New Jersey Research on Hendershots
New Jersey Deaths. Wills and Administrations

Recorded by Researcher, Frank Hendershot, Tom’s River, New Jersey

HENDERSHOT, Ann Moelich; Sept 1778; Daughter of Johan David Moelich; 2nd wife of Peter Hendershot; Buried Lutheran Cemetery, New Germantown, [Hunterdon Co, NJ] Sources: Chambers; also see Melick, Andrew, Story of an Old Farm.

HENDERSHOT, Catherine; 23 Jan 1789; Age 67; Daughter of Jacob Bodine and wie, Elizabeth; 2nd wife of Johanes Hendershot; Probably buried at St. James Straw Church Cemetery; Source: Straw Church Records

HENDERSHOT, George H.; Born 1821, Newton, NJ; 15 Apr 1833, Sussex Co, NJ; Age 12; Son of Abraham Hendershot and Hannah Anderson; Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register

HENDERSHOT, Jacob H.; Will filed/ Petition of Gardianship; 1 July 1834; Age 52 years, 3 months, 0 days; Buried Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Newton, NJ; Son of Jacob Hendershot and Effie Paugh; Source: Rutgers University, Alexander Library

HENDERSHOT, Jacob; Died 1 July 1834; Petition of Mary Hendershot, widow of Jacob, 26 May 1835, for guardian of Hannah, infant under 14 and Jacob over 14; Source: Sussex County [NJ] Register 4355.

HENDERSHOT, Jacob; Died 1 July 1834; Petition for division of land dated 12 July 1836 names the following: Mary Hendershot, widow, lot #1 (on map showing division of land); Phebe Bell, lot #2; Jacob Hendershot, lot #3; Mary Ann Rosekrans, lot #4; Hannah Hendershot, lot #5; Jesse Hendershot, lot #6; John Hendershot, lot #7; Hanah Hendershot, lot #8; Mary Ann Rosekrans, lot #9; Jacob Hendershot, lot #10; Jesse Hendershot, lot #11; Mary Hendershot, dower, lot #12; Phebe Bell, Lot #13.

HENDERSHOT, Jacob; Died 1 July 1834; Petetion 25 July 1834 by Mary Hendershot and Jesse Hendershot; Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register 4336.

HENDERSHOT, Johannes George; Born 23 Jan 1720; 1797; Died Greenwich twsp; Son of Michael Henneschied and Katherine Von Heinreichshoffen [Note: Error here-Michael’s wife was Anna Catherine Schneider.]; Wives: 1) Ann Schooley, 2) Catherine Bodine. Sources; Chambers, Early Germans in NJ, New Jersey Archives, Will filed.

HENDERSHOT, John in the town of Greenwich (then Sussex county) on 26 Jan 1797 being of sound mind, but weak and sickly in body do constitute this to be my last will and testament. Probated 9 Jan 1798; names his trusty friends Mathias Shipman, Godfrey Kline, and Christopher Mealick administrators and names the following: Nicholas, grandson, son of my son John; Michael, son; Jacob Hendershot, son; to the several children of my son Isaac, deceased to wit; his daughter Elizabeth, to his son Jacob Hendershot, to his son John Hendershot, to his son Michael Hendershot, to his son Isaac Hendershot; Elizabeth Kline daughter..also names her children by Jeremiah Hess; Mary Minegar daughter; Leah Hendershot daughter; Leah Hendershot Insley daughter (previously referred to as my daughter Leah Hendershot; to the children of his son Isaac.. they are to be paid two years after my decease if of age , otherwise ehen they come of age; Sarah Gardner, great grandaughter.

HENDERSHOT, John J., married; Born 1787, Hampton Twsp, Sussex County, NJ; 24 Sept 1842; Age 55; Son of Jacob Hendershot and Effy Paugh; Wife Phebe Truesdal; Will filed; Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register.

