Importance of Posting Your Material on the Website!!!!

Dear Hendershot Researchers,

Here's a true story of how posting material on the internet helped another Hendershot Reseacher. This was sent to me by Stan Hendershot:

I thought you might find this story interesting. Saturday morning I received an e-mail from Norman & Cynthia Monroe:

I wish I had contacted you sooner. Today my husband and I are returning the tombstone of Phebe Hendershot to the cemetery south of Fairview Kansas.
We have had Phebe for 12 years. Her stone was found leaning against a cemetery fence in Lancaster County Nebraska and turned over to the sheriff's office. My husband was a deputy for many years and because we also do a great deal of family history research, find the homes for the several tombstones that are stolen and 'dumped' in Lancaster County. We have several colleges here which may add to the reason and students who need to bring something for a scavenger hunt.
If it had not been for your website I do not think we ever would have found where Phebe came from.
If you get this message this morning we will have our cell phone on...."
I called and visited with them, thanking them for their unique service. Cynthia then sent me this message today:

" The visit to the cemetery (Comet), which is west of Fairview about 7 miles, then turn North for a very short way and it is right up against the road.
We were worried we wouldn't find the location but lo and behold, there was a base that writing about rest Mother rest, etc. The top of the base was discolored where something had sat on it and the Phebe stone fit perfectly.
I only hope they cement it back on there even though there is some vandalism in the cemetery. I hope to put an article in their local news.

They will be sending me a digital photo of the headstone when they get a chance. Following is some information on Phebe to help people identify her. I just thought it might be nice to note that if anyone has been looking for Phebe's stone she has been found. It also speaks to the advantages of posting material to the web. Just thought I would share the story. Stan

Descendants of Phebe Rush

Generation No. 1

1. PHEBE1 RUSH was born February 1828 in OH, and died 1901 in Fairview, Brown, KS. She married PAUL HENDERSHOT 1851, son of SAMUEL HENDERSHOT and RUTH PITTMAN. He was born 1825 in Belmont County, OH, and died 1880 in Windsor, Henry, MO.

Notes for PHEBE RUSH:

2nd wife


Source WEH page 288, family went to Sunsbury twp, Monroe, OH. He was a farmer Monroe County and moved by 1850 to Wood County, WV, and farmer at Knobfork twp, Wetzel County, WV by 1860. Moved family down the Ohio River by raft to IN. Next, they traveled to Cairo, IL, and by wagon to Windsor, Henry County, MO.


i. MARTHA2 HENDERSHOT, b. November 16, 1851, WV; m. ??? COUGER.
ii. AARON HENDERSHOT, b. July 07, 1853, Knobfork District, Wetzel, WV; d. 1918, CA.
v. SUSAN HENDERSHOT, b. 1858, WV; d. 1925; m. JAMES P. EARHART.
vi. CHARLES WILLIAM HENDERSHOT, b. April 14, 1861, Wheeling, WV; d. December 20, 1932, Wetmore, Nemaha, KS.
vii. JANE HENDERSHOT, b. 1864, IN; m. ??? BEEMAN.
viii. UNICE HENDERSHOT, b. 1866, IN; m. ??? DICKSON.

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