George W. H. Hendershot Collection The following material was donated by Mildred E. Nelson

The following collection of photos and documents begin with my grandfather, George Wilson Haven Hendershot.
Most of my Hendershot ancestors were born, resided and died in the White House / Lebanon, Hunterdon County, New Jersey area.
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George W. H. Hendershot Picture

George W. H. Hendershot Obit

George W. H. Death Certificate

Jane Hendershot Death Certificate

Bible records of George Wilson Haven Hendershot - Clan A1


Adam A. Hendershot
September 31, 1829

Jane Mitchell
August 24, 1831

Georgianna Collins
May 30, 1855

John and Henry Hendershot
January 12, 1859

Philip Hendershot
October 30, 1860

Jacob Hendershot
April 20, 1863

Thomas E. Hendershot
July 6, 1865

Andrew S. Hendershot
December 5, 1867

George W. Hendershot
August 27, 1869

Newton V. Hendershot
October 16, 1872


Mr. Adam Hendershot and Miss. Jane Mitchell
September 12, 1858

Mr. George W. Hendershot and Miss.Tillie Dilley
August 26, 1896

Edward Hendershot and Miss. Sarah Collins

May 5, 1933


Andrew S.. Hendershot
June 12, 1868

Georgianna Collins
November 9, 1874

Henry Hendershot
April 12, 1893

Adam Hendershot
June 12,1899

Isaac H. Dilley
September 15, 1896


Edward, Sarah and George Hendershot

Submitted by; Mildred (Hendershot) Nelson - Clan A1