HENDERSHOT, Joseph; Born 27 Dec 1769; 20 Mar 1836; Age 66 years, 2 months, 23 days; Wife Sarah White; Came from Belvidere, NJ (1800) lived near Bloomsburg, PA on the banks of the Susquehanna River; Source: Jacoby Family Genealogy

HENDERSHOT, Mary; Born 5 Nov 1807; 25 Apr 1840’ Age 32 years, 5 months, 20 days; Daughter of “Unknown’ Willever; First wife of John Henry Hendershot; Source: ?

HENDERSHOT, Michael; Born 1674; 17 Jan 1749; Age 75; Died Potterstown; Wife Katherine; Source: Chambers, Early Germans of NJ.

HENDERSHOT, Katherine; Born 1680; Age 77; Died Potterstown; Widow of Michael Hendershot; Source: Chambers, Early Germans of NJ.

HENDERSHOT, Michael; Born 3 Aug 1712; 1786; Age 74; Son of Michael Hendershot and Katherine; Wife Elizabeth; Will dated 14 June and probated 11 Nov 1786; Source: Chambers, Early Germans of NJ.

HENDERSHOT, Peter; Born 7 Nov 1770; 16 June 1837; Age 66 years; 7 months, 26 days; Son of Jacob Hendershot and Effie Paugh; Wife Sophia Elizabeth; Resided Newton Twsp, Sussex Co, NJ; Buried Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Newton; Source: Rutgers University Alexander Library.

HENDERSHOT, Peter; Will probated 30 July 1837, Newton [NJ], names Sophia Elizabeth Hendershot and Peter Dennis administors; Names the following: Elizabeth his wife (also Sophia Elizabeth); Peter Dennis, nephew; John Dennis, son of Peter Dennis, when he arrives at the age of 21 years; Emilene Dennis, daughter of Peter Dennis, when she arrives at age; John J. Hendershot, brother, cancel all debts and suffer to use that farm that formerly belonged to the daid John J. Hendershot for his use and his wife, Phebe, also that $500 be used to build a comfortable dwelling within three years for John and or his widow, Phebe (farm containing about ninety acres); Peter Hendershot, son of John J. Hendershot mentioned to share 45 acres which was set off by his father to him (Jacob 1, to Peter, brother of John J. Hendershot) James M. Cline $500; Sophia Roe, wife of David Roe, $500; Clarissa Hough wife of Stephen Hough, $500; Maria Roof, wife of Charles Roof $500; Peter Hendershot son of brother Isaac Hendershot when he arrives at the age of twenty one. In the case of the death of said Peter, to be divided among the children of Abraham living; Abraham Hendershot, brother $500; Catherine Arvis, wife of Jacob Arvis $500; Mrs Mary Smith, my sister $500; Jesse Hendershot, John Hendershot, Jacob Hendershot sons of my brother Jacob Hendershot; Peter Dennis I devise to him all the lands where I now live and is bounded by the lands of Benjamin Halsey, the heirs of Peter Smith, John Pettit, Abraham Hendershot, the heirs of Michael Roof and the stream called the Paulins Kill supposed to contain abaout 250 acres more or less this twenty seventh day of April Eighteen Hundrend and Thirty Seven. Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register 4349.

HENDERSHOT, Peter; 16 June 1837; Petitions Phebe Hendershot 6 Mar 1875 [John J. Hendershot died 24 Sept 1842]; Source: : Sussex Co [NJ] Register 4349 and 4350.

HENDERSHOT, Sophia Elizabeth; Widow of Peter Hendershot; 17 Feb 1841; Age 67 years, 0 months, 23 days; Petition files 24 Feb 1841; Resident of Newton, Sussex County, NJ. Buried Old Presbyterian Church, Newton; Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register and Rutgers University Alexander Library.

HENDERSHOT, Mrs. Sophia; 17 Feb 1841, suddenly ; age 60 years; Relict of the late Peter Hendershot; Letter of Administration 24 Feb 1841, Jacob Lantz and Stephen Hough, Administrators; Source: Sussex Co [NJ] Register 4352.8

The following was submitted by TJaksetic at about cemeteries in Lebanon Borough, NJ

In my search for the Hendershot family clan A (Joseph 1830 and son Joseph 1856) I came across the following info.

