Sources: Ancestry.com; Researcher Frank Hendershot Files; Researcher Karen Gaughan; The Handy Book for Genealogists published by The Everton Publishers, Inc.

One of the states that Hendershots moved into, as they began to leave New Jersey, was neighboring Pennsylvania. From 1790 to 1850, there were Hendershots in the following counties: Alleghany, Bedford, Bradford, Centre, Columbia, Cumberland, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Luzerne, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Mifflin, Washington.

In 1790, at the time of the first United States census, three Hendershot families were found in the area known as Old Northumberland County. This was a large area and many other counties were formed from Old Northumberland. By 1800, one family is found on the western border of the state in Washington County. Others would follow to western Pennsylvania and on to other states. As Pennsylvania added new counties, Hendershots may appear in a different county without having moved. The same was true of townships. As new ones formed, you could live in a different one without moving. Knowing about the county and township changes makes it easier to follows your ancestors.

Following are the dates of the formation of counties found in the listed census records:
1750 Cumberland County from Lancaster
1771 Bedford County from Cumberland
1772 Northumberland from Lancaster, Berks and Cumberland
1781 Washington from Westmoreland (which was formed from Bedford in 1773)
1786 Luzerne County from Northumberland
1787 Huntingdon from Bedford
1788 Allegheny from Westmoreland and Washington
1789 Mifflin County from Cumberland and Northumberland.
1795 Lycoming County from Northumberland.
1796 Greene County from Washington
1800 Centre County from Lycoming, Mifflin, and Northumberland.
1812 Bradford County from Luzerne and Lycoming
1813 Columbia County from Northumberland
1850 Fulton County from Bedford
1850 Montour County from Columbia

I have made an effort to be as accurate as possible as I have recorded these records. However, some were hard to read and I may have missed some misspellings of the name, so when you find your family, you may want to verify the information. I would appreciate knowing about any errors that you find. I have included some comments when I have recognized names of maternal lines living near a Hendershot family. However, I am sure there are more than those I have recognized. Comments in square brackets [ ] are mine and not part of the record.

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