot Aug 18, 1860
William M. Miller Jun 5, 1855 May 6, 1909
Stanley C. Miller Aug 16, 1878
Samuel H. Miller Apr 19, 1883 Nov 1923
Walter L. Miller Sep 12, 1886
Ralph Miller Aug 15, 1889 Feb 14, 1961 (son of William & Clara)

Deaths James H. Hendershot May 4, 1863 Abbigal K. Hendershot Feb 26, 1864
Samuel Hendershot Apr 14, 1881 Ophelia A. Hendershot Jul 30, 1881
Rebecca Kithcart Mar 13, 1890 Winfield S. Hendershot Jul 6, 1907
William M. Miller May 6, 1909
Clara M. Van Luvender Apr 15, 1975, age 63; Lake Tranquility; Born Taylor, PA;

Clara Hendershot Miller Born Jan 7, 1857 [note above the date is 1856]; Died Jun 24, 1929
(dau of Samuel) Sussex Co, NJ, moved to Taylor, Pa (near Scranton) at age 7, where she married William Miller, who died May 1909. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mary Beemer and Mrs William Nyhart, and one brother, Alonzo Hendershot, all of Taylor. Samuel C. Hendershot Miller Born 19 apr 1883; Died Nov 1923 Ralph C. Miller Died Feb 14, 1961 at age 71 Walter C. Miller (Husband of Clara Miller, nee Balz); Died Dec 1, ? at age 39 Ralph C. Miller Obituary names William F. & Mrs. Phillip Van Luvender of Netcong. Clara Hendershot Miller Obituary names Mrs Roswell Federici of Harvey’s Lake, Mrs Reginal Rogers and Mrs. Joseph Servon both of East Brunswick and a brother of Samuel H. Miller of Shamokin, PA (probably means Ralph)

Bible of James D. Hendershot

Bible in possession of Lynda Skivington Ardan, Clarks Summit, PA
Copied by Annette Ely Schaumann

James D. Hendershot was born July 16, 1823
Almyra Hendershot was borned May 20, 1830
Clara B. Hendershot was born May 26, 1850

Children of James D. and Almyra Hendershot
Sarah R. Hendershot was born July 14th 1852
Charles William Hendershot was born Aug 6th 1854
Helen Leahnorah Hendershot was born Aug 9th 1857
Alma Luella Hendershot was born March 7th 1868

Children of James D. and Clara Jones, 2nd wife-
Walter Elmer Hendershot was born Oct 27th 1870
Horace Everett Hendershot was born Feb 3rd 1876
Annette M. Hendershot was born Nov 15th 1878
Elizabeth J. Hendershot was born May 15th 1889

Grandchildren of James D. and Almyra
Myra Hodgson ( Kauffman)
Maude Hendershot (Kinnear)
Clyde Hendershot (deceased in infancy)
Besse Bird (DePew)
Edna Ivory (Gautsch)
Ruth Ivory (Hannon)
Chester A. Ivory
Helen Ivory (McQuilken) born 1901

Grandchildren of James D. and Clara Jones
Robert Taylor Hendershot born Jan 27, 1917
Helen Edith Skivington (Ely) born April 10, 1905
Raymond Horace Skivington born Jan 23, 1909
Karl Lewis Skivington born Nov 11, 1913
Donald Jermyn Blackmore born Aug 20, 1915
Alyce Clara Blackmore born Jan 25, 1917

James D. Hendershot and Almyra Moyer married Oct 21th 1851
James D. Hendershot and Clara B. Jones married 8 Jan 1871
Sarah R. Hendershot and Henry T. Hodgson married
- Helen Leahnorah Hendershot and Robert A. Bird married -
Charles William Hendershot and Estelle Mott married
- Alma Luella Hendershot and James W. Ivory married in 1888
Harry W. Skivington and Annette M. Hendershot - June 8, 1904
Horace E. Hendershot and Edith M. Taylor - Sept 29, 1914
Elizabeth J. Hendershot and Daniel J. Blackmore - Jan 25, 1915
Helen Edith Skivington and J. Owen Ely married July 5, 1932
Raymond Horace Skivington and Margaret I. Roberts married Sept 15, 1934
Karl Lewis Skivington and Eileen Edna Byerly married Sept 11, 1940
Donald J. Blackmore and Doris E. Ruebsaman married Jun 19, 1943
Robert Taylor Hendershot and Martha Louise Walsh married Aug 7, 1948

Almyra Hendershot departed this life March 26th 1869
Walter Elmer Hendershot died January 11th 1875
J. D. Hendershot died March 29th 1889
Helen Leahnorah Hendershot Bird died 27 Feb 1920
Charles William Hendershot died -
Sarah B. Hendershot Hodgson died 1 Jun 1933
Clara B. Jones Hendershot Swartz died September 20, 1936
Alma Luella Hendershot Ivory died January 14, 1939
Horace Everett Hendershot died March 25, 1940