Churches in Lebanon Borough, NJ

1. Union Cemetery Lebanon. : Main St, Lebanon Borough
(Next to the Round Valley United Methodist Church)
2. Name Unknown (German Rockaway now Lebanon Reformed Church). This one needs attention.

I visited these two and found there was a third cemetery in town.

I have a Borough tax map marked with their approx. location.


1. Partial Internment list at Union Cemetery. Not mine. It located the sight I had been searching for.
2. Lebanon borough map.
3. Photos of both cemeteries.

Additional support data and photos.

Joseph H 1856
Wife Emma J
John 1886-1960
Frank W. Mar 05,1890 to Aug.26,1953
Lena R 1891-1893 (age 1yr-11m-22d)on headstone

1/ photo of head stone of Peter son of Casper(unknown cemetery).
Born Aug ???? Died Oct 30 18?2
2/ photo of head stone of Joseph 1856 and Daughter Lena R. 1893
3/ census Emma J and Elmer brother of Joseph 1856

1900 Census (T623 r980 pg49) Hunterdon, Clinton
Emma J 30 Dress maker Rent House 3born 2living
Frank W 11 son school Mar 1889

Note: Son John with Grandfather Joseph 1830
Note: Daughter Lena R died shortly after father Joseph H 1856

1910 Census (T624 roll 895 pg 41 ) Clinton Twp.
Elmer 44 married 8 yrs. 4 children 3 living
Emma J 40 schooled
John 24 Yes Grinder
Frank W 22 Yes Saw runner
George E 8 yes none
Note : George E son of Elmer others boys of Joseph 1856

4/ cencus Joseph 1830 father of Joseph 1856

1900 Census (Clinton) T623 Roll980 pg48
Joseph 70 M Head house Dec 1830
Elmer 35M son Day labor Dec 1864
John Grandson Dec 188?
Margaret Bloom ?? 61F house keeper servant May 1839 ??

5/ photo of Emma J

The following is a list of HENDERSHOT interments at Union Cemetery located on Main Street in Lebanon Borough, Hunterdon County, NJ. Please note that I am unable to answer queries regarding the HENDERSHOT family. I am posting this as a courtesy, only.

***** Hendershot Thomas E., 1868 - 1940; Rachel E., His Wife, 1867 - 1919

Brown Anna E. Hendershot, 1856 - 1919 [This burial is located in the Brown / Bowlby family plot. Anna E. Hendershot is the wife of George W. Brown.]

Hendershot Robert R., 1891 - 1980; Kelsie M., 1890 - 1973
Hendershot Ellen Elizabeth, 1913 - blank; John Lucas, 1907 - 1961
Hendershot I. Walton, 1865 - 1943
Hendershot Arabelle Gethard, His Wife, 1862 - 1954 [Wife of I. Walton Hendershot]
Hendershot Tunis, 1853 - 1927
Hendershot Theodore, PVT US ARMY / WORLD WAR I, Dec 07 1887 - Aug 29 1975
Hendershot Margaret R., 1898 - 1988
Hendershot Rose, 1880 - 1966; Elwood, 1871 - 1941
Hendershot Newton V., 1901 - 1903
Hendershot George L., 1904 - 1920
Hendershot Joseph H., d. Aug 21 1892
Hendershot Lena R., dau of Joseph H. & Emma, died Apr 11 1893, Aged 1y-11m-22d
Hendershot Catharine Dilley, Wife of David Hendershot
Hendershot David, d. Aug 09 1898, Aged 71y-10m-23d
Hendershot Asa, Apr 03 1951 - Dec 17 1908
Hendershot Mary A. Statham, Wife of Asa Hendershot, Feb 18 1851 - Feb 22 1904

I hope this info will help others in their search.

T Jaksetic